Does McDonald’s Have Veggie Burgers in 2023?

McDonald’s outstanding performance and management have convinced the customers to always call for it to satisfy their cravings.

When it comes to fast food, people mostly prefer burgers and fries. McDonald’s offers a variety of burgers with divergent forms of taste. But does McDonald’s have veggie burgers on its protracted menu? Keep scrolling to find out!

Does McDonald's Have Veggie Burgers

Does McDonald’s Have Veggie Burgers?

McDonald’s McPlant juicy burger is introduced at almost all outlets of McDonald’s for veggie lovers.

When talking about tasty and mouth-soothing food, people of all diet types desire to please their taste buds. The McPlant burger at McDonald’s is the perfect option for vegetarians to satisfy their food cravings.

Even though the veggie burger does not have meat, it has many allegations, which became the reason for its unpopularity.

Does McDonald’s Have Any Vegetarian Option?

Apart from McPlant burgers, McDonald’s ketchup is considered vegetarian.

Some items such as ice cream, baked dessert, garlic cheese rings, hot breakfast cakes, and Mcmuffins can be considered vegetarian but are not guaranteed.

For example, garlic cheese rings are made of 100% vegetarian ingredients, but you cannot be sure about the cooking method.

Did McDonald’s Get Rid of Their Veggie Burger?

After 2 years of its launch, the popularity of the McPlant Veggie Burgers started to fade away, leading them to be excluded from the menu.

While it was the first plant-based burger at McDonald’s, it still led to insecurities in customers. So, after 2 years, McDonald’s replaced the plant-based patty with some seasoned and grilled meat.

The restaurant took this step to gain back the confidence of the customers. However, you can still find Veggie Burgers at some franchises as per the customers’ call.

Does McDonald’s Have Beyond Meat Burgers?

Yes, McDonald’s sells beyond meat burgers at some restaurants. Besides this, you can also order beyond meat burgers online using the McDonald’s app.

The restaurant introduced these burgers in 2019 to expand its menu with a plant patty. The patty includes ingredients such as peas, rice, and potatoes.

Does McDonald’s Have Veggie Burger in the US?

Unluckily, McDonald’s currently does not have veggie burgers in the US.

However, the restaurant might launch them soon as the customers demand them. Apart from the US, some countries sell vegetarian items, including burgers, dippers, and sandwiches.

Are McDonald’s Veggie Burgers Healthy?

McDonald’s veggie burgers are undoubtedly a healthier option in the junk world of fast foods.

Veggie burgers at McDonald’s are made up of pure and seasoned vegetables, which make them rich in nutrients.

Moreover, if you compare a veggie burger with a meat burger, the veggie burger contains fewer calories but more fibers. Since veggie burgers are rich in fiber, they have a low protein content compared to meat burgers.

Does McDonald’s Sell Any Other Burgers?

McDonald’s has a huge variety of burgers according to the customers’ tastes and choices.

Apart from veggie burgers, there are many options for the customers, such as Hot N Crispy burger, Big Mac burger, McRoyale burger, McChicken burger, Cheese, and Double Cheeseburger.

You can also treat yourself to the most common and wanted McDonald’s Hamburger which includes 100% pure beef. Besides the beef and chicken burgers, McDonald’s has also introduced a Filet-o-Fish burger.

It is a fish sandwich with a layer of cheese served worldwide.

Are Veggie Burgers at McDonald’s Gluten Free?

The veggie burgers at McDonald’s do not contain meat, but they are not gluten-free.

If you are conscious about your diet and looking for something gluten-free, you can order a burger without the big Mac sauce as it contains gluten. Other than that, McDonald’s lacks gluten-free buns as well.

So, if you want your meal to be gluten-free, you can ask them to wrap your burger in lettuce instead of buns.

What is McPlant Made up Of?

The McPlant comprises vegetables, and the patty includes ingredients such as peas, rice, beetroots, and potatoes.

It is followed by mustard and a slice of soft melting American cheese on a toasted seed bun.

Is McDonald’s Ketchup Vegan?

Yes, you can enjoy your favorite ketchup from McDonald’s, as it is vegan-approved.

Until 2014, Heinz Tomato ketchup was used at McDonald’s, but after some time, they came up with their own ketchup. The ingredients are ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, fructose syrup, and natural flavors.

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Why Are McDonald’s Fries Not Vegan?

Unfortunately, the fries at McDonald’s are not vegan as they include a beef flavoring and some essence of milk.

As McDonald’s switched to vegetable oil, it added a little beef flavor to the fries to balance the taste. However, if you are looking for some vegan fries, you can buy them from KFC.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, McDonald’s undertakes the responsibility to make its customers happy. For this reason, it has introduced veggie burgers to make it possible for vegetable lovers to gratify their cravings.

The veggie burgers are a healthier option than the meat ones, but the customers are not pleased and dislike how they taste.

Besides this, the restaurant also offers vegan ketchup at all its outlets. However, you cannot find vegan fries at McDonald’s.

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