Does FedEx Do Money Orders? Top Alternatives

Does FedEx Do Money Orders

Do you want to replace traditional payment methods for purchases, bills, and gifts? No worry, a money order is just the right thing you’re looking for.

It can be considered a prepaid check that transfers money from one person to another in a reliable manner. FedEx is one of the most reliable transportation and e-commerce companies out there.

But does FedEx do money orders too? Read out to answer your curiosity! 

Does FedEx Do Money Orders?

As of 2023, money orders are not sold or cashed at FedEx, just like other money services.

Selling financial products, including money orders, bound companies to follow regulations laid out by the government; it requires careful management.

FedEx’s shipping industry is successful worldwide; therefore, adding an unrelated service will only increase the burden upon company resources and create problems.

Therefore, you can buy your money orders from alternate options available, including banks, post offices, grocery stores, etc., and get them delivered from FedEx. 

However, you can visit other retail stores for Money Orders. Check out our detailed blogs on Publix Money Order and Money Order at 711.

Why Does FedEx Don’t Sell Money Orders? 

FedEx has no official statement suggesting why it does not sell money orders. 

On logical grounds, we can assume that FedEx simply does not need or want to sell money orders.

On the other hand, government-imposed rules and regulations related to selling financial instruments (just like money orders) are additional headaches to incorporate.

FedEx simply prefers to avoid wasting time, energy, and money that goes into setting up services like money orders.

Also, breaking into the market of selling Money Orders will be a tough nut to crack for FedEx.

Can I Send a Money Order by FedEx??

Money orders can be sent through FedEx, but only through checks. This way, you and your finances are well protected, and the drivers too.

You can write a personal check or go to the bank and get a cashier’s check. Both are permissible by FedEx and can be sent easily through their service.

Can FedEx Ship Money Orders? 

Can FedEx Ship Money Order

Yes, you can ship Money Orders through the FedEx network.

Moreover, the best practice for shipping money orders through FedEx is using FedEx’s envelope. It is the smallest packaging available at FedEx and can be shipped for as little as $10.80.

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Will FedEx Ever Sell Money Orders?

Under running circumstances, the chances of FedEx offering money order services in the near future are very thin.

FedEx is specialized in shipping and logistics and is a global leader in what they do. Therefore, focusing on companies’ core competencies is the only way to stay on top in such a competitive field.

Introducing new services other than shipping can also cause trouble to the already existing infrastructure of the company. Additionally, staying in line with government restrictions is a mountain itself to climb.

Who Else Sells Money Orders? 

Fortunately, many alternate options are available to find money orders around you.

You can usually find money orders at many retailers. However, the transactions are mostly powered by either Western Union or Money Gram. Banks are another option for buying money orders.

Other choices to buy money orders can be a post office, 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Kmart, and many more. You can head to any of them to buy a money order. 

Fees and limits for money orders may vary at different retailers and geographic locations.

When Do You Need a Money Order?

In daily life, you may fall under situations where you might need money orders.

If you need to pay someone in a fund-guaranteed manner or do not want to walk around with cash, a money order helps you achieve your required objective.

It also suits people who dislike revealing their bank account information. You can also pay your bills and rent using money orders without owning a bank account.

Summing Up

As you navigate the financial transaction world, you may wonder about alternatives to traditional payment methods.

A money order, a safe and reliable form of prepaid check, might just be the solution you need. However, even though FedEx is a trusted name in logistics and shipping, it does not currently provide money order services.

This is likely due to the regulatory complexities and potential strains on their core business model. Despite this, FedEx still allows you to send money orders as checks, providing a safe and efficient mode of delivery.

There’s no need to worry, though, as numerous other outlets like Publix, 711, and banks can provide you with money orders.

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