Does FedEx Sell Stamps? Expiry, Alternative, FAQs

Does FedEx sell Stamps

Supervising everything yourself is difficult in the hustle and bustle of life. But if you are looking for a reliable courier service, FedEx is your go-to option.

FedEx is a leading and reliable shipping company known for its remarkable courier services at international and domestic levels.

The services provided by FedEx include sales, marketing, back office function, customer services, information technology, communication, etc.

However, besides shipping packages, does FedEx sell stamps too? Keep skimming for further information!

Does FedEx Sell Stamps?

Even though FedEx is among the major courier services in the US, sadly, it does not sell stamps.

Since the FedEx Association is not correlated with USPS, it does not sell US postage stamps on its sites. On the brighter side, the courier company caters to all your other postage needs.

Even though FedEx does not sell USPS stamps, you can dispatch your package anywhere without USPS stamps securely through FedEx.

You may also want to know if 711 sells stamps or whether Staples sells stamps.

Does FedEx Sell Christmas Stamps?

Currently, you cannot get a Christmas postage stamp from FedEx.

If you want a Christmas postage stamp, you can easily buy them from different websites and stores. You may also receive free postage on purchases from local stores and websites.

Does FedEx Sell Self-Inking Stamps?

Yes, you can buy self-inking rubber stamps from FedEx at affordable prices.

FedEx retains self-inking stamps of different shapes and sizes. You can also customize your stamps according to your liking. A medium-sized self-inking rubber stamp is $28.94, whereas; a large-sized stamp can cost $30.17.

You can also get a markdown if you order online instead of shopping physically. However, most people prefer pre-inked stamps as you have to ink the self-inking stamps repeatedly.

Where Else Can I Buy Stamps?

You can buy stamps from multiple websites and companies according to your feasibility.

For example, USPS is one of the most worthwhile organizations dealing with stamps. If you are looking for some old stamps, you can approach a stamp dealer company or an individual stamp dealer. 

You can also opt for Amazon, Walmart, Publix, Target, 711, Walgreens, Staples, and many more.

Do Stamps Expire?

Fortunately, stamps do not expire, no matter how old they are. They are acceptable throughout after purchasing.

The US postage stamps and Forever mailing stamps are always valid after purchase, even if the price of the rate changes.

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Can I put 2 Forever Stamps on An Envelope?

Yes, you can put 2 Forever stamps on an envelope for safe and sound delivery.

However, adding 2 postage stamps to an envelope in the mail will become bulkier. The price will also increase. For example, 2 Forever stamps can cost around $1.02.

Conclusively, you are not restricted to adding more than 1 stamp to an envelope. But, it does not make any sense and can also be expensive.

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Forever stamps?

The major difference between Forever and regular stamps is that they both vary in price from each other.

A Forever stamp has a fixed rate, whereas the US post office decides the rate of a Regular stamp. If your postage weighs more than 1 ounce, you will have to pay for the supplementary weight if you use a regular stamp.

On the other hand, there is no need for additional payments if you have a Forever stamp that costs $0.60.

What is the Rarest US Postage Stamp?

Currently, the rarest US postage stamp is known as the ‘Inverted Jenny Stamp’ as it has some printing blunders.

The Inverted Jenny Stamp was disseminated in 1918 for 24 cents only, but today it has an incredibly high face value of $1.35 million. It earned an endorsement in 2016 after the determination of the aeroplane printed upside down.

Some other rarest stamps worldwide are the 3c George Washington stamp, 1c Benjamin Franklin stamp, 2c declaration of Independence stamp, and 15c Landing of Columbus.

What is the Rarest Stamp?

The British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp is one of the rarest stamps worldwide.

The British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp was inaugurated in 1856 and is now owned by a British named Stanley Gibbons.

It is identified as the Mona Lisa of the stamp world and was sold out to shoe designer Stuart Weitzman in 2014 for $9.5 million. For this reason, it is also recognized as the most expensive stamp worldwide.

Final Thoughts

FedEx is a trustworthy option for all your shipping needs, except for selling stamps. However, you can still buy self-inking rubber stamps of various sizes from FedEx at affordable prices.

While there are numerous places to buy stamps, Forever stamps are a popular option due to their fixed rate, and they never expire. Adding two Forever stamps to an envelope is unnecessary and can become expensive.

Finally, the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp is the rarest stamp worldwide, sold for a whopping $9.5 million, making it the Mona Lisa of the stamp world.

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