Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Milk in 2023?

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly brewed drink from Starbucks. The world’s biggest coffee chain grew from its humble beginnings to present us with a variety of delicious mixtures.  

Most of us who know Starbucks have indulged in the rich taste of their coffee. But does Starbucks have chocolate milk?

Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Milk

Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Milk?  

Yes, you can get chocolate milk at all locations of Starbucks.  

You can find this drink in the “Cold Drinks” section on the Starbucks menu. This section has the sub-section “Milk.”  

Like all other Starbucks drinks, you can customize your chocolate milk to enhance its flavor. The order begins by choosing the milk base. Next, you can add any syrup you like.  

The sauces conclude the order, and the options are Mocha, Dark Caramel, and White Chocolate Mocha.

This 200-400 calorie drink is available in sizes tall, grande, and venti, and you can also pair it with toppings and sweeteners of your choice.

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Is Chocolate Milk at Starbucks Available in Travelers?  

Unfortunately, the chocolate milk at Starbucks is not available in travelers as the packaging does not support the drink.

Many readers are aware that Starbucks also prepares drinks in travelers’ packaging.

It is a convenient carrier that lets you carry drinks outside the restaurant. However, this huge container induces the elements to separate.  

As milk from hot chocolate and its ingredients cannot mix well, Starbucks does not offer it in travelers’ packaging. Hence, if you want to take away a drink for a party, you must select other options from Starbucks.   

Is The Chocolate Milk at Starbucks Vegan?  

Luckily, Chocolate Milk from Starbucks can be made completely vegan!  

You can ask your barista to switch to plant-based milk to mix with cocoa powder. Generally, your options include heavy cream, non-fat, 2% milk, and whole milk on the dairy side.  

For non-dairy preferences, Starbucks offers plant-based milk. You can choose between almond, coconut, soy, or oat milk for your drink. As a result, you can treat your vegan friend at Starbucks without any hassle.

What Is the Best Starbucks Chocolate Drink?  

If you are looking for the best chocolate drink at Starbucks, you must get your hands on Caffe Mocha, a classic fan favorite.

To order this drink, you need to surf in the Hot Coffees section of the Starbucks menu. Doing what it is best at, Starbucks combines the rich flavor of chocolate with a shot of espresso.  

Customers love the bittersweet taste of this drink and pair it with the toppings of their choice. Usually, Caffe Mocha goes hand in hand with whipped cream, but you can also select other toppings. 

What’s more, you also have the option to order it in dark and white chocolate. 

This 200-500 calorie treat comes in 4 sizes: short, tall, grande, and venti. Unfortunately, the traveler size does not cater to this drink either.  

Is Starbucks Mocha Milk Chocolate?  

Yes, the Mocha you get at Starbucks is hot milk chocolate mixed with coffee.   

Even though it is similar to hot chocolate, it transitions to a slightly bittersweet chocolate drink when the barista adds coffee to it.   

You can taste the creamy milk chocolate as you sip on your hot Mocha, but the aftertaste is slightly stronger, owing to the coffee residue.  

This flavorful delight can be dampened by adding whipped cream on top.  

Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Frappuccino?  

Yes, your barista will gladly serve a Chocolate Frappuccino all year round at any location of Starbucks.  

You can find this in the Frappuccino Blended Beverages section on the menu.  

The Mocha Cookie Crumble and Java Chip are the best-voted chocolate Frappuccino. But you cannot ignore the Double Chip Crème either.  

Fans love it all year round. We especially suggest you try it on a Hot Monday short break.  

Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Milk Shakes?  

Unfortunately, you cannot order a milkshake at Starbucks.

But on the brighter side, we found something similar for you to sip on. The Starbucks Crème Frappuccinos are very similar to shakes in consistency. Moreover, you can ask your barista to add whey protein to your Frappuccino.  

Does Starbucks Have Iced Chocolate Milk?  

Yes, Starbucks serves iced chocolate milk at all of its locations.  

You can order regular chocolate milk served over a bed of ice. As a result, beating the heat has never been healthier. For example, you can order Iced Mochas if you love chocolate milk infused with coffee.

You can choose between an Iced White Chocolate Mocha, Iced Caffe Mocha, or Starbucks Reserve Iced dark chocolate Mocha.  

If you want to order an Iced Mocha, you can easily find it in the ‘Cold Coffees” section on the menu.  

Does Starbucks Chocolate Milk Have Caffeine?  

The chocolate milk at Starbucks has a considerable quantity of caffeine in it. 

The 8oz size of chocolate milk contains 15mg of caffeine. However, this is incredibly less than the caffeine found in coffee. 

So, if you are avoiding caffeinated drinks, Starbucks chocolate milk is not the companion you need.  

Is Starbucks Chocolate Milk Healthy?

It would be unfair to call Starbucks chocolate milk healthy as it has more sugar than a serving of ice cream.

For example, you will find 43g of sugar in size grande of chocolate milk which is a lot of load on your diet. In addition, the same size of Starbucks chocolate milk contains 16g of fat and 400 calories.

If you choose the topping of whipped cream with it, it will increase the calories by 80. So, even if you skip the whipped cream and only go for plain chocolate milk, it will not help you much.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can order chocolate milk at any Starbucks location all year round.  

This drink is vegan-friendly and comes in sizes tall, grande, and venti. However, the travelers’ packaging does not support the contents.  

If you love caffeine, you will love this chocolate milk. To add flavor, you can order Mochas or Frappuccino to enjoy a bittersweet chocolate drink.  

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