Does Lowe’s Sell Behr Paint? Best Alternative

Does Lowe's sell Behr Paint

Behr is a leading paint manufacturing brand that deals in exterior paints, interior paints, primers, and stains. It has been operating for over 75 years and has a variety of shades of high quality with premium coverage.  

Lowe’s is one of the leading American home-renovation retailing companies. The store’s vast product offering includes paints too. But does Lowe’s sell Behr Paint?

Does Lowe’s Sell Behr Paint? 

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not sell Behr Paint at any of its stores or online. 

Apart from Behr, the store sells different kinds of paints: interior, exterior, stains, finishes, polishes, etc. To go with this, different shapes and sizes of rollers and brushes are also available at Lowe’s.

These tools are tailor-made to produce specific projects like ceiling paint, door, and trim paint, and cabinet and furniture paint. 

You can easily visit your nearest Lowe’s store or check online to shop for these products. You may also refer to their paint samples to simplify your decision-making task. 

Why Does Lowe’s Not Sell Behr Paint?

The Behr Paint range is unavailable at Lowe’s because it is an in-house paint brand for Home Depot.

For those who do not know, Home Depot is a rival home-remodeling retailer that also deals in paints.

Since Behr has partnered with Home Depot for more than 40 years, it is doubtful that it will make it to Lowe’s anytime soon. 

The exclusive contract between Behr and Home Depot also denies rights to any other rivals to be the authorized retailers of Behr Paints. Due to this, Lowe’s cannot stock these paints currently or in the future.  

What Stores Sell Behr Paint?

The range of Behr Paint is available at Home Depot in-store and online. You may visit any of the Home Depot locations to choose from a variety of their paint-clad shelves, especially in Behr Paint. 

You may also visit Home Depot’s official website to shop Behr Paint from the comfort of your abode. 

The paint range has different variants in the interior and exterior denominations to cater to specific customer needs.  

In addition, a range of stains, floor coatings, specialty paints, and decorative finishes are also manufactured by the company to go with the paint. 

Is Behr Paint Only Sold At Home Depot?

Currently, only Home Depot is the authorized retailer for Behr Paints. As a result, all locations of Home Depot have Behr Paints in their inventory.  

The partnership is even mentioned on the official site of Behr Paint Company, which directs to procuring Behr Paints from Home Depot. 

Thus, if you are determined to shop at Lowe’s, you might want to reconsider your options. 

What Brands of Paint Do They Sell At Lowe’s? 

Lowe’s offers more than 10 different brands of paints in multiple sizes. 

Lowe’s is the store for you if you’re looking for paints from Valspar, Magnolia Home, Rust-Oleum, Cabot, Thompson’s Waterseal, Purdy, Kilz, or HGTV by Sherwin Williams. 

The store sells these paints with some benefits that make it one of the leading retail stores in the US.

These paints are available online with a color guide and size chart to help match the best possible shade.

Is Behr And Valspar The Same?

No, Behr and Valspar are different in terms of price, shade, and quality. 

Behr is sold exclusively at Home Depot, while Valspar is also available for resale to other retailers apart from Lowe’s. The store claims that you may find shades similar to Behr in the Valspar brand.

However, finding an identical shade in the two brands might not be true for all colors. Both are Do-it-yourself products; hence, the colors are easy to work with, and the prices are also relatively lower.

Behr charges a slightly premium price tag because of its popularity, while Valspar falls short.  

Valspar offers exterior and interior paints along with finishes and primers. Valspar also manufactures all the variants available in Behr but under the name Valspar. 

Conclusively, the minute differences set the two apart from each other and inhibit them from being perfect substitutes for each other. 

Does Lowe’s Sell Behr Stain?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not hold stock of any product from Behr since it is a part of Home Depot’s inventory.  

This also includes Behr Stain. Behr stain is unavailable at Lowe’s, but you may shop it at Home Depot. On the brighter side, the store does sell stains from other brands like Valspar.

This Stain is rated almost 5 stars by over a thousand customers on the website and is available in 1- and 5-gallon packaging. 

Who Actually Makes Behr Paint?

The Behr Company makes Behr Paint and all other liquids to go with it. The Company, started by Otho Behr Jr., has been manufacturing paints since 1947.

These paints are high-quality products that are then retailed at Home Depot solely. You can find 3 variants in exterior paints; Behr Premium Plus, Behr Marquee, and Behr Ultra. 

Behr also offers 4 variants in interior paints; Behr Ultra, Behr Dynasty, Behr Marquee, and Behr Premium Plus.

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Final Words

All in all, you cannot shop for Behr paint from Lowe’s. That’s because it is an in-house paint brand for Home Depot. If you want to shop for Behr paint, you must buy it from Home Depot’s stores or website.

On the other hand, Lowe’s sells more than different paint brands in-store and online, including Valspar. So, if you want to shop exclusively from Lowe’s, you can easily buy these brands from the store. 

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