Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal in 2023? Correct Answer

Does McDonald's sell Oatmeal

Eating healthy is a luxury nowadays. The opening of restaurants and fast-food chains in almost every locality has deeply affected the eating habits of the masses.

Oatmeal is one healthy option that is easy to make and loaded with benefits. Some people still don’t cook and are looking for ready-made Oatmeal.

So, what stores sell Oatmeal? Does McDonald’s sell oatmeal? Let’s find it out.

Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal?

Yes, McDonald’s sells Oatmeal. McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal are very famous in the USA.

This Oatmeal is made from two full servings of whole-grain oats. In some countries, McDonald’s might not sell Oatmeal. Such as, McDonald’s Canada discontinued Oatmeal in 2018.

McDonald's Canada Oatmeal

Apart from Oatmeal, you can also read if McPizza is coming back or not.

How Much is Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

The prices of Oatmeal at McDonald’s might vary for different locations. On average, an oatmeal cup of 9.2 ounces will cost you around $1.99 at McDonald’s.

I am a fan of McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal. I personally love the value for money it has. Always love to have it from my nearest McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Oatmeal Have Gluten?

McDonald’s doesn’t specify that its Oatmeal is gluten-free, and neither it commits that it has gluten.

It is found in wheat and grain-derived products. Most of the products at McDonald’s’s are gluten-free such as beverages and others. Fruit and maple itself in Oatmeal are gluten-free.

However, it’s not the same for oats. Oats are commonly known for their cross-contamination with gluten. So, it’s better to ask the counter whether what you are buying is gluten-free or not.

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What Time Do They Stop Selling Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

Morning is the best and most recommended time to eat Oatmeal. That’s why most people eat Oatmeal at breakfast.

Oatmeal is a breakfast item at McDonald’s. Some breakfast items are served all day long, and some are served only till 10:30 am.

The fruit and maple oatmeal is a breakfast-only item, and it is served until 10:30 am only. One minute late, and you won’t get your favorite Oatmeal.

Does McDonald’s Sell Oatmeal All Day?

No, McDonald’s does not sell Oatmeal all day long. As discussed above, Oatmeal is a breakfast-only item served only during breakfast hours till 10:30 am.

Other breakfast-only items include Steak Egg and Cheese biscuit, the Big Breakfast, Big Breakfast with hot cakes, and Egg white delight McMuffin.

So, folks, if you love these items, rise early.

What Does McDonald’s Use in Their Oatmeal?

McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal comprise diced apples, cranberry raisin blend, light cream, milk, and Oatmeal.

Whole-grain rolled oats are used in this Oatmeal. Brown sugar and caramel color is also added to give that mouth-watering taste.

Is the McDonald’s Oatmeal Healthy?

Yes, McDonald’s Oatmeal is a good alternative if you can’t prepare Oatmeal yourself at home. You can’t expect all-natural Oatmeal because, obviously, in the end, it’s a fast-food chain.

But considering the quality of oats used, the use of fruits and Oatmeal being a better option than other items on the menu, yes, you can say it’s good.

A regular cup of McDonald’s Oatmeal has 320 calories. The ridiculous use of 6g of sugar is a downside, as processed sugar isn’t good for your health.

How Much Sugar is in the Oatmeal at McDonald’s?

A regular McDonald’s oatmeal bowl has 31g of sugar in it. This amount is nearly equal to the sugar added to a 250ml Pepsi bottle.

Sugar has been known for a number of dangerous diseases, and nutritionists don’t recommend its higher intake.

Consumers don’t appreciate sugar in McDonald’s Oatmeal much, but it is what it is. Well, we can’t complain. After all, it is we who decide whether to buy or not.

Final Words

Oatmeal comes in the front row of healthy breakfast options. Luckily, one of our favorite fast-food chains also sells Oatmeal. McDonald’s Oatmeal is reasonably priced with good health benefits.

The only downside is the high-sugar content. Also, for the night owls, you must rise up early if you want to buy McDonald’s Oatmeal. This is all for today. We’ll catch up some other time.

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