Does Starbucks Have Smoothies in 2023?

Smoothies are thick, blended frozen drinks made by mixing various fruits. They are not only delightful in taste but can also be made healthy by adding healthy ingredients.

Starbucks is a leading brand popularly known for coffee. But does Starbucks have smoothies too? Read the article below to find out!

Does Starbucks Have Smoothies

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Does Starbucks Have Smoothies?

Yes, you can order different flavors of smoothies from the Starbucks menu.

It is not just coffee on the menu; but the restaurant provides smoothies at all of its locations. You can also order online and customize the drink as per your taste and preference.

What Kind of Smoothies Are at Starbucks?

Currently, Starbucks offers orange, mango, banana, strawberry, and chocolate flavors.

The orange mango smoothie at the restaurant is everyone’s favorite and is made of orange mango puree. Mango, strawberry, and chocolate smoothies are no less and take the second spot. 

You can also add a little sweetness to the smoothies as per your liking.

Does Starbucks Have a Strawberry Smoothie?

Yes, Starbucks has strawberry smoothies at all of its locations.

It is prepared with strawberries, a whole banana, fiber, whey, and two scoops of protein powder. You can also add other ingredients as per your wish.

Compared to the chocolate smoothie, the strawberry smoothie at Starbucks contains a lot of natural sugar. For example, a strawberry smoothie grande with almond milk contains 40g sugar.

On the other hand, the same smoothie with non-fat milk has 41g of sugar. So, if you are a health freak, this may not be the right option for you.

Does Starbucks Have a Berry Smoothie?

Yes, Starbucks has berry smoothies available at all its branches and online.

The restaurant offers 2 types of berry smoothies: raspberry and blueberry smoothies. They are a blend of blackcurrant and pasteurized apple juices with banana and pear purees. 

Moreover, Starbucks also offers a mixture of berries to the customers. You can also order a berry vanilla smoothie from Starbucks’ secret menu with the milk of your choice.

Does Starbucks Have Blueberry Smoothies?

Starbucks sells blueberry smoothies in different sizes to its customers.

The restaurant’s blueberry smoothies are very healthy as they contain iron, magnesium, and potassium. You can order them after a long tiring day to feel better or when you are in the mood for something cold and icy.

Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Smoothies?

Yes, chocolate smoothies are easily available at all of Starbucks’ locations.

This smoothie is made up of a banana, 2 scoops of protein powder, mocha syrup, and milk of your choice. However, a chocolate smoothie from Starbucks contains 300 calories, out of which 63% come from carbohydrates.

Does Starbucks Have Protein Smoothies?

Starbucks introduced protein smoothies in 2018, but they are only available in grande size.

They are 100℅ vegans and are available in 2 flavors: cacao and almond. The cacao flavor is made with cacao powder and coconut milk, containing 250 calories, 26g sugar, and 10g protein.

On the other hand, the almond version is made with almond butter and almond milk. It contains 12 grams of protein, 22 grams of sugar, and 270 calories.

Can You Get a Starbucks Drink Blended?

Yes, you can get a blended or double blended drink from Starbucks.

People usually go for blended coffee beverages, but you can also blend non-coffee drinks. You can also order the blended drink online through Starbucks’ official app. 

All you need to do is open the app, choose a drink, and change the preparation process to ‘blend.’

Do Starbucks Smoothies Have Sugar?

Yes, Starbucks smoothies contain a big serving of sugar as most of the ingredients used are sweet.

For example, the sugar content in each grande serving with almond milk contains 29g of sugar. But, if you order a beverage with non-fat milk, it can go as high as 34g per grande.

Does Starbucks Have Green Smoothies?

Yes, Starbucks has green smoothies available at all its locations and online.

The most demanding green smoothie is the pineapple coconut green smoothie. It is made with 100% natural juice and contains no allergens. What’s more, it is also rich in nutrients.

Are Starbucks Protein Shakes Healthy?

Starbucks protein shakes are incredibly healthy as they contain fiber and provide a reasonable macronutrient balance.

On average, the protein shakes at the restaurant contain 270 calories, 12g of protein, and 22g of sugar. This is what makes them one of the healthiest drinks on the Starbucks menu.

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Are Starbucks Protein Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, Starbucks protein smoothies can help you reduce a lot of weight. Powder protein is the best type of protein that increases metabolism and reduces weight.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, Starbucks has smoothies of almost all kinds of flavors at all locations and online.

The restaurant calls its smoothies healthy and yummy. They are available in orange, mango, banana, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. You can also get protein smoothies from Starbucks, which are plant-based and good for weight loss.

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