Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint in 2023?

When you think about paints, Benjamin Moore is the best brand name for interior and exterior paints. Lowe’s holds a major proportion of the home improvement market.

You can shop for a variety of hardware tools and products. So, does Lowe’s carry Benjamin Moore Paints too? Let us find out in the article below!

Does Lowe's sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Unfortunately, Lowe’s shops and website do not carry Benjamin Moore Paints.

You can find many alternative brands of interior & exterior paints and stains at Lowe’s. In addition, Lowe’s also carries primers and finishes. 

Like Benjamin Moore paints, the brands at Lowe’s also grade their paint variants according to the quality they produce. Hence, you can expect the paints to be priced according to the results they deliver. 

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Lowe’s does not sell Benjamin Moore Paint because it does not hold exclusive dealership rights of the company. 

Similarly, you cannot buy these paints at other major retailers like Home Depot or Target. That’s because Benjamin Moore does not prefer contracts with retail giants that bulk-buy from manufacturers.

Besides this, Benjamin Moore paints are the first choice of paints for many professional painters or DIY paint job enthusiasts. 

Hence, stocking Benjamin Moore paints would result in a drop in the popularity of other paint brands at Lowe’s. 

Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Benjamin Moore paints are available exclusively at Benjamin Moore’s stores and its official website.

Thus, you can walk into your nearest Benjamin Moore store and ask the vendor to match the perfect shade for you.  Benjamin Moore stores are spread all over the globe and offer their reliable services to millions of customers. 

In addition, local retailers operating on a small scale also stock Benjamin Moore paints. This is in line with the manufacturer’s manifesto of supporting small businesses. 

A limited stock of best-selling shades is also available at Walmart, Amazon, and Ace Hardware.  

What Brands of Paint Do They Sell at Lowe’s? 

Lowe’s sells many popular paint brands like HGTV by Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Rust-Oleum, Cabot, and Kilz. 

These paints are unofficially at par with Benjamin Moore’s paints. This is what makes the shoppers at Lowe’s keep coming back. 

Lowe’s also sells with added incentives like matching competitor prices of validated retailers and free delivery on orders above $45. 

In addition, some customers are also eligible for the store’s 10% Military Discount. Lastly, you can rely on Lowe’s in terms of customer support. The store has a 30-day replacement or refund policy. 

Is Sherwin Williams the Same as Benjamin Moore? 

Even though Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are top-quality brands in the paint industry, Benjamin Moore’s paints are unmatched. 

The Sherwin Williams paint comes in different prices and size denominations based on quality, like their counterparts. 

You can also expect to find your shade in Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore paints with ease. However, Benjamin Moore’s paints are more durable than Sherwin Williams’s paint range. 

How Good is Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Benjamin Moore Paints stand out for their durable and long-lasting nature.

This is what makes it your one-time purchase for years without purchasing another can. You can choose between Flat, Egg Shell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss finish.

While all of them are good, satin gives a matte yet slightly-glossy sheen. Hence, it is perfect for covering most parts of your home. 

The Benjamin Moore paint is slightly runny compared to other paint brands. This is what makes it easy to work with. Moreover, you can choose from 3500+ shades of Benjamin Moore paints to match your setting. 

Does Benjamin Moore Paint Ever Go on Sale at Lowe’s? 

Since Lowe’s does not sell Benjamin Moore paints, they do not go on sale there

On the brighter side, you can avail store discounts at Lowe’s on other brands of paints. For example, you can make great savings on paints from Lowe’s sales during the summers. The store also offers discounts on public holidays. 

In addition, the store rewards its customers with cash rebates during ongoing promotions. 

Which Type of Benjamin Moore Paint is the Best? 

You can expect Aura to be your best purchase out of the entire paint line.

Regal Select has claimed the crown within the paint industry for many years and was also considered the best-seller in Benjamin Moore Paints. 

However, Benjamin Moore’s Aura successfully dethroned Regal Select. It comes with a price tag of $70 and is the highest-grade paint in the collection.

What is the Difference between Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select? 

Aura and Regal Select differ in terms of durability, sheen, VOCs, and price.

Standing out, Aura is actually the most durable paint in the Benjamin Moore line. The paint dries fast but leaves behind enough pigment to retain immense color.

The company undertook immense research to ensure emissions from Aura are the least as it dries. Hence, it is Greengard certified. 

Consequently, Aura is more expensive. However, if the price is not your concern, we suggest you opt for Aura. 

Final Thoughts 

To wrap up, Benjamin Moore paints are unavailable at Lowe’s stores or website. That’s because the manufacturer does not believe in allowing box buyers to stock up. 

On the brighter side, Lowe’s has other brands of paints like HGTV by Sherwin Williams that are close to Benjamin Moore paints in output.  

However, Benjamin Moore’s paints are more cost-effective because of their long-lasting and durable traits. 

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