Does Amazon Take Afterpay in 2023? Detailed Guide

Are your salaries getting late? Do you have to pay rent, do groceries, or shop for your family? This is where the “buy now, pay later” service can help you.

Afterpay is an Australian company well-known for its “buy now, pay later” service. But does Afterpay work with a famous e-commerce company, Amazon? Does Amazon take Afterpay? Let us find out!

Does Amazon Take Afterpay

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Does Amazon Take Afterpay?

As of 2023, Amazon does not accept Afterpay. However, it does take other types of payment methods. Afterpay was used to be one of the payment methods, but the retail removed it in 2021

Not only Amazon but other famous brands and stores also avoid Afterpay. For example, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc., do not accept this payment method.

But, if you want to use Afterpay, you can opt for stores such as Boohoo, Home Depot, Sephora, and Myer.

When Will Amazon Be Back on Afterpay?

Amazon may not accept Afterpay in the future as it is not profitable for the store.

Stores that want to attract customers use Afterpay as a payment method because it is flexible and reliable. Since Amazon is a highly successful store and doesn’t need to attract buyers, it might not accept this payment method in the future.

Does Amazon Take Klarna?

Yes, you can shop almost everything from Amazon and pay via Klarna.

Klarna is a Swedish company that provides you with the “Buy Now Pay Later” option. You can shop anything from Amazon via Klarna. All you need to do is download the Klarna app and connect it to Amazon.

Once you have added everything to your cart, simply go to the checkout page and select “Pay with K.” Now, you are all set to pay your amount and split it into 4 parts.

Does Amazon Take Klarna

Can You Use Afterpay Anywhere Online?

You can download the Afterpay app and use it at any online store that accepts this mode of payment.

To use Afterpay, you must select Afterpay as a payment method at checkout. Afterpay also offers its virtual card, facilitating users with zero interest in the amount spent.

The option to set up this card is also straightforward. For example, it can be easily created from the Afterpay app.

Where Can I Use Afterpay?

You can easily use Afterpay online or any physical store that accepts it.

You can use Afterpay in many stores, including Urban Outfitters, Gilt, The Rooted Beauty, Brook linen, Way fair, Nordstrom, Shutter fly, and many more.

In the kids’ category, stores such as Fashion Nova, Tommy Hilfiger, Baby List, Waterfall Wishes, BRIKA, and many others accept Afterpay.

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What is the Highest Limit on Afterpay?

Currently, the highest limit on Afterpay is $3000 monthly, and you can spend up to $1500 at once.

New users only get $600 as their monthly limit of spending. However, if the user is active, pays on time, never gets late in paying, and keeps using Afterpay, the limit gradually exceeds.

If the user cannot pay on time, the company will decrease its spending limit for some reason. Not only this, but Afterpay will also charge them late fees. However, you won’t be charged any late fees if you pay early.

Can You Transfer Money from Afterpay?

Sadly, you cannot transfer money from Afterpay to anyone else’s account.

However, you can transfer through the Afterpay card, allowing you to spend like you are using a credit or a debit card.

You can even load your card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. To load the Afterpay card to Apple Pay, you just need to follow the steps that appear on the screen. Easy, right?


To summarize, Afterpay is an excellent “Buy Now, Pay Later” service that charges zero interest. However, you cannot use it on Amazon.

On the brighter side, you can use this payment method on other physical and online stores that accept it. It is an incredibly excellent service that works with more than a thousand stores. Afterpay lets you spend up to $600; however, the limit gradually exceeds.

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