Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools? Best Alternative!

If you have come across DIY fixings at home or work in construction, you might have noticed that you require a good set of tools. 

Milwaukee is a household name in the construction business, and its tools are definitely the pioneers in crafting hardware tools. 

Lowe’s is an American retail chain that is highly praised for hosting a variety of tools brands to choose from. So, Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools? Stay tuned to find out! 

Does Lowe's sell Milwaukee Tools

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools?

No, Lowe’s does not sell Milwaukee products at any of its store locations or online. On the brighter side, you can buy their household essentials at other competitive stores.

There are about 2300 stores in North America where you can access Milwaukee tools from.  

The company produces many kinds of customer tools, including power tools, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, and storage pods. In addition, the brand also manufactures batteries, tool accessories, and tool parts. 

Why is Milwaukee Not Sold At Lowe’s? 

Lowe’s and Milwaukee Tool fell out of the partnership in 2008 because the retailer could not clear its dues to the manufacturer. 

The 2 companies failed to reconcile because Milwaukee Tool claimed Lowe’s owed them an estimated $1.2 million for hardware supplies.  

Due to this, Milwaukee Tools signed an exclusive retail agreement with another home essentials competitor, Home Depot. After this contract, Home Depot was the sole supplier in certain states of the USA.  

Even though Milwaukee Tool Corporation has revoked Lowe’s rights as an official distributor of its products, Lowe’s has refused to agree to such terms.  

Can You Buy Direct From Milwaukee? 

No, you cannot buy directly from Milwaukee as it does not retail its products without third-party retailers. 

As of 2023, you can only purchase Milwaukee tools in stores and online from retail chains that have partnered up with Milwaukee. Currently, there are more than 25 Milwaukee Tool retailers in the United States. 

Home Depot, Acme Tools, ACE Hardware, TOOL UP, and Factory Outlet Authorized are a few major retailers housing Milwaukee Tools.

In contrast, Target and Amazon are not the company’s authorized retailers. You might be surprised to discover that even Walmart is not an authorized Milwaukee Tool retailer. 

However, you can still get your hands on Milwaukee tools set occasionally at Walmart. 

What Tool Brands Does Lowe’s Sell Other Than Milwaukee?

The tools brands available at Lowe’s include Dewalt, Kobalt, Craftsman, Irwin, Bosch, Metabo, and Porter Cable Tools. 

Lowe’s sells these tools at incredibly affordable prices, and as a result, you get a better bargain if a validated retailer sells lower.

The retailer also provides a store warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty that could last up to 5 years. 

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Batteries? 

No Lowe’s does not sell Milwaukee Batteries at any of its store locations or its website. 

Lowe’s sells M12 and M18 batteries from brands like Kobalt and DEWALT. The store also fulfills the manufacturer warranty on these batteries.

For example, the warranty on lithium batteries is within 3 years of purchase which translates to 1000 cycles. These top-of-the-line lithium-ion batteries are listed within the price range of $139 to $180. 

The only Milwaukee product listed on Lowe’s official website is the Milwaukee hand truck.  

Does Milwaukee Have An Outlet Store?

No, you will not find Milwaukee stores anywhere because the company only retails through major stores.

Even though Milwaukee has a website, it does not sell any products online. Rather the website directs you to an authorized retailer who will have the products near you. 

You can click on “Shop Online” to find an online retailer. The “Find Local” option also directs you to retailers near you. So, with the help of the website, you can legitimately purchase the tools with a retailer warranty. 

Who Makes Milwaukee Tools? 

Milwaukee Tool is a subsidiary of a Chinese Electronic Manufacture, Techtronic Industries Co Ltd.

The parent company actually owns many labels in the power tools and other construction equipment industry. 

Techtronic Industries actually began operations in the Mid 80s. The brand started in Hong Kong and branched out to other countries. 

The United States has been a big market for Milwaukee since the early 90s. For this reason, you can find Milwaukee tools to be so popular among customers. 

Are Ryobi And Milwaukee the Same? 

No, Milwaukee and Ryobi are actually branches of the same parent brand, Techtronic Industries. 

Ryobi power tools make the finest cordless devices, and the veterans claim it is an industry leader.  

You can get the entire collection of Ryobi tools at Home Depot’s physical stores and online, which is the exclusive retailer of Ryobi products. 

Home Depot offers great discounts on these tools as a retailer of goodwill. In addition, you can also claim free delivery, warranty, and return options from the store. 

Are Milwaukee Tools Made In China? 

No, Milwaukee tools are not made in China as the company has manufacturing houses in the United States.

The domestic demand in The United States is so high that the Chinese company invested heavily in beginning production within the states. 

Due to this, the transit costs are lowered, and the company can capture market needs efficiently. 

Milwaukee manufacturing houses are located in Wisconsin, USA. This is why you can find “Made in US” labels on Milwaukee tools. 

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Final Words

To wrap up, you cannot buy Milwaukee tools at Lowe’s store locations or online. That’s because the tools manufacturing company fell out with Lowe’s over mismatching dues. 

Moreover, you cannot buy Milwaukee tools from its physical stores or website either, as the company does not retail its products without third parties.

On the brighter side, you can buy these tools from online and local retailers listed on 

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