Does Amazon Take Affirm in 2023? How Do I Use It?

Yes, Amazon takes Affirm as of 2023. When you are at checkout at the Amazon store, select the “Pay over time with Affirm” payment option.

Fill in the information required and select the payment plan. In this way, you’ll be able to buy products at Amazon with payment at a later date option.

Does Amazon Take Affirm

Can I Transfer Money From Affirm to My Bank Account?

Yes, you can transfer money from Affirm to your bank account. You are either using Affirm app or Affirm website

There are two ways to do it.

Method#1 From Affirm Website

  1. Search Affirm on Google and Sign-in into your Affirm account.
  2. Select “Save.”
  3. Tap “Withdraw” and enter the amount you want to transfer to your bank account.
  4. You will be given a “From” option. Select the bank account where you want to transfer your money.
  5. Go through your transaction details and then click on “Confirm.”

Method#2 From Affirm App

  1. Download Affirm app on your mobile device and set up your account.
  2. Navigate through Affirm app and find the “Savings” option. Under it, find “See account” and click on it.
  3. Tap “Withdraw” and enter the amount you want to transfer to your bank account.
  4. You will be given a “From” option. Select the bank account where you want to transfer your money.
  5. Go through your transaction details and then click on “Confirm.”


If you have linked only one account with your Affirm app, it will auto-fill the bank account details when transferring money.

If there are 2 linked accounts, then you have to select the one you wish to transfer your money from linked bank accounts.

How Do I Use Affirm Virtual Card on Amazon?

Follow the below steps to use Affrim Virtual Card on Amazon

  1. You must download the Affirm app or sign in to your Affirm account while purchasing at Amazon.
  2. For a virtual card, search for your store in Affirm app and tap the “Pay with a one-time virtual card” option. Now “Apply for a virtual card.”
  3. Add this amount to your virtual Affirm wallet. After selecting the products, you want to buy at checkout, select Affirm as your payment option.
  4. Enter the information required, and you are good to go.

The amount added to your wallet can be used within 24 hours for in-store and online purchases.

How Do I Use Affirm Virtual Card on Amazon

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Can You Borrow Money From Affirm?

Yes, you can borrow money from Affirm. Loans are available to individuals using Affirm living in the United States.

You can use Affirm virtual cards at millions of partner stores throughout the United States. A loan, however, is not granted to everybody.

There are different factors that are taken into consideration while approving loans. Some of the basic eligibility requirements include the following:

  • A resident of the US (At least 18 years old) Has a phone number and a social security number registered in the US territory.
  • Other factors, such as credit score, bankruptcy, credit utilization, etc., affect your loan approval or disapproval.

Considering these factors, your application might or might not get approved. You can usually get a small personal loan anywhere between $50 and $17,500.

The loan period can vary anywhere between 3 months to 3 years with certain conditions. The interest rates are usually between 0%-30% APR.

Why is Affirm Not Showing Up on Amazon?

There are several reasons why Affirm is not showing up on Amazon. The top reason being some items are not eligible for purchase through Affirm.

There are some products that cannot be purchased using Affirm at Amazon. These include gift cards, Kindle books, carts under $50, Whole Foods Market, and movies.

Some individuals might not have an Affirm payment option at checkout because their payment is overdue. Affirm will not approve your transaction until you have settled your payment.

What Items Are Not Eligible for Affirm?

There are certain items that cannot buy using Affirm. A loan from Affirm cannot be used for:

  1. Cash Advances
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Loan and Credit Card Payments
  4. Drug Paraphernalia
  5. Narcotics
  6. Illegal Items
  7. Weapons, impermissible knives, ammunition, firearms, and other such things are prohibited under the applicable law.
  8. Any such other thing which Affirm and its integrated parties deem unacceptable

Does Affirm Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes, using Affirm can potentially affect your credit score.

The effect might not be noteworthy in the short run, but it certainly affects your credit score. Your credit score isn’t affected in cases where the interest rate is 0% and there is a 3 months repayment period.

In other cases, such as when interest is normally charged, loans are reported to Experian, affecting your credit score.


Fintech companies are on the rise nowadays. Intense competition in the market has helped consumers in several ways, and one beautiful output of this is Affirm.

This can be a payment option even when you have no cash or credit available. You can easily pay borrowed in an installment plan you select when purchasing.

With Affirm, you can buy millions of products with absolutely no money. We hope that you like this article.

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