Does McDonald’s sell Hot Chocolate? Yes!

Does McDonald's sell Hot Chocolate

McDonald’s is a brand that flatters its customers with various food items. Although there are many other restaurants, McDonald’s is the choice for your uncontrollable cravings.

McDonald’s does not only sell fast food, but it is also best known for its desserts. So what if you are craving hot chocolate? Does McDonald’s sell hot chocolate too? Stay tuned to find out!

Does McDonald’s Sell Hot Chocolate?

Yes, you can grab a glass of hot chocolate from McDonald’s to give yourself alluring pleasure. You have the option to buy it from any of its outlets or opt for online services.

The restaurant prepares McCafe hot chocolate with warm steamed milk and flavored chocolate. You can also add some toppings to make your drink even more delicious.

For example, you can top it with rich white whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or chocolate chips.

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Does McDonald’s Sell Chocolate Milk?

McDonald’s recently came up with its new chocolate milk after high customer demand.

It is available in a low-fat chocolate milk jug that contains 130 calories per serve. As it is McDonald’s new launch, it is available at almost all the franchises in the country.

Many of the customers, including adults and children, reported that they really liked the flavor of the new chocolate milk. So, if you have not tried it yet, we recommend you do it immediately.

Does McDonald’s Sell Chocolate Dipped Cones?

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s tasty chocolate-dipped cones to cherish your cravings.

With the base of the fresh and crunchy cone, it is no less than a bundle of joy. The cherry on the top is McDonald’s vanilla ice cream dipped in finger-licking hot melted chocolate.

You can either opt for hot caramel or the simple plain cone. The vanilla cone dipped in hot caramel is one of the most demanded items as the price is also very reasonable.

Does McDonald’s Sell Chocolate Chip Cookies?

McDonald’s offers its customers soft, crunchy, and warm chocolate chip cookies at all outlets.

McCafe serves you not only chocolate chip cookies but also mouth-melting triple chocolate cookie. McDonald’s classic chocolate chip cookie is full of chocolate chips holding 170 calories per serving.

It contains flour, sugar, egg, chocolate chips, and oil or butter, which makes it even softer and sweet. Having these cookies with McCafe’s chocolate milk or coffee is recommended to enjoy your feast.

Does McDonald’s Have Peppermint Hot Chocolate?

McDonald’s sells many categories of drinks which also including peppermint hot chocolate.

It is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size of the drink contains 370 calories per serve. The drink contains whole milk, chocolate peppermint syrup, whipped light cream, and chocolate drizzle.

It is usually preferred in winter as it gives customers a warm and soothing impact.

Does McDonald’s Have Chocolate McFlurries?

McDonald’s serves chocolate McFlurries at all of its locations, and it is one of the most demanded items on the menu.

You can ask for different flavors of chocolate McFlurry at McDonald’s, including Oreo McFlurry with cookies, M & M’s McFlurry served with candies, and Smarties McFlurry.

The Chocolate McFlurry is served with soft and cold vanilla ice cream mixed with Oreos, Maltesers, Smarties, or Candies, according to your chosen flavor. Chocolate McFlurry is more costly than chocolate-dipped cones but still in demand.

Does McDonald’s Hot Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Yes, hot chocolate at McDonald’s contains a small amount of caffeine.

Regular hot chocolate has at least 13mg of caffeine, whereas large hot chocolate contains 17mg of caffeine. However, the content of caffeine is way less in hot chocolate as compared to McCafe’s cappuccino.

If you want a chocolate form with the least amount of caffeine, you can try McDonald’s chocolate milk having 2 milligrams of caffeine in 8 ounces.

Does McDonald’s Sell Chocolate Donuts?

The McCafe at McDonald’s is well known for its cappuccino coffee and chocolate donuts.

Apart from chocolate donuts, McDonald’s even offers other flavored donuts. Every donut at McCafe brings a sweet and delightful taste to you.

However, you must remember that McDonald’s glazed donuts are only available in some of their outlets for a limited time.

Final Words

Even though McDonald’s is best known for its fast food, it will never let you down when it comes to satisfying your sweet cravings.

For example, the franchise serves hot chocolate at all of its locations to satisfy its customers. It is available in sizes small, regular, and large. So, you can order any size you like.

You can order the hot chocolate by visiting your nearest outlet, or you can also order online through McDonald’s app.

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