Does Staples sell Boxes? USPS, FedEx and Much More

Does Staples sell Boxes

Are you embarrassed about your messy office? Does a cabinet occupy too much space? If yes, then boxes will definitely do the job. 

Staples leads the office stationery and equipment retail business. It builds sustainable customer relationships by providing the best deals on its various product lines. 

So, can Staples help you put away your things at the office? Does Staples have boxes? Let’s find it out below! 

Does Staples Sell Boxes? 

Yes, you can buy many types of boxes at all store locations of Staples and online.

You can head to Staples’ official website to purchase durable boxes appropriate for your office space. The boxes are available in the ‘Shipping Supplies’ section.  

Staples offers great discounts to its customers on the purchase of boxes. The “Staples Rewards” include uniform benefits like 5% Cashback, Member exclusive coupons, and e-coupons. 

Moreover, if you dislike your boxes, you can return unopened items to your local Staples store within 30 days of purchase. Carrying your purchase receipt will only make the process easier. So, make sure to keep it with you. 

What Type of Boxes Does Staples Sell? 

Staples sells a variety of sizes and materials of boxes from multiple brands to its customers.

The store sells boxes in sizes that are larger than its’ competitors. Hence, you will get more value per purchase at Staples. 

The dimensions of these boxes range between 3 inches and 29 inches. Thus, you can get boxes of different shapes to suit their purpose.

Moreover, the store also sells custom cardboard packing kits for pictures, wardrobes, bathrooms, and glass. 

Does Staples Sell Shipping Boxes? 

Yes, Staples retails shipping boxes of various brands at all store locations and online.

Staples retails a total of 8 brands of shipping boxes. You can get shipping boxes from Coastwide Professionals, Aviditi, Partner Brand, SI Products, South Coast Papers, etc. 

Staples also retail in-house produced environmentally friendly Cardboard boxes. 

In addition, Staples ranks their shipping boxes by item rating, brand rating, Corrugate rating, environmental-friendly rating, and prices. 

Does Staples Sell Gift Boxes?

Yes, Staples sells incredibly affordable gift boxes and bags in-store and online. You can choose elegant gift boxes from Staples ‘Retail Packaging Department. 

The store sells gift boxes in different colors and different designs. For example, you can choose between boxes with separate lids, sliding lids, and handles. 

Staples also stocks gift boxes from JAM Paper, Bags and Bows, Ferrero Rocher, M&M’s, Shamrock, Adire Office, etc. 

In addition, the store has in-house manufactured Gift Boxes in small, medium, and large sizes that are available in matte to a glossy finish. 

Does Staples Sell Lunch Boxes? 

Yes, Staples has a collection of durable lunch boxes at the physical stores and online for its customers.

The store sells plastic lunchboxes from JAM Paper that are available in colors copper metallic, blue frost, and black. 

The 4 ¾ x 7 ¾ x 4 ¾ clear grid boxes are the best sellers at Staples. Customers give them 5 stars on the website. 

While there is a small collection of lunch boxes at Staples, you can surf their inventory for lunch bags and paper bags. 

These Insulated bags come from brands like Crayola, JAM Paper, and JanSport. 

Does Staples Sell USPS Boxes?

Luckily, you can get USPS boxes at any store location of Staples or online.

All prescribed USPS boxes are available at Staples as of 2023, including the flat-rate boxes. The corrugated boxes are suited to ship heavy materials, sometimes up to 60kg! 

However, you cannot drop off your USPS packages at Staples. Other competitor stores also do not extend this facility. If your desired USPS box is unavailable at Staples, you can also buy it from the USPS website. 

All you need to do is log onto the USPS website and head to the ‘Shipping Supplies’ section. Next, search for the box you need and place your order. 

Does Staples Take FedEx Boxes?

Yes, you can ship, pick up and drop off FedEx boxes at your local Staples.

Since Staples is a FedEx-authorized ship center, it is a secure way for businesses to exchange supplies. But, do not forget to check for a FedEx stand at your nearest Staples store. 

You can do so by entering your location on the FedEx website. You will be directed to the Staples store. 

Does Staples Give Out Free Boxes? 

Unfortunately, your local Staples will not facilitate you with free moving boxes at any time of year. 

That’s because Staples stores recycle their boxes to reduce corporate waste. Staples recycled boxes are anywhere between 30-100% made from recycled material. 

In addition, it is also uncommon for other retail chains to give out free boxes.

Does Staples Have Priority Mail Boxes?

Yes, you can easily get priority mail boxes at your local Staples store.

They are available in standard sizes, so you will not have to worry about measuring them. You will be charged the standard shipping charges with these boxes regardless of what you are shipping.



To summarize, you can get boxes of different sizes and types at Staples’ physical stores and its website. 

For example, the office supplies giant has lunch, gift, and USPS boxes. Staples boxes are superior to other stores because their boxes are bigger and feature recyclable properties.

To return the boxes to Staples, visit your nearest store with the purchase receipt. However, this window applies within 30 days of the original purchase date.

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