Does Amazon take Gift Cards in 2023? Ultimate Guide

Does Amazon Take Gift Cards

As of 2023, Amazon takes gift cards. You can use your Amazon gift cards to purchase eligible items on their website.

Amazon accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, JCB, NYCE, Amazon gift cards, etc.

There are some restrictions on using Amazon gift cards, such as you cannot use gift cards for an illegal or unauthorized purpose.

Can You Use a Vanilla Gift Card on Amazon?

Yes, you can use your vanilla gift card on Amazon, but it is a little bit tricky.

Amazon now splits the payment if your gift card isn’t equal in worth to your order and pays the remaining from the default payment method.

You can enter your vanilla visa gift card number on your Amazon account’s “Reload your balance” page. Again sign in to your account and click on “Edit” under the payment methods option. A new page will appear.

Click “Add a card”, and now you can use your card to make purchases on Remember that you cannot split your transaction amount between multiple gift cards.

Does Amazon Take Walmart Gift Cards?

No, you cannot use Walmart gift cards on Amazon.

In fact, you cannot use Walmart gift cards at any store other than Walmart or its associated stores, such as Sam’s club or Sam’s wholesale.

Does Amazon Take American Express Gift Cards?

Yes, Amazon accepts American Express gift cards as a payment method. First, you must register your American Express gift card with the issuing bank.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Under “Accounts and Lists” on, click “Payment Options.”
  2. Enter the balance amount of your Amex gift card and click on “Reload your balance.”
  3. This balance will now reflect in your Amazon gift card balance, and you can now use this balance to make future purchases on Amazon.

This balance will automatically be applied to your next purchase.

Does Amazon Take Target Gift Cards?

No, Amazon does not take Target gift cards. Target gift cards can only be used at Target stores or on their website.

Target gift cards can be exclusively used at Target stores only. You cannot use Target gift cards at any other store.

Does Amazon Take Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, Amazon takes Visa gift cards.

As discussed earlier, you can use your Visa gift card at Amazon to pay for your purchase.

Now there are 2 possibilities. Either you use your gift card to pay for your purchase, or you redeem your balance into an Amazon gift card and then use it at Amazon.

The issue with the former is that you need an exact amount or more to pay for your purchase at Amazon using gift cards.

The latter is recommended due to the flexibility and ease of usage that comes with it. We discussed the complete method in detail above.

Apart from Amazon, read our below blogs on which other stores and restaurants accept Visa Gift Cards.

Can I Add a Visa Gift Card to Amazon?

Yes, you can use visa gift cards on Amazon and later use this card for your purchase at

You can either directly buy products from this card or transfer their balance to your Amazon gift card balance. 

Does Amazon Take Best Buy Gift Cards?

Yes, Amazon takes best buy gift cards. The procedure for using Best Buy gift cards is the same as other gift cards.

You can either use it to pay for a product at or transfer its balance to an Amazon gift card.

Why is Amazon Not Letting Me Use My Gift Card?

The first thing to check if you can’t use your gift card on Amazon is to see whether your order meets the Amazon gift card’s Terms and conditions or not.

If not, ensure your order does. Otherwise, Amazon won’t process your transaction. You can also visit Amazon’s Redeem a gift card page to get help directly from Amazon.

If you are trying to buy another gift card from your gift card at Amazon, this transaction will not be processed too. Here is the complete list of Amazon gift card restrictions and prohibited activities.


To summarize “Does Amazon Take Gift Cards,” you can use gift cards from a variety of brands and companies on Amazon. I have used Gift cards for payments at Amazon, and it is super convenient.

You can either use the gift card to pay directly for a purchase, or you can add the balance to your Amazon gift card to use it for future purchases.

Not all gift cards are accepted on Amazon – specifically, those from other retailers like Target and Walmart cannot be used.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that your order meets the terms and conditions of the gift card you are using and to remember that it is impossible to split the transaction amount between multiple gift cards.

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