Does 711 sell Toothbrushes, Mouthwash, & Toothpaste?

Does 711 Sell Toothbrushes

Do you have gum bleeding? Are you feeling yourself to be at risk of plaque buildup? Don’t worry! Tooth brushing got you covered for all your problems related to oral health.

Maintaining oral hygiene can be really helpful in avoiding serious illnesses as well as maintaining fresh breath.

With the rise of 711, it has become a one-stop shop for almost everything. But being a convenience food store, does 711 sell toothbrushes? Let’s find out in the below article!

Does 711 Sell Toothbrushes?

Surprisingly, you can buy toothbrushes at your nearest 711 stores, justifying its claim of providing convenience to its customers.

You can visit the store or place the order through the official 711 website or app. When it comes to toothbrushes, people prefer quality over anything.

This makes 711 even more attractive, as it only provides its customers with satisfactory products and nothing else.
At 711, you can have the best quality brands of toothbrushes, including Oral-B, Colgate, and many more.

Apart from traditional toothbrushes, you will also find electric toothbrushes at 711 stores.

In case you missed your toothbrush while traveling, don’t worry; you can find it easily at almost every 711 store you encounter to your destination.

Does 711 Sell Mouthwash? 

Yes, mouthwashes of all significant brands are available at 711 stores.

You can find your favorite brand of mouthwash, including Listerine, Colgate, Oral-B, etc., at your nearby 7-11 store.

These mouthwashes generally come in packaging of 250ml or 500ml. Therefore, their prices can vary depending on your chosen size and brand.

You can either shop them physically or order them online using their website or the 7-NOW application.

Does 7-Eleven Sell Toothpaste?

Along with all other health, travel, and beauty products, 711 has toothpaste available at its stores.

To innovate and broaden the scope of the brand for convenience, 711 works with franchises to meet the needs of its customers.

If you are at a 711 store, you can easily find toothpaste and other travel-size items on the shelves in a special section. 

If you are buying toothpaste from a 711 store, it can cost you around $4.25 per tube. However, home delivery will come to you with additional shipping charges.

711 has also partnered with a Logistics Company, including Instacart and Grubhub. Thus, you can also use their services to deliver your toothpaste to your doorsteps.

Does 711 Sell Orajel?

Yes, 7-Eleven does sell Orajel.

One of the greatest things about 711 is its 24/7 store. Therefore, if you are in pain, you should not hesitate to make a trip to 711, even in the middle of the night.

7-Eleven also sells an alternative to Orajel under its private label brand containing the same active ingredient, i.e., Benzocaine.

So, if you cannot find Orajel, you still have an alternate option as your backup, which would work just as well.

How Much Does Orajel Cost at 711?

Presently, 711 only offers 0.25 oz. Tube of Orajel, which could cost you around $10.99.

Considering other larger stores, these prices are extremely high, as they sell the same Orajel tube for as little as $4.50.

But as you know, convenience usually comes at a higher price, especially if it is related to toothaches that love popping out at night.

Does 711 Sell Dental Floss?

Yes, 7-Eleven also sells dental floss, and you can buy it at your convenience from the physical store or get it delivered using 7-Select.

Dental floss is an essential hygiene product to clean the food between your teeth. At 711, you can find icy cool mint-flavored dental floss by Oral-B, along with other related products.

What Toothpaste Brands Does 711 Sell?

You will likely find your favorite brand of toothpaste at 711, as many brands are available.

With toothpaste being a daily necessity, people usually have their preference for brands. Sometimes, dentists advise their patients to use a specific brand for their teeth and gum problems.

That said, you can find Colgate, Oral-B, Crest, and other toothpaste brands at 711 stores and online.

However, with all those brands available, the only thing you should be concerned about is whether the toothpaste you are using is safe and effective or not.

You can ensure that by going for fluoride toothpaste and looking for an ADA seal of approval.


In short, you can find your desired toothbrush at 711 stores, including both traditional and electric ones.

Apart from toothbrushes, you can find other oral hygiene-related products, such as toothpaste, Oragel, mouthwash, dental floss, etc., at 711 stores.

These products altogether ensure good oral health and fresh breath as well. They help you avoid issues related to gums, plaque, toothache, etc.

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