Does Amazon Take Apple Pay in 2023? Yes!

With the advent of the digital currency era, Apple launched its Apple Pay in 2014. This is an online wallet making your payment easier and safer than ever.

The widely popular digital wallet conquers 74 of the top 100 retail giants in the United States alone.

Amazon deals with millions of customers who use Apple Pay daily. The online store typically operates perpetually. So, does Amazon take Apple Play? Let’s find out!

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

As per Amazon payment services in 2023, it is well integrated with digital wallets such as Apple pay, Master pass, and Visa Checkout.

Amazon allows vendors to accept or reject Apple pay as a payment method. If a certain vendor does not accept Apple Pay, you can use Apple Card as a payment method.

You can simply save your Apple card information as your payment method in your Amazon app to proceed with payments. This is a one-time prompt, after which the details are auto-filled.

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How Do I Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

You can easily create an Apple Pay account and use it to make payments on Amazon.

You can simply ask your vendor to pay via digital wallet in your account to accept payment. If your wallet is topped up, you can use it to make purchases.

If a vendor does not accept a digital wallet, add this information in the credit card section. You can tap the “Account” icon to change the payment option from wallet to card.

The credit card information can be from your Apple Card (If you don’t remember your card number, open the Wallet app.).

Can You Use Apple Pay At ATM?

Yes, you can use your Apple Pay at certain cardless ATMs, popularized lately in the advent of wallet banking.

ATMs have always been convenient on their own. Citi Bank, Chase, and Wells Fargo allow Apple Pay on their cardless ATMs.

These ATMs use Near-field communications sensors and ask you for biometric verification. Simply tap your phone, which bears the Wallet app.

Lock the transaction as your phone beeps, and a check sign shows up. However, certain popular banks do not allow Cardless banking.

How Do I Withdraw Money from Apple Pay?

You can withdraw cash from ATMs that use near-field communication technology.

So, you need not have a debit or credit card with you. You can simply withdraw money without inserting anything. However, you must ensure your card details are inserted in your Wallet app.

You will have to look for cardless ATMs bearing an Apple Pay sign. Tap your phone on the NFC sensor and simply authenticate the transaction.

You can also transfer your amount to your bank account from your wallet. Simply choose the prompt, “transfer to bank.” Next, the bank will allow you to withdraw the deposited amount.

Can I Send Money From Apple Pay To PayPal?

No, Apple Pay does not allow the transfer of funds directly to PayPal as of 2023. However, there are other ways to top up money in your PayPal.

You can simply link an eligible Master or Visa card to your bank account. Transfer funds from your Apple pay here and link it to PayPal.

Unfortunately, this conventional exchange may take 1-3 days. So, make sure to choose the “Instant transfer” option before adding the credit/debit card to pay.

You should receive funds in 10-30 minutes. On the other hand, PayPal can also be linked to your Apple ID to make in-app purchases.

Can You Move Apple Pay Money to Cash App?

After a few steps, you can send money from Apple Pay to your cash app account.

Though initially confusing, link your Cash App account to your Apple Pay Bank. You can only link one bank account and must extract certain information from your cash app account.

Your Cash App must find your Routing Number and your account number.

Open the “Wallet and Payments” section in your phone settings. Then, you insert the Routing and account number here. Lastly, you can open your wallet app and transfer funds via instant pay or normal payment.

Can You Send Money From Apple Pay To Google Pay?

Unfortunately, Apple pay does not recognize Google Pay or any other Android-based Wallet application.

To send money, both parties must have an IOS-based application. You can, however, use trusted third-party applications at your disposal to transfer money from Apple pay to Google pay or a wallet of your choice.

One such application is the Wise App. Open the Android or iOS version of the app, set up a payment, and follow the steps on their app.

Apple Pay itself does not work on devices introduced before iPhone 6. Surprisingly, the Apple Watch makes Apple Pay functional on iPhone 5 at best!

Bottom Line

All in all, Amazon accepts Apple Pay in its list of official payment methods. Unfortunately, it is up to the vendor’s discretion to accept or reject it.

Apple Pay has led to the arrival of many new competitive apps, such as Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

As customers, we can only hope for Apple Pay to become completely compatible with popular brands such as Amazon. This will save us the hassle of inserting our credit card numbers over every transfer.

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