Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel in 2023? Yes!

At this point, we all know about Costco. For those who don’t know, Costco is an American multinational corporation operating a chain of big-box retail stores throughout the United States.

Costco Wholesale Corporation was declared the world’s fifth-largest retailer in 2020. It has warehouses in other countries as well, such as Mexico, China, Canada, Japan, the UK, South Korea, Iceland, Australia, Spain, France, and China.

The competitive prices and availability of almost everything of daily use make Costco people’s go-to place for shopping.

The retail giant also operates a chain of gas stations. This has led people to ask whether Costco sells diesel or not?

Does Costco sell diesel fuel? This and many related queries will be answered shortly in this article. Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel

Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel?

Yes, Costco sells diesel fuel. Kirkland Signature diesel is available at Costco select locations. Kirkland is a signature brand of Costco.

Besides regular unleaded and premium-grade gasoline, Costco gas stations have Kirkland’s diesel which is known to have improved engine performance and efficiency.

Kirkland’s signature diesel oil has additional fuel detergent additives that add quality and value to normal diesel fuel.

Diesel at Costco is relatively cheaper than that available in the market.

Is Costco Diesel Fuel Good?

Yes, Costco diesel fuel is of good quality. Costco’s signature Kirkland diesel fuel is the same as other good quality diesel oils available in the market.

Costco’s diesel oil is TOP TIER ™ certified. The addition of detergent additives helps in keeping the fuel injectors clean.

This also reduces friction due to increased lubricity. Considering the prices they are charging for diesel oil, Costco has one of the best diesel in the market.

Does Costco Edmonton Sell Diesel?

No, Costco does not sell diesel in Edmonton. There is a Costco gasoline station in Alberta, Edmonton. This is located at 409 East Hills Blvd SE, Calgary, T2A 4Y7.

Although Edmonton is a great diesel market as many trucks and SVs pass from there, Costco does not sell diesel in this area.

Gasoline is available at Costco Edmonton stations.

What Brand of Fuel Does Costco Sell?

Costco has its in-house brand called Kirkland. Costco sells hundreds of products under this brand name.

One of them is diesel. Kirkland diesel is of good quality at a reasonable price. Kirkland diesel is produced by Warren distribution, one of the largest car oil producers in the world.

Diesel oil is used in heavy vehicles such as trucks, SVs, trains, boats, barges, etc. Sometimes, diesel oil is also used in farm and construction equipment.

Does Costco Canada Sell Diesel?

Yes, Costco sells diesel in Canada. Kirkland diesel is available only at select locations. Besides diesel, Costco gas stations in Canada sell regular unleaded (87 octanes) and premium unleaded (91 octanes). 

Is Costco Diesel Ultra Low Sulfur?

Yes, Costco diesel is ultra-low sulfur. The sulfur content in Costco Kirkland diesel is low. This diesel complies with federal regulations.

Federal regulations require that diesel sulfur content should not be more than 15 parts per million. Sulfur, when converted to sulfuric acid, becomes corrosive.

When it reaches the engine, this sulfuric acid becomes potentially damaging to the engine; that’s why diesel with high sulfur content is bad for your machine.

Is Costco Getting Rid of Diesel?

For now, Costco has diesel at select locations. But there had been rumors all around that Costco was removing diesel from its gas stations.

There isn’t any official statement from the brand itself, but, indeed, diesel is now available at limited Costco stations.

Costco works on the strategy of selling high volumes at lower prices.

As diesel vehicles constitute a very minimal portion of overall vehicles, the brand might completely wipe out its diesel services in the future.

But for now, Costco sells diesel at select locations.

Is Costco Gas Better Than Shell?

Costco gasoline comes with Top Tier ™ certification. The brand’s flagship fuel Kirkland comes in very reasonable quality and affordable price.

In fact, gas available at Costco gas stations might be the cheapest in your town. Deposit control additives help the engine’s smooth and efficient working by cleaning it.

Gasoline at Costco gas stations is much like gasoline other companies are providing, such as a shell. One difference may be Costco’s addition of fuel additives in its gasoline to save money.

Otherwise, there isn’t any major difference in gasoline at Costco and at other brands. You can save money by buying from Costco as they offer the best price in the market.

Who Provides the Best Diesel Fuel?

There are many fuel brands in the United States. These include Shell, Chevron, Valero, Conoco, Mobile, Texaco, Sinclair, Exxon, Tesoro, BP, Kirkland, etc.

Almost all the brands more or less provide the same diesel. The only accountable difference is the addition of fuel additives by some brands.

Otherwise, every brand has more or less the same diesel.

Is Costco Gas Lower Quality?

No, it’s just a myth. Gasoline available at Costco gas stations is more or less the same that you’ll find at any other branded gas station.

Products at Costco are generally cheaper as compared to the market, and that’s why people think that products at Costco are substandard, albeit this is not true.

Why Is Diesel More Expensive Than Gas?

The laws associated with the supply of gasoline and its actual demand are one of the major reasons why diesel is expensive.

Gasoline is more refined than diesel. So this means it is easier to extract diesel than gasoline. But, the higher price of diesel does not make sense.

The problem is here the less demand for diesel fuel that makes it more expensive. As gasoline is higher in demand, businesses tend to prefer extracting gasoline over diesel.

The supply of diesel fuel is compromised, and resultantly diesel becomes expensive.

Also, the compliance laws laid by the federal government regarding diesel usage and heavy imposition of taxes make this fuel more expensive than other variants of crude oil.

Final Thoughts:

If you own a heavy-duty vehicle such as a truck, boat, or SV, you need diesel to operate it. Diesel is generally pricy than gasoline.

Federal compliance rules and its lower demand are the major reasons for it being overpriced.

Costco is one place where you can find diesel oil at minimum prices. The rate here is generally lower than all other competitors in the market.

This is all for today. We have tried to cover maximum questions, and we hope this clears all the confusion you had circulating this topic.

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