Does McDonald’s Have Cookies in 2023? Yes!

Does McDonald's Have Cookies

Day or night, morning or evening, are we all not vulnerable to our off-time cravings? So, what should be our option that is easy to get and soft on the pocket? 

As they say, ‘life is short; eat cookies.’ It is a dessert made in heaven and just what our taste buds want. 

McDonald’s, a fast food restaurant chain, offers quality food for every meal of the day. But does McDonald’s have cookies to satisfy your cravings?

Does McDonald’s Have Cookies?

Yes, McDonald’s offers one of the finest quality cookies that are not just perfectly baked but are deliciously tasty.

You can find them on their menu under the ‘Deserts and Shakes’ section. These chocolate chip cookies are just perfect for satisfying your off-time cravings.

However, cookies at McDonald’s can vary from place to place. For example, they sell chocolate chip cookies at their US stores, whereas triple chocolate cookies at UK outlets.

One of the good things about buying from McDonald’s is that they also provide nutritional information that helps to keep a check on your calorie intake.

At McDonald’s, these cookies are usually served in a pack of 3, and each contains around 170 calories.

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When Did McDonald’s Stop Selling Cookies?

McDonald’s discontinued selling its McDonaldland cookies back in 2003 and replaced them with soft-baked gourmet cookies.

The reason for discontinuation was mainly because after Ronald McDonald, there was no real meaning left in McDonaldland’s characters and cookies.

However, it soon introduced the new chocolate chip cookies that are freshly baked and warmed to perfection.

Does McDonald’s Sell Cookies All Day?

Usually, cookies are ready to roll 24/7 at McDonald’s. It only takes 2 minutes to heat them in the oven, so they are fresh for your liking. 

The 24/7 availability ensures that your cravings can be met with delicious cookies at any time of the day. You can also have these luxurious cookies in your breakfast. 

Whether dine-in or takeaway, McDonald’s ensures that the best is served to all in terms of quality. You can also order them online, from their website, or by using McDonald’s mobile app and save your time.

When Did McDonald’s Start Selling Cookies?

McDonald’s started selling its McDonaldland cookies in 1974.

These were hard and crunchy cookies usually served with a Happy Meal shaped as McDonaldland characters. The characters featured Birdie, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Captain Crook, and Hamburger.

However, later on, they were discontinued by McDonald’s and were replaced by gourmet soft-baked cookies in 2003.

These chocolate chip cookies have been part of McDonald’s menu since then. Even though there was a little break, they returned in 2020. These perfectly baked cookies are supreme in quality, crunchiness, and chewiness.

Are McDonald’s Cookies Good??

McDonald’s cookies are just one of a kind regarding taste and quality.

At McDonald’s, they offer you extremely superior chocolate chip cookies that are perfect delights to light up your taste buds. The crunchiness of these cookies makes it a perfect bite. On top of that, they’re extremely affordable as well.

So, if you are looking for something sweet for your craving that also goes well with your health, there is nothing better than McDonald’s cookies.

You can have them with tea, coffee, or even milk. Once you eat them, the taste stays with you for eternity.

Are McDonald’s Cookies Vegan?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies contain eggs and milk and are not vegan. 

On the brighter side, you can still find other vegan options at McDonald’s, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

However, if you are specifically looking for vegan cookies, you can find them at Lenny and Larry’s, Newman’s own, Lotus Biscoff, and many more.

These vegan cookies are made of plant butter, unrefined sugar, and all-natural ingredients that make them completely vegan.

Does McDonald’s Have Oatmeal Raisin Cookies??

Yes, McDonald’s sells oatmeal raisin cookies at their outlets in most countries.

Each piece contains around 170 calories, constituted mainly from fats and carbohydrates.

They are soft, thick, and easily chewable. Their texture is also perfect, which makes them highly tempting for cookie lovers.

You can also eat them as refreshments between working hours and evening. So if you are a cookie person, these oatmeal raisin cookies are the perfect option for your appetite.

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s cookies are just the right type of dessert to treat your taste buds. You can always rely on them for taste and quality.

Their superior attributes, including freshness and crunchiness, make them an ideal dessert for your sweet cravings.

You can easily buy them online and at McDonald’s outlets. This makes them a convenient option to have any time of the day!

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