Does Lowe’s sell CRAFTSMAN Tools in 2023?

Does Lowe's sell CRAFTSMAN Tools

CRAFTSMAN tools are famous among users because of their design and durability. For this reason, they have been considered among the finest in producing tool kits for over a century. 

Lowe’s is the leading store in the country and partners with many brands for its inventory. So, can you also get CRAFTSMAN Tools at Lowe’s? Keep reading to find out!

Does Lowe’s Sell CRAFTSMAN Tools? 

Yes, Lowe’s sells CRAFTSMAN Tools at all its stores and online. 

You can search for CRAFTSMAN tools in the “Mechanics Tool Sets” department and the “Power Tool Combo Kits” section. 

Lowe’s sells over 708 different products CRAFTSMAN at their stores. You can get Power Tools, hand tools, tool storage, and work benches. Moreover, you can also buy air tools, compressors, flashlights, and flashbulbs. 

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Does Lowe’s Warranty CRAFTSMAN Tools? 

You can claim CRAFTSMAN’s Lifetime Warranty promise at your nearest Lowe’s store.

The CRAFTSMAN Company is one of the top manufacturers of hardware tools. In this regard, they stand out with their lifetime warranty pact to their customers. 

Hence, regardless of the purchase site, all CRAFTSMAN tools can be claimed for warranty in case of malfunctionality. 

Since the policy is not uniform for all products, you can only claim a lifetime warranty on 92 products by CRAFTSMAN at Lowe’s. In addition, Lowe’s also honors the manufacturer’s warranties in smaller denominations. 

Does Lowe’s Replace CRAFTSMAN Tools? 

Yes, if applicable, you can claim to get a replacement on CRAFTSMAN tools within the warranty period.

Lowe’s will not replace tools that do not have FULL WARRANTY labeled. This is because the store manufacturer does not provide a warranty on these items. 

So, only 7 of such items are available at Lowe’s. These are classified as Consumables. Consumables include textile products, plastic and metal containers, bits, bulbs, and non-replaceable batteries. 

The Lowe’s store where you purchased the product might be your best bet for a warranty claim.

Who Makes CRAFTSMAN Tools for Lowe’s? 

CRAFTSMAN Tools is an in-house brand of Sears Corp that started manufacturing in the early 20s. 

Sears Corporation added tools to its departmental chain items. Hence, CRAFTSMAN tools were introduced at Sears, Kmart, etc. Sears later extended the right to sell these tools at independent retail stores. 

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Target, and Costco compete head-to-head to sell CRAFTSMAN products at their stores. 

Can You Return CRAFTSMAN Tools to Lowe’s? 

Yes, you can return CRAFTSMAN tools to your local Lowe’s within 90 days of the purchase date.

According to the store policy, you can claim refunds on unopened and undamaged purchases within the period. 

So, keep your purchase receipts in sight to make the return process easier. 

In case of misplaced receipts, it will be the store manager’s discretion to approve or decline the return request. 

You will also need to carry a valid identification card with you. A Driver’s License or a State-Issued Identification card would suffice.  

Store receipts must accompany late returns to process the return. 

Who Owns CRAFTSMAN Now? 

As of 2017, Stanley Black and Decker purchased CRAFTSMAN tools licenses from Sears Holding. The deal culminated in 900 million dollars paid by Stanley Black and Decker. 

The brand agreed to work under the CRAFTSMAN label and dealt with selling CRAFTSMAN products to third-party retailers.

The deal was processed after Sears closed down multiple stores at major locations between 2015 and 2016. Hence, it was beneficial for Sears. 

It is worth noting that this was Sears’s second merger with CRAFTSMAN Tools. Formerly, Sears had allowed Kmart to partner up for the sales of CRAFTSMAN Tools. 

What CRAFTSMAN Tools Are Still Made In the US?

Major facilities across the United States manufacture CRAFTSMAN Tools, which include knives, saws, V 20* power tools, and plastic storage in bulk.  

In Illinois, Riding Mower attachments and Resin Sheds are manufactured in Sullivan and Batavia.  Alongside, CRAFTSMAN also produces manual tools, hoses, and lubricants in Lowa.

Mississippi and Missouri produce Gas Push Mowers, Snow Blowers, and Metal Storage containers. The company manufactures manual tools in Pennsylvania manufactures, while Mechanical Toolsets are made in Texas.

CRAFTSMAN also dispatches Resin Totes, Compressors, and Wet/Dry Vacs from US production houses. 

Do CRAFTSMAN Tools Still Have a Lifetime Guarantee? 

Currently, only limited CRAFTSMAN Tools come with a Lifetime Guarantee label. 

All stores with CRAFTSMAN products honor the lifetime guarantee. You are provided this guarantee on Mechanical Tools, Dry Bar sets, V 20 Power tools kits, Automotive Cross Wrenches, and 60Crv Set Snips. 

So, make sure to check if the product you want to purchase has a lifetime guarantee or not. 

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Summing Up

In a nutshell, you can get the full CRAFTSMAN Tools collection at any Lowe’s store. The formerly Sears-owned brand is sold to Stanley Black and Decker and operates under the same label. 

Lowe’s allows you to make returns within 90 days but requires you to carry a receipt post-return period. These US-made tools are also available on other retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, etc. 

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