Does Publix Sell Dry Ice? Availability, Price, Alternatives

The evolution of supermarket chains has greatly benefitted the general public in the larger picture. You are able to buy almost everything isolated in a place.

From grocery items to electronics, supermarkets have become one-stop shopping centers. This is convenient for customers, and customers enjoy deep discounts due to competition.

Publix, or Publix Super Markets Inc, is one of those American retail stores that have been in the business for a long time now and have a significant place in the supermarket business.

There is a wide variety of food and bakery items that Publix sells. But does Publix sell dry ice? Are you also looking for the answer to this and related questions?

Fasten your seatbelts because we are going to do that in the best possible way. Without further ado, let’s do it.

Does Publix sell Dry Ice

Does Publix Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Publix sells dry ice. Dry ice is available at selected Publix retail stores across the United States. The store only sells dry ice of the Penguin brand.

You can visit their website and, by using the store locator, navigate to the nearest Publix store near you and check the dry ice availability there.

If dry ice isn’t available at your nearest Publix store, you can talk to the store manager to make dry ice available.

Dry ice is available mainly at Publix stores near beaches, mountains, theme parks, lakes, and other places.

People mostly visit these places for camping and entertainment, and they carry coolers with them. They need dry ice to keep their food and other stuff cool, especially during summer.

Apart from Publix, read the following blogs to learn if Walmart sells dry ice or not.

Does Publix Have Ice Bags?

Yes, Publix has ice bags.

These ice bags come in different weights. You can select one according to your need. You’ll quickly find ice bags of Reddy Ice at Publix.

These odorless ice cube bags are long-lasting and can be used in beverages or coolers to keep things cold.

Does Publix Have Ice Bags


What Does Dry Ice at Publix Cost?

Dry ice is available at Publix for around $1.5-$2.5 per pound.

This price is reasonable as the standard dry ice price also falls between $1.5 and $2.5 per pound.

Publix only sells dry ice of the Penguin brand. You can find different weights of dry ice, such as 8lbs, 10lbs, 16lbs, etc.

What Publix Stores Sell Dry Ice?

As discussed earlier, any Publix store near mountains, beaches, theme parks, and lakes is expected to have dry ice.

These places have many tourist attractions, so dry ice is a product in demand. You will end up finding drying ice at Publix stores near these places.

Also, around Halloween, demand for dry ice skyrockets. So, during these times, dry ice is made available in most Publix stores.

During Halloween, the use of dry ice tremendously increases in fog machines and for keeping stuff cold. So, Publix makes dry ice available at maximum stores.

More than 65% stores of Publix are located in Florida. Florida receives a lot of heat throughout the year. So dry ice is in more demand here in Florida.

You’ll find dry ice at most locations in Florida. One way to check the availability is by going on the store locator on their website and then checking whether your nearest Publix store sells dry ice or not,

How Can I Tell Whether My Nearby Publix Sells Dry Ice?

Go to Publix’s website and select a store by clicking on “Choose a store.” Select the closest Publix store near you or from the store you are going to buy dry ice.

This is called the store locator tool. This helps in setting the store for you. Enter the address, zip code, or state where you live, and then go on to find the nearest Publix store near you.

Additionally, you can call your nearest Publix store and check dry ice availability there.

What Is Dry Ice Used For?

Dry ice has multiple uses. The primary purpose of dry ice is to keep things cool. You can use it to keep your beverages and food cold when going on your next trip.

Dry ice is used to make ice creams and carbonated drinks, keep ice sculptures intact, preserve biological samples in the lab, etc.

Dry ice is also used in the chemical industry for in-process cooling, freeze-drying, freeze branding, dry-ice blast cleaning, etc.

Some of the unknown uses of dry ice are car dent removal, bed bug removal, accelerated plant growth, preventing moths from damaging your clothes, and luring mosquitoes away.

Dry ice is just too good to ignore. And amazingly, dry ice is very affordable, so when in doubt, buy dry ice.

How Long Will Dry Ice Last?

Dry ice is an excellent product for keeping food frozen or cooling beverages. On average, dry ice keeps products cool for around 18-24 hours in a cooler.

Depending on the quality of the container and the times it is being opened and closed, it may last for a longer period of time.

Optimally, storing dry ice in an insulated cooler or a Styrofoam container is recommended.

It will increase the longevity of dry ice and will keep your food cold for a longer time.

Which Other Stores Sell Dry Ice?

Dry ice is easily available in multiple other stores. Don’t panic if your local Publix store does not sell. You can easily find dry ice at Safeway, Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer. Costco, etc.

These big-box retail chains have their stores spread across the United States. You can easily find dry ice in most of them. The availability of dry ice may vary from store to store.

Final Thoughts:

Publix is one of those stores where you have peace of mind that you’ll have everything you want in your daily routine.

The retail chain is particularly famous in the United States, with a maximum number of stores in Florida. You can check the complete list of Publix stores on their website. Many people had queries regarding dry ice at Publix.

We tried to cover as much as possible and answer each of them. We hope this clears all queries you had regarding dry ice at Publix.

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