Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper in 2023? Are These Good?

711 is an American multinational retail store with almost everything on its extensive menu. You can pay for food, beverages, fuel, and so much more at a reasonable price and with numerous discount offers.

The store is available at your service 24/7. So, you can always get things in case of emergency. But what about toilet paper? Does 711 sell toilet paper too? Let’s find out!

Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper

Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper in 2023?

After Covid-19, we all encountered a shortage of toilet paper, but you will be glad to know that 711 sells toilet paper at all its location.

7-11 is distinguished for fulfilling the needs of the customers and providing them with a wide collection of toilet paper. However, you must remember that the type and sizes can vary due to the different locations of the store.

711 lets you explore toilet paper from different companies. For example, Scott, Quilton, Presto, and Everyday paper towels too. You can get either bundle of toilet paper or a single toilet paper roll that is more convenient to find.

How Much Does 7-11 Toilet Paper Cost?

The prices of toilet paper at 711 can vary according to the type you want to buy.

The sizes and different brands can cause the price to fluctuate. It also depends upon the quality of the toilet paper; the better the quality, the higher the rates.

For example, a single toilet paper roll from Scott at 711 can cost up to $5.49. However, the same single toilet paper roll from Quilton can go for $6.50.

Similarly, the price can contradict if you want to buy a bundle of 2, 3, or more toilet paper.

Are Toilet Papers Flushable?

Yes, toilet papers are flushable and can be easily flushed in the toilet.

The treatment plants can remove toilet paper from the wastewater efficiently. However, except for paper towels, nothing else should be flushed in the toilet.

For example, flushable wipes cannot be flushed as they clog the drainage system resulting in great inconvenience.

Does 7-Eleven Sell Toilet Plungers?

711 offers a variety of different tools to unclog your toilet, including toilet plungers.

You can find toilet plungers at almost all 7-Eleven locations at any time. Usually, they are organized in the hardware section.

Plungers of different sizes are also available for your comfort. Besides toilet plungers, you can find plungers to unclog your kitchen sink too.

The prices are very low and affordable, making 711 one of the leading retail stores.

Is Toilet Paper Sustainable?

Toilet paper used to be sustainable, but it is becoming less sustainable.

Using toilet paper once and then flushing it into the toilet means toilet papers are not reusable, making them less sustainable.

However, to eradicate the use of toilet paper, we should start using bidets as a toilet paper alternative in our daily routine. One of the top sustainable alternatives for toilet paper is sponges, which can be reused several times.

Does 711 Sell Toilet Brushes?

As 711 provides you with all toilet equipment, you can also find a vast collection of toilet brushes available at the store.

To take care of your hygiene, 711 offers you a diverse range of toilet cleaning brushes.

Some examples are round toilet brushes, plastic or stainless toilet brushes, silicone bristle toilet brushes, etc. You can purchase them at a reasonable price of $6.

In Addition, you might also want to know:

Does 7-Eleven Sell Toilet Cleaners?

Yes, 711 sells different toilet cleaning products at all of its locations.

The store offers you a variety of toilet cleaning products as per your requirements. For example, there are disinfecting wipes, clog destroyer gel, and bleach to remove stains.

Since 711 is a reliable retail store, you will be satisfied with the quality of the toilet cleaning products available at all locations.

Is Toilet Paper Biodegradable?

All toilet papers are biodegradable as they are made of wood pulp, a naturally occurring material.

It takes at least 2 or 2.5 months for toilet paper to decompose in a landfill depending upon the thickness of the toilet paper. Wipes do the same job as toilet paper but take up to 100 years to biodegrade.

Green Forest Premium Unscented Bathroom Tissue is the most biodegradable as it is manufactured without any chemicals such as chlorine, fragrances, or dyes.

Is Toilet Paper Good?

You cannot be sure whether toilet paper is good as it may cause some infections.

By using toilet paper, you get exposed to various health issues. For example, improper cleaning can lead to urinary tract infections and itching.

Moreover, excessive use of toilet paper can cause anal fissures and other health problems. So, you have to make a wise choice whether to use toilet paper or not.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, 711 always surprises us with its reliable retail services. It is the most convenient retail store making sure to provide you with the smallest products you need.

You can buy toilet paper at 711 of various companies in different packages, sizes, and deals. Other than toilet paper, 7-Eleven also delivers toilet plungers and toilet cleaning products to maintain reliability.

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