Does Petco Sell Dogs in 2023? All FAQs Answered

Does Petco sell Dogs

Dogs are the most loved animals in the world! Therefore, everyone wants to buy one. But most people do not know where to buy a dog from.

Petco is one of the largest pet suppliers in the country and deals with almost all kinds of animals. So, does Petco sell dogs too?

Keep reading to find out!

Does Petco Sell Dogs?

Petco does not sell dogs and puppies to customers. However, you have the option to adopt one.

The store believes that adopting a dog is a great way to grow your family instead of buying. For this reason, it supports the adoption of animals.

Petco is one of the top sites to start your adoption search by sitting comfortably at your home. You can also visit the store and explore the different adoption options.

There are many adoption organizations and animal shelters at Petco. The store also holds different donation campaigns to support animal safety.

If you’re interested in adopting other pets, Petco offers adoption options for cats and bunnies.

Did Petco Ever Sell Dogs?

No, Petco never sold dogs or puppies. Instead, the store has supported the adoption of dogs ever since it was founded.

That’s because the store believes adopting an animal is much better than buying one. You can meet adoptable dogs in the Petco Pet Care Centers nationwide.

The adoption fees and process at the store is different according to the welfare organization hosting the adoption.

Additionally, the store hosts many adoption events too. You can find the details of all the adoption events at Petco by visiting its official website.

Why Adopt Instead of Buying?

Petco encourages adopting dogs rather than buying them for several reasons:

  • Adoption promotes responsible pet ownership.
  • It helps reduce the number of dogs in shelters and rescue organizations.
  • It discourages the support of puppy mills and unethical breeders.

Adopting a dog from Petco is similar to buying one, but the source and philosophy behind the process are different. Learn more about the Petco adoption process.

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Dogs Directly to Customers?

Petco wants to promote the adoption of dogs instead of their sales. For this reason, the store does not sell dogs directly to customers.

Also, selling dogs is related to dealing with breeders and puppy mills. Many people do not consider it good as the animals are kept in bad condition.

The store wanted to steer clear of a negative reputation, so Petco decided to deal in adoptions and rehouse only.  Even though the process of adopting a dog at Petco is similar to buying it, the source is different. 

Where Does Petco Get Their Animals?

Petco gets its animals from different sources, including rescue shelters and animal welfare organizations. 

Apart from abandoned animals from rescue shelters, the store also gets stray animals that require homes. While the store previously received animals from Holmes Farm, it has recently cut tied with it.

Petco has also founded Petco Love which works with local rescue shelters.

Together, they find the animals that need help and connect them to the people looking to adopt. This helps the store collect adoption and donation fees that keep the rescue shelters running. 

How Can One Adopt a Petco Dog or Puppy?

You can explore different adoption options at Petco online or by visiting your nearby store.

Petco works with different animal shelters and organizations. Each shelter will have different adoption fees and processes.

So, make sure you go through the requirements before picking an adoption agency. You must also identify what type of dog you want to adopt.

You can do it by researching different dogs that best fit your lifestyle. This will help you make a better decision.

Other than that, you can also use Petco’s online Pet Finder to search for different options in your area.

All you need to do is enter your location and what features you want in a dog. The website will come up with different options.

Does Petco Sell Heartgard for Dogs?

Petco Heartgard for Dogs

Yes, you can shop for different types of Heartgard at Petco online and in-store.

However, you must have an active prescription from the veterinarian dated within 12 months. Heartgard is handy in preventing your dog from fatal heartworm disease.

There are different types of Heartgard available at Petco. For example, there are various products for different dog sizes.

So, you must ask your veterinarian which type is the best for your pet. Before getting a Heartgard for your dog, you must also ensure that their heartworm is negative. 

Which is Better for Dogs: Petco or Petsmart?

Petco and Petsmart offer similar dog-care products, and nothing seems overly priced at the stores.

Moreover, Petco and Petsmart also have a massive number of stores nationwide. As a result, you will easily find one close to your home.

Even if the stores are far from your house, you can also choose a home delivery service by sitting comfortably at your place.

Does Petco Sell Dog Tags?

You can find different dog tags on Petco’s website and in physical stores.

For example, the store has stainless steel, aluminum, slide-on, etched brass, and brass ID tags.

While different types of dog tags cost differently at the store, all of them are incredibly affordable.

So, you do not need to fear paying more than what is usually charged in the market.

Does Petco Sell Dog Ice Cream?

Yes, Petco sells a variety of dog ice cream online and in-store at insanely affordable prices.

Mix peanut butter ice cream, Creamery ice cream, and Vanilla & Peanut butter ice cream are the most demanded flavors available at the store.

The ice cream at the store is creamy and sweet, just as your dogs love it. So, you will not regret getting this little treat from Petco for your furry friends.

Does Petco Sell Dog Cakes?

Petco will accommodate your needs whether you are looking for a dog birthday cake or a dog treat cake.

The cakes at Petco are made with dog-friendly and tasty ingredients. Moreover, they do not cost an arm or a leg either. For this reason, Petco is one of the best places to buy dog cakes.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Petco does not sell dogs but allows you to adopt one. That’s because the store is against the sale of animals and wants to promote adoption instead. 

The process of adoption at Petco is the same as buying animals. However, the sources are different.

Also, the adoption fee at the store differs according to the rescue shelters. So, make sure you do proper research before deciding which option to go for.

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