Does Costco sell Bikes? Electric, Mountain, & Exercise

There is no denying that most people turn to Costco for household essentials. Electronics, furniture, hardware, confectionary items, and accessories are only a few items available at the store. 

Since Costco houses many brands, the store is a one-stop solution for its large customer base. But what about outdoor living? Does Costco sell bikes? Stay tuned to find out!

Does Costco sell Bikes

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Does Costco Sell Bikes in 2023? 

Yes, Costco sells bikes at all of its store locations and online. You can get the lowest warehouse prices on name-brand bikes. 

The store has partnered with multiple bike manufacturing businesses. As a result, you can choose from a variety of bikes. 

Due to bulk ordering, you might even be able to find older and newer variants of the same bike. Moreover, you can get further discounts on selected bikes if you are a Costco member. 

The store’s after-sales service enables customers to provide feedback in case they are dissatisfied with the purchase. That makes Costco one of the finest places to buy bikes. 

What Types of Bikes Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells adult, smaller-sized, low-maintenance trail bikes, flat tires, and hybrid bikes.

These bikes are the best sellers at Costco. The ratings are fairly high, and many customers have left positive reviews. In addition, you can also get folding bikes and scooters online and in-store at Costco too.

Since the store purchases these bikes in bulk, you can slash prices at any Costco purchase.

Do Costco Bikes Come Assembled?

No, Costco bikes are shipped partially assembled at the store.

However, you do not need to worry as the staff at Costco will assist you in assembling the bikes. These trained workers do not fall short in skills. 

Moreover, the bikes come with a manufacturer-supplied manual. This allows the customers to assemble their bikes on their own when it gets delivered.  

As a result, you do not need to worry about gifting a bike either. The recipient can easily assemble it by following the instructions. 

Does Costco Sell Electric Bikes?

Currently, Costco sells 8 different kinds of electric bikes across all stores.

They are incredibly low-priced bikes and come with further store discounts. The bikes are very durable and sourced from credible sellers.

For example, the store stocks Sondors Electric bikes, Phantom Swirl Electric bikes, and Jetson Adventure Electric bikes. 

Adding to the collection, Costco also sells folding electric bikes and pedal-assist Electric bikes. These bikes are equipped with 250–450-watt motors. Jetson Adventure can reach a top speed of 20 Mph. 

Does Costco Have Mountain Bikes?

Yes, Costco retails Mountain bikes at highly affordable rates at all its stores.

The most popular mountain bike available at the store is Northrock XC27 which only costs $400. Customers love this bike because it is lightweight and durable. Moreover, it also has an internal cable routing.  

The black color is particularly fitting for the thrilling adventure that lies ahead. Thus, Costco maintains customer relationships with its goods by delivering sophistication and reliability.  

Does Costco Have Exercise Bikes?

Yes, you can find exercise bikes at all warehouses of Costco. Costo leads retailing by harboring a huge variety of goods. 

The exercise bikes available at Costco make up a significant proportion of the store’s sales. Costco sells NordicTrack, Proform Tour de France, Echelon, and XTERRA bikes.

They range from $399 to $999 and come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.  The NordicTrack commercial S10i studio cycle is the highest-rated bike at the store.  

Does Costco Sell Peloton Bikes?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a Peloton bike at Costco because it is no longer popular among bikers.

On the brighter side, the store provides other alternatives for this slightly high-end bike. Still, if you really want a Peloton bike, you can check Amazon or Walmart. 

Which Is Better: Costco Exercise Bike or Peloton Bike?

Costco exercise bikes are usually regular training equipment and do not come with a screen. On the other hand, Peloton Bikes are far more popular due to their screen feature.

Who would not love a cardio session while watching Netflix or working? The training classes are also an added benefit for the futuristic equipment. However, they are deemed to be overpriced. 

Talking about the Costco bikes, they also do the job for less. Validating the latter, we also vouch for Costco bikes as cost-savers.

Can You Return A Used Bike To Costco?

Yes, you can return a used bike to Costco, which can also be refunded or replaced. 

You must visit your nearest Costco location, and head to the returns counter with your used bike. If you ordered the bike online, you could also return it through the store’s website. 

Your bike returned online will be refunded, including the shipping and handling fees, which will be transferred to your credit card.

What’s more, you will not be charged for the return shipping either. However, you must remember that the refund payment methods differ for the warehouse and the online service. 

In Addition:

How to Return a Bike to Costco?

You can return a bike to Costco online or by visiting the physical Costco store. 

For online orders, log in to your Costco account, and go to Orders and Returns. Select your relevant order and select the item that you want to return. Next, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

You will receive your return label immediately, or a pickup will be scheduled (where eligible).  

However, you can visit any nearest Costco location/ warehouse with your bike, and their Member Services Team will assist you. 

Your product receipt and the original product packaging are a plus point, but it is not necessarily needed. 

Summing Up

To sum up, Costco sells different types of bikes on its website and in-stores at extremely affordable rates. For example, you can get mountain bikes, electric bikes, and Exercise bikes at the store. 

Costco has many brands for customers to choose from, and the members can avail of store discounts on the already slashed prices. 

Even though the bikes do not come assembled, you can easily follow the manual’s directions to assemble your bike. 

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