Does Costco Sell Car Batteries? Price+Brands

Batteries are one of the most important parts of cars. Your car is useless without a battery. Even for starting a car, a battery is required for the initial push of ignition.

Car batteries convert the chemical energy stored inside to electrical energy. For smooth working of the engine, a stable voltage is required from the battery.

Car batteries need replacement sometimes. There are many places around the United States where you can buy car batteries.

But, many people are concerned that does Costco sell car batteries? Are you also one of those looking for the answer to this question and related queries? Stick around, and we’ll try to answer most questions circulating on this topic.

Does Costco sell Car Batteries

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Does Costco Sell Car Batteries in 2023?

Yes, Costco sells car batteries. There is a wide variety of car batteries available at Costco. Car batteries are available both in their in-house stores as well as on their website.

Costco has an exclusive range of Interstate batteries and Kirkland batteries. These batteries are among some of the best in the market. Also, at Costco, these batteries are heavily discounted.

Interstate deals in batteries for a variety of vehicles, such as boats, cars, RVs, lawnmowers, and golf carts. You can find these car batteries at Costco at the best prices possible.

Kirkland batteries are also available at Costco. In some Costco stores, you’ll only find Interstate batteries; in others, you’ll only find Kirkland batteries.

The car battery brand availability varies from store to store. You’ll have to ask your nearest Costco store about the availability.

Also, in the past years, Costco has stopped selling Kirkland batteries, and now you’ll mostly find Interstate batteries in Costco stores.

Are Costco Batteries Good?

Yes, car batteries are reasonable.

Costco has two brands of car batteries, i.e. Kirkland and Interstate. Both have a good reputation and have an acceptable range of car batteries.

Despite their low prices, these batteries are durable and last long.

They also come with a warranty (vary from battery to battery), so this makes a good deal for anyone looking for car batteries.

Costco Car Batteries

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Does Costco Test Car Batteries?

Normally, they don’t. If your battery comes up with some fault, it still has an active warranty. You can simply take this battery to the nearest Costco for replacement.

No tests will likely be performed on this battery. The staff at Costco will only examine the purchase receipt and match the serial number.

The procedure might be different at different stores, but the chances that they will test your faulty car battery are remote.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

The answer is no; Costco does not install car batteries in 2023. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by Costco users.

The fact is they simply don’t. You can purchase car batteries from Costco, but they won’t install them for you. However, you can either install it yourself or take it to your nearest Auto Care center, and they’ll do the job for you.

Does Costco Take Old Car Batteries?

Yes, Costco takes old car batteries. When you purchase a battery from Costco, there is a refundable fee for your purchase.

This refundable fee is given to you once you bring your old battery to Costco so that they can dispose of that worn-out battery properly.

Also, disposing of old batteries in public waste is illegal. So, that’s a good thing. You get your battery disposed of and also save a few bucks in the shape of getting a refund.

Are Costco Car Batteries Cheaper?

Car batteries at Costco are one of the cheapest.

Costco offers the most competitive price in the market, sometimes beating other retail giants such as Walmart and Target.

These car batteries are of relatively lesser price than those on the market. Not only do these save your hard-earned bucks, but they are also of reasonable quality.

Does Costco Recycle Car Batteries?

Yes, Costco recycles car batteries.

As discussed earlier, Costco takes up old car batteries and refunds you an amount (generally 15$) called a core refund. Disposing of old car batteries is illegal, so Costco recycles car batteries.

Do Costco Car Batteries Have a Warranty?

Yes, car batteries at Costco have a warranty. Almost all car batteries available at Costco come with a three-year warranty.

If there is an issue with your car battery (purchased from Costco) within the first three years of use, you can get an instant replacement for that from your nearest Costco center.

Car batteries typically last somewhere between 3-5 years. Considering their average life span, car batteries at Costco are a really good deal due to this three-year warranty.

Does Costco Change Car Battery for Free?

If there is an issue with your car battery within the first three years of use, Costco will replace this faulty car battery with a new battery absolutely free.

One thing to note here is that Costco does not install car batteries. There is no system at Costco for changing car batteries.

How Long Should a Costco Car Battery Last?

Car batteries normally last between 3-5 years. If you’ve kept your car battery in good condition, it may last longer.

The longevity of car batteries depends upon several other factors, such as temperature extremities, usage, maintenance, etc.

Costco offers a 3-year limited replacement warranty for all of its car batteries.

You can replace your old car battery with a new battery from Costco absolutely free if it malfunctions in the first three years of purchase.

Does Costco Sell Duracell Car Batteries?

No, Costco does not sell Duracell car batteries.

Costco exclusively sells Interstate car batteries in the United States, which you can buy from Costco stores nationwide.

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries in Canada?

Yes, Costco sells car batteries in Canada. You’ll find two brands of car batteries at Costco stores in Canada.

One of them is Kirkland, and the other one is Energizer. Car batteries at Costco Canada stores are also very affordable and of good quality.


Everyone wants the correct car battery that is good quality, affordable, and easily accessible.

Costco has the best batteries of Interstate and Kirkland brands at their retail chain stores around the United States and Canada.

To check the battery availability, you’ll have to personally visit the nearest Costco store, as the retail giant does not offer customer support service for prices and availability. This is done to keep the cost at a minimum.

This is all for today. We hope that this article was beneficial for you. For more interesting information, stay updated on our page.

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