Does Lowe’s sell Boxes? Tool, Lunch, Wardrobe, & More

Does Lowe's sell Boxes

Are you struggling with getting rid of your stuff? If yes, you definitely need boxes to keep them. Getting a box is the first phase of putting away clutter.

Lowe’s gains its fame as a retail giant for the variety of goods it offers. Customers can count on Lowe’s to get the best deals for their purchases. 

But what if you need to declutter your space from the goods bought from Lowe’s? Does Lowe’s sell boxes too. Let’s find it out below!

Does Lowe’s Sell Boxes? 

Yes, Lowe’s sells boxes in multiple sizes at incredibly reasonable prices online and in-store. 

The boxes are available at the store’s website and physical stores in the “Moving Boxes” department. 

The store also has a Price-matching policy. So, if a validated competitor sells cheaper, Lowe’s will match their price. 

Moreover, if you dislike your purchase, you can return the boxes to your local Lowe’s. The return window applies within 90 days of purchase on unopened and unused products. 

Make sure to carry your purchase receipt to make the return process easier. 

What Kind of Boxes Does Lowe’s Have? 

You can buy boxes of different sizes and materials from Lowe’s.

That’s because the store knows that different objects of different sizes need to be stored in boxes of appropriate size and material. Boxes at Lowes come in sizes x-small, small, medium, large, heavy-duty, moving, and x-large. 

Dimensions of (16 x 12x 12, 24 x 18 x 18, and 18 x 16 x 18) inches are commonly sold. The store sells these polygon boxes with handles, removable lids, bubble wrap, and packaging tape. 

You can also find boxes made to move specific objects like glass-packing kits, moving box kits, electrical boxes, etc. 

Does Lowe’s Sell Tool Boxes? 

Yes, you can find tool boxes from multiple brands at all store locations of Lowe’s and online. 

In total, Lowe’s sells tool boxes from 22 brands. Some famous brands of portable tool boxes available at the store include CRAFTSMAN, Kobalt, Bosch, IRWIN, and Stanley.  

Besides this, you can also find tool boxes with more than 10 drawers here. These tool boxes are as high as 50 inches, and some even come with wheels. However, you might need to assemble some of them yourself. 

You will be surprised to know that boxes of steel, aluminum, and polyester can be bought for even $5! 

Does Lowe’s Sell Lunch Boxes? 

Yes, you can get lunch boxes and personal coolers at Lowe’s for great prices.

The lunch boxes at Lowe’s retail in personal coolers and insulated bento boxes. As a result, you can always enjoy your food at the perfect temperature. Personal coolers at the store look like bigger bag-like containers.

Lowe’s sources these from Picnic Time, YETI, Road Pro, Coleman, Kobalt, Coca-cola, etc. Moreover, you can get retailers like Logo Brands to get a custom team/ league boxes.

So, you can choose your favorite logos from more than 100 of these on display on their official website. Lastly, the insulated bento boxes at Lowe’s are supplied by Kobalt and Bentgo.  

Does Lowe’s Sell Wardrobe Boxes? 

Yes, Lowe’s sells wardrobe boxes of its own label and other brands to its customers.

Other than Lowe’s, Blue Hawk and Scotch are some famous wardrobe boxes available at the store. Some wardrobe boxes have to handle holes to hang your clothes rod, sold separately. 

Additionally, you can get special savings offers on purchasing Lowe’s wardrobe boxes. These savings are further amplified by free delivery.  

Does Lowe’s Sell Cardboard Boxes? 

Yes, you can get cardboard boxes at Lowe’s in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

While the store sells cardboard boxes from different brands, Lowe’s brand of cardboard boxes is very famous among customers. 

You can customize the boxes between the width of 3 inches and 24 inches. This comes in handy when you need to move specific items such as bedroom kits, bathroom kits, glass kits, etc. 

Lowe’s also sells recycled cardboard boxes. This is a great way for the store to lower its corporate waste. 

Can You Get Free Boxes from Lowe’s? 

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not sell its boxes at any location free of cost.

Since these boxes sell in volume, it is smart for retail chains to make the command a minimal charge. Other retail giants like Walmart, Target, and Costco also do not sell free boxes. 

You might be lucky if your local Walmart agrees to give you a few in their off-peak hours. 

However, if you really need boxes for free, you can check out the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, brick-and-mortar shops, and recycling centers. 

Does Lowe’s Sell Truck Tool Boxes? 

You can buy truck tool boxes from your local Lowe’s store. These boxes are thick and made to last long. 

These boxes come with versatile mount options such as crossover, side mount, and top mount. CRAFTSMAN, WEATHER GUARD, Kobalt, Better Built, and Load’N’Go sell their truck tool boxes at Lowe’s. 

The CRAFTSMAN’s Brite Aluminium Crossover TTB is the bestselling truck toolbox at Lowe’s. While this model is highly cost-effective in the long run, it comes with an initial price tag of $400. 

Why Have Cardboard Prices Gone Up? 

The demand for cardboard boxes increased post-pandemic, and as a result, there was a spike in their prices. 

Currently, cardboards retail between $20 and $70 per bale because ordering goods online was the norm during the lockdown. The resulting shortage of cardboard boxes due to lockdown restrictions created their scarcity. 

Also, the buying habits of the people were not stopping. Hence, cardboard manufacturers increased prices due to increased demand. 

Besides this, the prices of inputs also rose due to the turbulent economic conditions post-pandemic. 

Why Are Moving Boxes So Expensive? 

All packaging boxes have experienced a hike in price because of the global shipping crisis. 

This crisis was not only limited to cardboard boxes; rather, it plagued the sales of all moving boxes. Moreover, some companies recycle their moving boxes. This is more expensive than outsourcing. 

If you order online, the packaging and shipping costs are even higher. 

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, you can get a variety of storage boxes from Lowe’s. For example, the store retails a stock of tool boxes, lunch boxes, truck tool boxes, etc. 

You can get these boxes in different sizes; some even have other facilities like handles or lids. If you need a cardboard box, you can get it at Lowe’s from its in-house brand or other manufacturers. 

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