Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses? Top Alternatives!

Amazon is one of the first names that come to mind when we think of online shopping. It is an American multinational company working on diverse platforms and in multiple niches.

Rather than asking what Amazon sells, one should ask what they do not. You can literally find everything about your day-to-day use.

From groceries to electronics, there is an entire universe of products on Amazon. There are products for men, women, and alike.

With the unending chain of products at Amazon, people become curious about whether Amazon sells unconventional things, too.

Does Amazon sell contact lenses? This is one of those questions that people are interested in to test the level this E-Commerce store can go. Does it? Without further ado, let’s find it out.

Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses in 2023?

The simple answer is complicated. Amazon used to sell contact lenses in the past. But, it has drastically reduced now. The store has stopped selling contact lenses in the USA and the UK.

Contact lenses are FDA-regulated medical devices. Such medical devices under FDA need a proper medical prescription from an authorized and licensed practitioner.

Sellers at Amazon used to sell these contact lenses without a proper medical prescription or anything related. These sellers also violated FCLCA (Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer) protective provisions for patients.

Improper instruction from the vendors and non-compliance with federal, state, and local laws led to the closure of contact lens selling on Amazon.

All you can get are magnifying glasses for extended vision. These are reading glasses used as an aid for reading. However, in some countries, you can still find contact lenses on Amazon Website.

Does Amazon sell Contact Lenses

Does Amazon Sell Colored Contact Lenses?

Yes, Amazon sells colored contact lenses.

You can easily find cheap colored contact lenses on Amazon. These colored lenses can go for as low as $7.99.

Is It Ok to Buy Contact Lenses Online?

Yes, in most cases, when you buy from an authentic website and with a proper medical prescription, it is safe to buy contact lenses online.

Never buy from cheap fake brands. You will most likely end up damaging your eyes. Also, this is illegal if the vendor lets you buy contact lenses online without a medical prescription.

FDA requires people to use the latest medical prescription for getting contact lenses.

If you don’t have a medical prescription, many online companies provide consultations on which contact lens to buy. You can try one of those and get yourself approved contact lenses.

Is It Safe to Buy Colored Contacts on Amazon?

Amazon is not the best option when it comes to buying colored contacts online.

Most of the colored contacts available on Amazon are cheap and not up to the required standards.

These contact lenses can be potentially damaging to the eyes. Check the authenticity of the seller on Amazon before buying any colored lens.

You can find colored lenses on Amazon ranging from $7.99-$24.99. These colored lenses come in different colors such as Hazel, Blue, Purple, etc.

There are several other options from where you can buy colored lenses apart from Amazon.

Some of the most popular among them include Uniqso, Honey Color, Pinky Paradise, TTDeye, etc.

In Addition:

Does Amazon Sell Prescription Contact Lenses?

No, Amazon does not sell prescription contact lenses as of now.

Contact lenses are considered medical devices by FDA. You need an eye test and a contact lens prescription to get a contact lens. This is one of those things that isn’t possible fairly at Amazon.

Earlier, many vendors used to sell contact lenses without a prescription on Amazon. Many vendors exploited customers by selling third-class contact lenses.

Also, many eye damage cases were reported by users. Amazon since then started to remove contact lenses on its website. Now, only colored cosplay lenses are available on Amazon.

Do Contact lenses Damage Your Eyes?

No, as long as you use contact lenses in the recommended way, they are not damaging. Wearing them for longer periods and during sleep can cause serious eye problems.

Eyeglasses are typically considered safer in this aspect. There is a higher risk of developing disease using contact lenses than using eyeglasses.

Also, wearing contact lenses for a longer period increases the risk of severe eye infections such as corneal ulcers, according to a statement by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do Contact Lenses Expire?

Yes, contact lenses expire. They have a finite life. All types of contact lenses expire. You cannot use them for a lifetime.

Contact lenses come in different types. Some of them are meant to last for a day only; others can be used for up to 1 year or even more (4 years in some cases).

Wear and tear occur with contacts too. Germs, protein, and dust may accumulate in contact lenses with the passage of time.

This dirt and other particles can cause irritation in your eyes and cause serious eye damage. Experts advise not to use contact lenses beyond their expiry date.

What Is the Best Website to Buy Contact Lenses?

Many websites sell quality contact lenses. Some of them include, LensCrafters, Warby Parker,, ContactsDirect, Eyeconic, 1-800 contacts, Uniqso, Honey Color, Pinky Paradise, TTDeye, etc.

Buying contact lenses online isn’t difficult, but you should buy them from an approved seller and with a proper medical prescription.

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Contact lenses are medical devices that shouldn’t be bought without proper consultation and prescription from an approved doctor.

Several brands offer medical consultations online so that you can buy the right fit contact lens for yourself. Amazon does not sell contact lenses, but you can buy colored cosplay lenses from their website.

There are several other brands that we have listed above from where you can buy contact lenses with a medical prescription.

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