Does Amazon Sell Cars? Batteries, Tires, Rims, + More

Amazon is among the top eCommerce sites in the country. It sells various car accessories and car maintenance products, including tires, batteries, trackers, and replacement engines.

Since Amazon is so much into car stuff, one might wonder does Amazon sell cars too.

To answer this question, we have prepared this detailed guide where we will discuss everything related to it. So, let’s get started!

Does Amazon sell Cars

Does Amazon Sell Cars in 2023?

Sadly, you cannot buy cars on Amazon, and there are no chances that the site will sell cars anytime soon. 

Apart from the cars, the website sells all kinds of car accessories. For example, you can easily buy trackers, car batteries, seat covers, floor mats, and other car maintenance products. 

On the brighter side, Amazon launched Amazon Vehicles in Aug 2016. It is an online platform that lets the users research different cars, auto parts, and accessories. 

However, if you still want to buy a car online, you can access other sites such as eBay. 

eBay offers a wide collection of new, used, and pre-used cars and trucks that you can buy at affordable rates.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Sell Cars?

Amazon does not sell cars due to USA’s dealership franchise laws.

According to the law, anyone other than an approved dealer cannot sell a new car to the customers. 

So, Amazon needs to be an authorized car dealer if it wants to sell cars online, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

 Even if some miracle happens and Amazon gets the dealership to sell new cars, there is still another problem. Where will it keep the inventory?

Cars take up a lot more space compared to other smaller standard items.

So, Amazon will need massive warehouses for each brand they sell. This will require a considerable investment!

Will Amazon Ever Sell Cars?

Amazon is unlikely to sell cars any time soon. That’s because car dealers cannot afford to be controlled by Amazon.

While car dealers were considered simple retailers, their role has changed.

Now, they not only need to arrange the initial sale but also maintain the automaker’s ownership experience.

These distinctions are incredibly important, and car shoppers visiting Amazon on their mobiles cannot recognize them.

Thus, we do not see Amazon and car dealers getting into an agreement any time soon.

Does Amazon Sell Car Batteries?

Yes, Amazon sells car batteries at very affordable rates.

However, you can only buy them online as Amazon does not have any physical stores. It takes two to three business days for the car battery to arrive at your location.

Besides car batteries, Amazon also sells various car maintenance products. For example, the store offers trackers, seat covers, and floor mats for sale.

You can also buy different car maintenance products from the online store, including tires, wipe blades, inflators, wires, refrigerants, battery chargers, etc. 

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Does Amazon Sell Car Parts?

Yes, Amazon sells a variety of car parts. In fact, the store’s collection of auto parts has improved a lot over the past few years.

One of the best things about the car parts at Amazon is the variety the store has. You can easily find parts for old and new cars, which is uncommon in other stores. 

The car parts available at Amazon are of very high quality and affordable. You can easily compare prices with other websites, which is a handy feature on the site.

For this reason, most people turn to Amazon to buy automotive parts online.

Does Amazon Sell Car Tires?

Yes, you can buy car tires from Amazon at highly competitive rates. The site offers the best deals on car tires to help the buyers.

For example, it identifies the most popular tires based on people’s searches and demands.

Once it determines which tires are in demand, the site lowers its prices significantly.

In most cases, Amazon lowers the price even more than its competitors. This helps the customers in landing the best deals on car tires. 

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Does Amazon Sell Car Rims?

Yes, Amazon sells a variety of car rims on its website. For example, there are forged and cast rims, steel rims, split rim wheels, alloy wheels, aluminum rims, etc.

If you want the best rims for your car, you must opt for steel rims. They are highly affordable than other rims out there.

Additionally, steel rims are much stronger than alloy and aluminum rims, making them the ideal choice for harsh weather.

Amazon allows you to filter your search by selecting either the vehicle or tire size option. As a result, your search becomes more simplified than ever.

Does Amazon Sell Car Engines?

Yes, Amazon offers a variety of automotive engines and engine parts for sale.  Even though engines are available at the store, you cannot buy just any replacement engine for your car.

There are multiple factors you need to consider. For example, does your car need a long or short block engine?

So, make sure that you consider all the factors carefully before buying a replacement engine for your vehicle.

Does Amazon Sell Car Insurance?

Yes, you can now buy car insurance at Amazon. However, as of now, this service is only available in India.

If you notice carefully, Amazon auto insurance service is paying out in rupees, a currency used in India.

So, this means that the car insurance policy at Amazon is only for the drivers in this country.

But, this does not mean that this service will only be limited to India. It is an absolute possibility that the company will also offer its insurance service in the US.

However, if you currently want to buy car insurance online, you can opt for Allstate, Esurance, Clearcover, or GEICO.

Does Amazon Have Car Rentals?

Yes, Amazon offers car rental services. The service is not only affordable, but you also get to enjoy a lot of perks.

For example, you can save up to 30% on booking a rental from the site. Additionally, you also get 10% back on your Amazon gift card. 

Apart from this, Amazon also allows you to skip the line at pickup and make quick returns. Not only this, but you also get to enjoy exclusive deals.

Final Thoughts

We hope all your queries related to does Amazon sell cars are now answered.  Sadly, the store does not sell cars due to USA’s dealership franchise laws. Additionally, selling cars online requires a huge investment too.

However, Amazon sells various car accessories such as batteries, tires, replacement engines, etc.

They are not only affordable, but their quality is also incredibly high. This makes Amazon one of the best eCommerce sites in the country.

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