Does 711 Sell Ice in 2023? Price, Variety, & More

Sometimes, you may need ice urgently and might not be in the mood to make a trip to the grocery store. But where else could you find ice other than grocery stores near you?

711 is a convenience food store that owns stores at 70,000 different locations all around the world. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that you may find a 711 store in your area too. But does 711 sell ice? Let’s find out below!

Does 711 Sell Ice in 2023?

Yes, 711 sells ice at almost all of its locations, so it is possible that you may find it at your nearby 711 stores.

At 711, you can find different sizes of ice bags ranging from 5 to 22 pounds. The variety of ice bags also increases your options for selecting per your needs.

711 offers different ice brands, including Alhambra premium ice, Reddy, Arctic ice cubes, Home city, Party, Sparkletts Artic Glacier, and more.

If you cannot go shopping yourself, you can also get it delivered from 711 using Instacart services. The delivery may cost you an additional fee making it a slightly expensive option, but it saves you valuable time.

Does 711 Sell Ice

Does 711 Sell Dry Ice?

Famous for its quick and convenient services, 711 sells dry ice at almost all of its locations.

If you have a party at your house and are looking for some dry ice, you must head to your nearest 7-Eleven store. 

Most 711 stores do have dry ice in their refrigerators; however, there is still a possibility that you may not find it at some of the stores. The reasons for it may include a lack of infrastructure to carry dry ice or running out of stock.

Therefore, the best practice is to call the store before going and ask them about the item’s availability. This way, you can save time and energy.

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Does 711 sell Dry Ice

Does 711 Have Crushed Ice? 

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find crushed ice at 711 as it only offers ice cubes.

However, with ice cubes, there is always a possibility of obtaining crushed ice. Therefore, with 711 ice cubes, you can get your desired crushed ice.

All you need to do is put the ice cubes inside a blender and pulse with the blender. Keep pulsing until you get the ice crushed enough for your liking. Finally, get rid of any excess water.

Although this is an additional step that adds to your work, you can get your crushed ice from 711’s ice cubes.

Does 711 Sell Ice Melt?

As of 2023, 711 does not sell ice melt at its stores.

Ice melts are nothing but chemicals that are applied to surfaces so that the ice or snow above them melts.

They can even be applied in advance to prevent new ice build-ups. But with 711 not selling ice melts, where can you find them?

You don’t have to go far for ice melts, as they are easily available at Walmart, Lowe’s, and many other departmental stores.

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Does 711 Charge for a Cup of Ice?

Sadly, for customers of 711, it does charge for a cup of ice, including refills.

An ice refill at 711 could cost you between 50 cents to $1, even with your own cup. However, if you also want a cup, that would cost you an additional amount of 25 cents. 

People labeled this policy unfair and compared it to gas prices due to the recent rise in ice prices. But, it is not only 711 that charges for a cup of ice. In fact, it is a norm these days at other big stores too.

How Much is a Bag of Ice at 711?

The prices of ice bags may vary at 711, depending on the brand and the size of the bag you choose.

Usually, average prices per pound of ice are around 25 cents to 40 cents at 711. You may get it at a lower price if you opt for larger bags.

These prices are slightly higher as compared to other stores. For example, at Sam’s Club, 20 pounds of ice bag is sold for around 16 cents per pound.

Is Dry Ice Edible?

Dry ice is not edible and must not be swollen or eaten, as it could give a serious burn inside your mouth.

Dry ice is often used in cocktails and drinks to make them smoky. It is also sometimes mixed into ice cream, helping it stay frozen for longer.

However, dry ice can be extremely dangerous if swollen, as it could burn the inside of your mouth or even rupture your stomach, resulting in internal bleeding.

One foremost reason dry ice is dangerous is that it is too cold to be eaten safely. It is actually carbon dioxide gas frozen at -109°F.

Final Thoughts 

711 is a convenience store with a global presence that offers ice and dry ice to its customers. However, you will not find crushed ice or ice melts at 711, as the store does not sell them.

With a variety of ice bag options ranging from 5 to 22 pounds, 7-Eleven offers multiple brands to choose from and even provides delivery services through Instacart.

Also, there is a possibility that your nearest 711 store does not have ice, but it is a very rare occasion and occurs only under unusual circumstances. Lastly, ice prices at 7-Eleven are comparatively higher than in other departmental stores.

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