Does Home Depot Sell Boxes? Types, Price, Return Policy

Does Home Depot sell Boxes

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been wondering does Home Depot sell boxes? I mean, they sell just about everything else.

So, it only makes sense that they would carry shipping boxes and supplies, right? Well, We did some digging and found some interesting facts about the box services of Home Depot. Keep reading for our findings.

Does Home Depot Sell Boxes?

Yes, Home Depot sells boxes. In addition to cardboard boxes, they also sell plastic storage bins and totes. 

Also, in a hunt for something a little more specialized, they have a variety of storage containers, such as moving or packing.

So if you need some new boxes, Home Depot is definitely the place to go. Just be sure to get there early; the selection tends to go quickly during peak moving season!

What Type of Boxes Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot sells various types of boxes. These include everything from small boxes perfect for delicate shipping items to heavy-duty boxes designed for storing bulky items. 

They even sell speciality boxes like moving boxes and box sets specifically designed for holiday decorating. Whatever type of box you need, chances are good that Home Depot will have it in stock.

So why not head to your local store and check out their selection for yourself? Who knows, you might just find the perfect box for your next project.

Does Home Depot Have Tool Boxes?

Yes, of course, Home Depot has tool boxes. They have a wide selection of tool boxes to choose from, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your needs.

Home Depot is the place to go, whether you want a small box to keep in your car or a large container for all your workshop tools.

They also have a great selection of power and hand tools, so you can efficiently complete any project.

Does Home Depot Have Lunch Boxes?

Yes, Home Depot does carry a wide variety of lunch boxes. They have everything from traditional soft-sided boxes or cloth-covered options.

They also have a good selection of kid-friendly designs, plus insulated models that can keep food cold for hours.

So if you’re in the market for a new lunch box, don’t forget to check out the selection at your local Home Depot store.

You’re sure to find something that meets your needs and your budget.

Does Home Depot Have Mail Boxes?

Yes, Home Depot does carry mailboxes. You can choose from various styles and colors that suit your needs.

Plus, their experts are available to help you choose the perfect mailbox for your home.

Can You Return Unused Moving Boxes to Home Depot?

Yes, you can return unused moving boxes to Home Depot.

In fact, they have an uncomplicated return policy to take back unused boxes if they are in good condition.

Just be sure to ask the sales associate at the store how to go about making a return. Some branches may require you to have a receipt or packing slip.

Does Home Depot Sell Crates?

Yes, Home Depot sells crates. They have different sizes and colors to choose from. 

Plus, they’re durable enough to hold up against even heavy objects. The price of a single wood crate starts from around $14.98.

So if you’re looking for a crate that will last, Home Depot is definitely the place to go.

Does Home Depot Sell Pallets?

Yes, Home Depot does sell pallets. They typically cost between $10 and $20, depending on the size and style of the pallet.

For example, a standard wooden pallet might cost between $16 to $17. On the other hand, a more sturdy plastic pallet could cost closer to $200.

Home Depot also sometimes has sales on pallets. Therefore, It’s worth checking their website to see if there are any deals before making your purchase.


The conclusion of the blog post is that Home Depot sells a variety of boxes. These boxes include moving boxes, lunch boxes, crates, and pallets.

Plus, these boxes come at reasonably competitive prices that can satisfy you. Hope this guide will answer most of the questions.

Feel free to let us know what you think of it.

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