Does Home Depot sell Batteries in 2023?

Does Home Depot sell Batteries

Batteries are like power banks. Many portable objects use batteries that can be recharged or need to be replaced. Even the device you are viewing this article on operates via battery.

Home Depot is the largest retailer of appliances and electronic accessories. The store’s warehouses sell all home improvement goods. o, does Home Depot sell batteries for its appliances too? Keep reading to find out!

Does Home Depot Sell Batteries?

Yes, Home Depot sells many primary and secondary batteries to its customers at all stores and online.

If you are shopping online, you will find them in the ‘Batteries’ department on the website. Home Depot currently retails 8 different types of ion-powered batteries.

You can find Alkaline, Lithium, Nickel compounds, Lead Acid, and Silver Oxide charged batteries. These batteries range from 1volt to 12 volts.

Besides this, you can also find different battery sizes based on the number of cells.

The store also provides delivery services to its customers. Lastly, if a validated retailer sells cheaper, Home Depot will match its price.

What Brands of Car Batteries Does Home Depot Sell?

You can purchase 10 different brands of car batteries for your vehicle and vehicle parts at Home Depot.

Being the 5th largest retailer in the world, Home Depot procures from the best manufacturers across the globe.

These brands do damage the consumer’s pocket in hefty proportions. However, the sophisticated production and performance make up for the one-time charge.

Does Home Depot Buy Old Car Batteries?

Yes, Home Depot takes old batteries in exchange for gift cards to recycle.

Even though these gift cards carry lower denominations, they are enough of a bargain for your depreciated batteries. You can call your local Home Depot warehouse and take your old, good car battery.

This is a part of their campaign to properly dispose of hazardous chemicals. In addition, you can also bring regular batteries to Home Depot for recycling.

Does Home Depot Sell Exide Car Batteries?

Yes, Home Depot sells many sizes and groups of Exide Car Batteries at all store locations and online.

Since these batteries are highly demanded, you might not find them at your local Home Depot store.

However, you can use the ‘Store Finder’ option to check for Home Depot stores that have them in stock.

Does Home Depot Sell Interstate Batteries?

Unfortunately, Home Depot has stopped selling Interstate Batteries at all store locations as of 2023.

Even though you may occasionally come across a link to Interstate Batteries from Home Depot, you cannot purchase these. Home Depot’s other brands of power tool batteries are Ryobi, Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc.

If you want an Interstate Battery for your lawn mower or weeder, you can look for Interstate Battery retailers on their official website.

For example, Costco retails these batteries at their warehouses for the lowest prices.

Do All Car Batteries Come with a Warranty?

Yes, all car batteries carry a manufacturer-provided warranty starting from the date of purchase.

In addition, the retail stores may further choose to provide additional warranty to their members.

The batteries are usually covered for 2-3 years from the original purchase date. The terms and conditions of each manufacturer may differ slightly.

The warranty can be claimed from the official manufacturer’s customer support even without the purchase receipt. However, some third-party retailers require purchase receipts when claiming a warranty.

Battery manufacturing companies insure approximately 36,000 miles.

Moreover, these batteries have a limited lifespan of 3-5 years. So, any retailers providing longer warranties are most likely scams.

Can You Return Car Batteries to Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot accepts returns on car batteries within 30 days of the original purchase date.

The store policy accepts all unopened, undamaged goods within a 90-day window, but there are some exceptions. The consumer electrics must be returned within the prescribed time to claim a full refund.

Do not forget to bring the receipt and your Valid ID card to make the returns at the store. Since car batteries can be explosive, the store does not encourage returns by mail.

What Voids a Car Battery Warranty?

Your car battery damaged due to malfunctioning car parts, misuse, accidents, and wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

If the battery cannot function at an optimal voltage from the charging system, it drains. This voids the car battery manufacturer’s warranty.

Besides this, modification and improper installation also do not guarantee replacement. In case of an accident/ collision, the car battery warranty does not cover refunds.

Most importantly, you will not be facilitated if you cross the warranty period. Lastly, damage due to extreme weather and daily part wear also makes the warranty void.

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Final Words

To sum up, Home Depot sells rechargeable and non-rechargeable car batteries of many ions at all stores. While you can find Exide Car Batteries at Home Depot, the store has stopped selling Interstate Batteries.

Lastly, you can return car batteries to Home Depot within 30 days of purchase, fulfilling all conditions.

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