Does Costco Sell Apple Watches? (Is It Cellular?)

Costco is a famous household name in America. It is synonymous with selling everyday essentials for your house.

This mega-retailer is also home to the world’s first trillion-dollar company; Apple. For this reason, you can find almost all types of Apple products at the store.

But does Costco sell the Apple Watch you need? 

Does Costco sell Apple Watches

Does Costco Sell Apple Watches? 

You can find a nice Apple Watch in Costco’s Tech Isle. Costco is home to Apple and its various products, such as MacBooks, iPhones, AirPods, and iPads.

The store not only provides brand-new Apple watches, but AppleCare+ also supports them. Costco has been offering its customer base pocket-friendly deals since its partnership with Apple.

If you are one of their regulars and you have a membership card at Costco, you may be liable to get your hands on some gift cards or cash-back coupons.

Costco is a trusted name in America and, therefore, pertains to quality in terms of customer service.

The store will always pay heed to your complaints and will cater to all the repairs, cleanups, and replacements of the Apple Watch if necessary.

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Apple Watch at Costco

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Is Costco Getting the Apple Watch 7?

Yes, Costco sells Apple Watch 7. In fact, the Apple Watch 8 is also available at Costco.

It boasts a Retina OLED display with the thinnest bezel among the top-of-the-line smartwatches. This piece of beauty comprises Apple’s newest processor with a heart rate monitor and oxygen meter.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Costco store or website and buy an Apple watch 7. They are available in green, midnight, red, blue, and starlight colors. You can choose any color you like.

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Is Apple Watch Cheaper at Costco?

Costco is definitely the cheaper option when it comes to buying Apple watches.

Since Costco bulk buys Apple products, it must meet a certain selling quota. Hence, to attract customers, the store offers them reasonable and pocket-friendly offers.

It’s a win-win situation for the customers and Costco since it can manage to make a profit even after such a discount.

Costco is not only a cheaper but also a reliable option for buying an Apple Watch. That’s because the store listens carefully to all your complaints and queries.

It also offers you a return window of 90 days which is even more than what Apple offers.

What Does Apple Watch SE Stand For?

Apple Watch SE stands for Special Edition

While most people believe that SE in Apple products stands for the special edition, some also think it refers to the ‘Surprise Edition.’

Apple sells the SE series alongside the Series 7 Apple Watches. However, their price is much lower compared to Series 7.

Does Costco Sell Cellular Apple Watch?

Does Costco Sell Cellular Apple Watch

Costco offers both non-cellular and cellular options for Apple watches.

Cellular Apple watches let you make calls, send & receive texts and have an internet connection with just a tiny piece of tech on your wrist!

However, the price of cellular watches goes up by 100 dollars, and therefore, many people cannot afford them.

Does Costco Have Apple Watch Bands? 

Yes, you can find a variety of Apple Watch bands at Costco stores and websites.

There are different colors and sizes to accommodate the needs of customers. What’s more, there is always some sort of discount at the store.

As a result, you will find the bands at much lower prices than you get from the other stores. 

Does Costco Have a Warranty on Apple Watches? 

Costco offers 90 days of warranty on their Apple Watches to accommodate the customers.

Don’t forget your receipt to claim your warranty on Apple watches. A little proof of payment could ease your return and any claim for repairs and refunds.

However, you do not need to worry even if you have lost the receipt. The customer-friendly staff at Costco will help you get it from their records.

Is Apple Watch SE Worth Buying? 

To find the answer to this question, we need to compare the features of the Apple Watch SE with the latest Apple Watch 7.

Large Bezel DisplayApple Watch SE includes a larger bezel display than the Apple watch 7.

For this reason, the Apple Watch SE has a display area of 977 sq mm, while the Series 7 has a display area of 1140 sq mm.

Apple Watch 7 also takes the lead in terms of look. The slick 1.7mm display is leagues apart from the SE edition, which is 3 mm thick. Here is a little comparison of the two watches.

1. Always-On Display Feature

Apple Watch SE lacks the always-on display feature to save battery life which is present in Series 7. This means one has to tap every time to check the time.

2. Generation Processor

Apple Watch 7 has a new generation top-of-the-line S7 processor, while SE has the S5 sensor. So, there’s a visible difference in terms of processing.

However, both have equal amounts of storage (32GB) which is ample for a watch.

3. Charging Time

The Series 7 and SE Watch have similar battery life, but what makes the Series 7 different is it requires less charging time.

The Series 7 charges in 45 minutes, while SE takes 1 hour to fully charge. 

4. Sensors

In terms of sensor comparison, the Apple Watch SE lacks two major sensors: ECG and a Blood oxygen meter.

These sensors are available in Series 7, which attracted a large customer base.

Otherwise, the defaults such as heart rate, GPS, cellular and gyroscopic sensors are present in both.

5. Variety

In terms of wristbands, Apple has beautiful colors for both watches. However, there is more variety in Apple Watch Series 7.

6. A Cheaper Alternative

What probably attracts more customers to the SE is its price difference from Series 7. Apple Watch SE is a cheap alternative to the Apple Watch 7.

So, if you want to go easy on your pocket, you probably have to compromise on the two sensors and a few color choices.

However, you must not make the mistake of buying SE if you are upgrading from Series 6. That’s because they are precisely the same in the eyes of many. 

Final Thoughts

To put the final nail, you can buy an Apple Watch of your liking from Costco.

Costco is the ultimate retailer that can help your budget more than any other store. There is also an option to get AppleCare+ with it if your budget allows.

You can also buy many other Apple products from Costco, namely MacBooks, iPods, AirPods, Apple TVs, iPhones, and iPads. 

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