Does Target sell AirPods? (Price, Authenticity, Alternatives)

If you’re in the market for some new wireless earbuds, you might have considered Apple’s AirPods, but do you want to buy them from Target, and thinking Does Target sells Airpods?

Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you and come up with this blog. So, let’s find out the answer.

Does Target sell AirPods in 2023?

Yes, Target does sell AirPods in 2023. Target and Apple have a 15 year contract, so you can be rest assured, that buying Airpods from Target is a safe option.

AirPods are popular wireless earphones owned by Apple and have become a very trendy item for people who love listening to music or podcasts.

If you don’t find them in stores, it might be possible that some locations do carry them at all times but do not display them. You could also try ordering online and picking up your order in-store at a location near you.

Does Target sell Airpods

Is Target AirPods real?

The short answer is, yes, Target does sell real Apple AirPods. A few things can help you determine whether a pair of AirPods is legit. The most apparent and quickest method to verify whether your AirPods are authentic is by the price tag.

It doesn’t mean real ones are sold in every region within a given location. Stores have discretion over their inventory. While they carry some supplies at all times, not every store will carry all available products.

If you want to find out if your local Target sells AirPods, call or check online before visiting in person.

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What makes Target AirPods Different?

These aren’t counterfeit AirPods, which look similar to Apple’s earbuds but aren’t made by Apple.

Instead, these are genuine Apple-branded headphones that look exactly like what you get when you order directly from Apple or any other authorized retailer.

Is Target authorized to sell Apple products?

Yes, Target is authorized to sell Apple products. Target has doubled the space devoted to Apple products as before, and employees are available to assist you with every element of your Apple computer.

In addition to being Apple trained, Target now has 19 locations in Florida, Minnesota, and Texas that are part of its Apple subscription.

Are Target Copycat AirPods Good Quality?

No, the Target copycat Airpods are of average quality. However, you can enjoy the music and long calls with a perfect base at the start of your purchase.

But, it does not last long. Unlike Apple Airpods, you may face several issues with connectivity, charging, and sound quality.

Even the packaging appears to have been done in the style of the actual product. There are, however, a few tiny flaws that indicate that they are fakes.

Compared to the original object, the earbuds are also different materials. They are more rigid and less pliable. So, the consumers are seen complaining about the discomfort of using these Airpods.

Is Target Partnering With Apple?

Yes, This partnership between Apple and Target was first announced in February, 2021. It was revealed that in-store demonstrations and customer service provided by Apple-trained Target consultants would be available in 17 of the retailer’s locations nationwide.

As a result of Target and Apple’s 15-year partnership, customers will be able to purchase Apple’s newest products.

While also enjoying the seamless shopping experience and fulfillment services they have come to expect from Target.

Shoppers will be able to test new Apple devices and accessories through demos and skilled Target Tech Consultants who have received specific training from Apple.

Do Target no brand AirPods work?

Actually yes. If you’re looking for a pair of Apple AirPods alternatives, you might be tempted by no-brand versions of Apple’s most-popular wireless earbuds.

In some cases, these knockoffs actually work, but they are prone to breaking down quickly and often aren’t guaranteed by much warranty.

How long will my Copycat AirPods alternative last? 

The quick answer is that you shouldn’t expect them to last more than a year. Whether or not they will break down depends on how frequently you use them.

Their build quality and other factors like weather conditions or whether they’ve been exposed to sweat and dirt while working out.

Another issue with many knockoff brands is that replacement parts can be challenging to obtain if one of them stops working correctly.

How much do Target AirPods cost?

The cost of Apple’s AirPods at the target could vary depending on whether or not they are on sale; most likely, they start at $159.

The AirPods pro at Target comes in $249. And you can find the most popular AirPods Max for $540-$570 at Target. However, the cost may vary, so make sure to check it online first.

Additionally, Target has special offers where people can get gift cards when purchasing certain products, including gift cards for 20% off or more. If a person is lucky enough to find an offer like that with their purchase of AirPods, they will save even more money!

How long does the charge on Target AirPods last?

The Apple AirPods charging case has a battery life of around 24 hours and can fully charge within 15-30 minutes.

You can check on its battery level in your phone’s Settings app or Control Center, but when there’s less than 25 percent left, an alert will also appear on your iPhone’s lock screen.

What Are The Best Accessories For My AirPods? 

Several third-party accessories work with your AirPods, including carrying cases (including leather versions), wireless chargers, charging docks, waterproof cases, carabiner clips, etc. One notable accessory is a new set of earbuds from VAVA that feature noise cancellation.


Target is selling the original Airpods in 2023. However, if you are still skeptical about whether it’s authentic, you can check the Airpods serial number by going to Apple Support & Coverage.

Enter the serial number of Apple Airpods; if they are real, you will find out whether they are real. So, you can buy these Airpods without dwelling on any riddle.

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