Does McDonald’s Sell Pizza? Is McPizza Coming Back?

McDonald’s does not sell Pizza as of 2023 at almost all of its locations. There is only one place left where still McPizza is sold.

The largest McDonald’s in the United States, located in Orlando, Florida, is the only McDonald’s that still sells Pizzas.

Until 2017, McDonald’s sold pizzas in two other locations as well. McDonald’s in Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia, sold pizzas before finally getting closed in 2017.

Why Did McDonald’s Stop Selling Pizzas?

McDonald’s started pizzas during the mid-1980s. The unfamous family-sized McDonald’s McPizza wasn’t much appreciated as the company forecasted them to be.

McDonald’s, at that time and even now, has a reputation for fast service. An average family-sized McPizza at that time took around 10-16 minutes to cook. Resultantly, there were long lines of traffic at McDonald’s drive-thru.

The management started to rule-out pizzas slowly from different branches, and by 2000, McDonald’s discontinued production of McPizza at almost all locations.

Does McDonald's sell Pizza

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Did McDonald’s Ever Sell Pizzas?

Yes, McDonald’s sold pizzas till 2000.

The fast-food chain introduced McPizza in the mid-1980s and continued its mass production till 2000.

After 2000, McDonald’s sold Pizzas at only a handful of locations. Today, McPizza is sold at only one location located in Orlando, Florida.

I visited this McDonald’s in the summer of 2016 to have a real-life experience of a McDonald’s Pizza. A customized pizza cost us around $8 at that time.

Why Did McDonald’s Pizza Fail?

Time was the biggest barrier to McPizza’s success.

McDonald’s reputation of being fast and quick in service clashed with the time-taking Pizza production. Therefore, people started preferring other Pizza brands over McDonald’s, and the restaurant started losing its customer loyalty.

Another issue was that these Pizzas were highly-priced. Due to higher costs, McDonald’s sold these Pizzas for high prices.

Rivals such as Pizza Hut offered faster service and better tasting Pizza at a lower price. All these factors contributed to the ultimate failure of McPizza.

Did McDonald’s Have Spaghetti?

There are only 2 locations where McDonald’s sells spaghetti. One is in Orlando, Florida, and the other is in the Philippines.

McDonald’s introduced McSpaghetti in the early 1970s. This spaghetti, like McPizza, was a major flop and was discontinued in almost all McDonald’s locations by 1980.

Today, McSphagetti is available in the above-mentioned locations only. It is a staple food in the Philippines, so it is logical to sell spaghetti there.

The Orlando franchise is the biggest in the US and still serves discontinued items such as McSpaghetti and McPizza.

Apart from McSphagetti, you might also like to know if McDonald’s sells cake or whether McDonald’s has Milkshakes.

Is Pizza Coming Back to McDonald’s?

No, Pizza isn’t coming back to McDonald’s. In August 2021, the rumors of McPizza coming back spread like wildfire on social media.

The rumor took its base from a suspicious tweet from McDonald’s Canada that something is making a comeback.

The franchise later denied re-launching McPizza. The whole fiasco was about the launch of spicy chicken McNuggets.

Verdict: Does McDonald’s sell Pizza?

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world. Big Mac and Happy meals are known even in far-flung areas of the globe.

The restaurant has a rich history of trying innovative things and always bringing something new to the table. McPizza and McSpaghetti were one of those experiments that sadly failed.

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