Does Home Depot sell Sherwin Williams Paint in 2023?

Sherwin-William is a Cleveland-based paint company that has been at home design’s helm for years.

You would expect that a large company such as Sherwin-Williams would definitely be dawned on the shelves of famous household names like Home Depot.

So, does Home Depot sell Sherwin Williams Paint? Read more to find out!

Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin William Paint?

No, Home Depot does not sell Sherwin William products at its stores. That’s because Sherwin-William Paints are exclusively sold at Lowe’s Store. 

However, you can find alternative brands at Home Depot for lower prices and improved qualities. For example, you can find brands such as Benjamin Moore, Behr, Rust, Glidden, and PPG at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot sell Sherwin Williams Paint

Why Is Sherwin William Paints not Sold at Home Depot? 

Home Depot does not sell Sherwin William paints at any of its stores or online because of exclusivity rights.

Lowe’s (another big player in the Home Décor Market) has had Sherwin William products due to a very extensive and lengthy relationship.

Sherwin Williams is also one of the highest-grossing producers of Weather Shielding paints and a variety of other types of material protective coatings. 

So, it only made sense for Lowe’s to bag such a revenue-generating company exclusively to their shelves. Other than Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams products are available at their own retail stores and website. 

Is Behr Paint the Same as Sherwin Williams? 

Behr Paints and Sherwin Williams are different in terms of price, coverage, drying time, and durability.

Both Behr Paints and Sherwin William are big players in the Paints and Coating industry. But they have a few key differences. 

It is believed that if you like a luxury color at Sherwin Williams, you will find a similar shade at Behr paints at a relatively lower price. 

Sherwin-Williams has more than 1700 options, while Behr manages 1400 shades. Their price range also differs as Sherwin Williams charges extra for their higher quality product. 

On the other hand, Behr Paints offers more environmentally friendly options with even Zero VOC levels

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What Stores Carry Sherwin William Paints? 

Sherwin William Paints are exclusively available at the company’s official stores located throughout the country and at Lowe’s.

Customers can also order online from either Lowe’s or Sherwin William’s website. In February 2018, CNBC reported that Lowe’s shares went down by 7%.

Lowe’s decided to ask Sherwin Williams for an exclusivity contract to stabilize their monetary state. This was a huge step as it helped them stay ahead of their long-time rival: The Home Depot. 

Is Paint Cheaper at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams?

The paint at Home Depot is a lot cheaper compared to Sherwin Williams.  

That’s because Sherwin Williams’ objective is not to provide economical options for home design. Instead, the company takes pride in providing opulent shades to its customers.

However, Sherwin Williams has started to sell the Captivate paint line, which is relatively cheaper than most products. 

On the other hand, Home Depot has a larger variety of paints from different brands on its shelves that are much cheaper than Sherwin Williams.

What Brands of Paint Does Home Depot Sell? 

Home Depot sells many major paint brands at its stores and website, including Behr Paints, Glidden Premium Paints, PPG, and SpeedHide.

The Paint Reward program at the store offers a 20% discount to the Pro Xtra members with purchases of paint and primer.

As a result, you can save up to $6500 if you are a Gold-level member. 

Which Company is Better: Home Depot or Sherwin Williams?

Home Depot is better in terms of price and environmentally friendly options, whereas Sherwin Williams is superior in quality.

In terms of quality, Sherwin Williams does not play second fiddle to any paint company in the US. 

The Home Depot paints are not bad either. The store has partnered with decent paint companies such as Behr with a very large customer base. 

Besides this, the flagship paint brand of The Home Depot also has very environmentally friendly options. 

Even though Sherwin Williams introduced the Captivate paint line, it has still not dominated the sales in terms of economical options. 

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Final Words

To conclude, Sherwin Williams is unavailable at Home Depot as it is exclusively available at Lowe’s. Other than that, you can also buy Sherwin William Paints from the company’s official stores and website.

However, if you want to buy from Home Depot, you have the option to choose between multiple brands such as Behr Paints, PPG, SpeedHide, etc.

The paint providers at Home Depot are excellent in terms of service and are also quite affordable. 

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