Does Publix sell SunPass? Price, Expiry & More

Does Publix sell SunPass

Imagine going on a highway and not having to stop at a toll station. This is why you should get your hands on a SunPass!

SunPass is an electronic pass service that works across Florida and states like Delaware, New Jersey, New York, etc. So, where can you get one from? Does Publix sell SunPass? Let us find out in the article below!

Does Publix Sell SunPass? 

SunPass is available at all Publix stores across America and on the store’s official website.  

SunPass remains one of the most selling E-pass across all the Publix stores across Florida. You may also find it at other competitive stores such as Walgreens, Sodano’s Navarro, and CVS. 

Other than that, SunPass can also be purchased at the official Sun Pass website.

How Much Is a SunPass At Publix? 

2 types of SunPass products are available at Publix for 2 vastly different price ranges

The store sells SunPass Mini and the SunPass Pro Portable to its customers. 

SunPass Mini is available for $4.99 and with a certain sales tax. It allows features like SunPass Plus Parking and works in states like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. 

However, it is not movable from car to car as it is a 1-time adhesive. It also cannot be used on motorcycles as it is susceptible to wear and tear.  

On the other hand, the SunPass PRO Portable is 4 times the price (around $20) and boasts some additional features. 

For example, it is portable from vehicle to vehicle. It also works on a motorcycle and in places where another E-Pass company E-Z Pass works.

How Much Is a SunPass At Publix

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How to Buy SunPass At Publix? 

You can visit your nearest Publix retail store to buy a SunPass or purchase it online. 

You can find the product of your liking as there are 3 variants of SunPass at Publix. The Next step is to make a SunPass account and register with important details. 

Then, activate your Transponder by visiting the SunPass official website and prepay your toll. You can also call them to activate your SunPass. 

Does Publix Sell SunPass Portable?  

Yes, SunPass Pro Portable is available on the Publix website

SunPass Pro portable is one of the popular options on the Publix website. It is better than other options as it can work on multiple vehicles. 

This pocket-sized device attaches to the inside of your car and works on radio-waves technology to rely on an electronic transaction at the toll plaza. 

It also works on motorbikes and offers SunPass Plus Parking. But make sure to protect it from the rain. 

Does Publix Sell SunPass Mini?  

Yes, Publix holds Sun Pass Mini in its inventory at all store locations for customers.

This adhesive sticker comes with a mini sensor and a corresponding barcode. Unfortunately, due to immense demand, Publix stores in Florida often find themselves understocked.

However, other stores like Amscot, CVS, Walgreens, AAA, etc., often have it on their physical stores and websites. 

How Long Does a SunPass Last? 

A SunPass typically works for as long as you can replenish your account. However, the transponders need to be replaced after a while. 

On 31st December, you can expect your two-axle package to expire, regardless of the date of purchase. After this, you are expected to pay cash or use Toll-By-Plate. 

The old SunPass needs to be swapped with SunPass Pro Portable. This covers more scope of the region after UNI. 

Lastly, the SunPass Pro transponders typically carry a warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase. The SunPass Mini, however, carries a 45-day warranty only. 

Is it Worth Buying a SunPass? 

Yes, SunPass is a substantial investment owing to its wide acceptability.  

You can use the SunPass Pro anywhere EZ Pass is accepted. So, you can use it outside of Florida as well. However, if you are an EZ Pass holder already, you are better off sticking to that.

That’s because many Sun Pass lanes in Florida are open to accepting tolls from EZ Pass accounts. Besides this, SunPass guarantees you the lowest toll rates as well.

This accounts for 3/4th of your original bill on each visit, excluding the administration fees.


If you want a hassle-free and efficient way of paying tolls while driving, then getting a SunPass is definitely worth the investment.

Not only can you avoid toll stations and save time, but you can also enjoy lower toll rates and wider acceptability across multiple states.

And with SunPass being available at Publix and other stores, purchasing and activating your electronic pass has never been easier.

Just remember to choose the SunPass variant that suits your needs and keep it well-protected to ensure longevity.

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