Does 711 Sell Flowers in 2023? Yes!

Does 711 Sell Flowers

711 is our go-to convenience store for anything we need on the spot. This convenience store will cover all your basic needs, whether you are out on a road trip and need to stock on snacks or get beverages while driving home.

It is interesting to note that this famous store has all the common things we need. This makes us wonder, ‘Does 711 sell flowers?’ Well, let’s find out!

Does 711 Sell Flowers?

711 does have flowers stacked on their shelves for special occasions only.

I have rarely seen fresh flowers being displayed for purchase at a 711 store. This is because it does not provide flowers throughout the year.

However, during holidays and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, we can find fresh flowers wrapped to be the perfect gift.

Although flowers are only available on selected days, it is impossible to find them at every 7-11 locations. Only a few handfuls of stores decide to showcase floral items at all.

Therefore, before going there, you should call your local 711 stores and confirm if fresh flowers are available at that specific branch.

Does 711 Sell Rose?

In some selected 711 outlets, single roses are often displayed for customers to buy. 

Roses are a token of love and one of the most common flowers given as a gift to someone. In some 7-Eleven stores, you may find single roses throughout the year and can conveniently get them.

However, more and more branches start selling roses or even bouquets of roses during the first half of February. Each 711 may choose to sell different fresh flowers as they are independently operated by their owners.

The availability of roses mainly depends on the locals’ supply and the owner’s decision to sell them. The freshness and quality of flowers also depend on the supply and vary from store to store.

What Kind of Flowers Does 711 Sell?

Usually, if 711 stores sell any flowers at all, they will only sell the most common flowers. 

Roses or a mixed bouquet might be the only floral items you find at any convenience store. For uncommon or rare flowers, your best bet would be to look for a floral shop that sells flowers exclusively.

It will give you a more comprehensive array of choices, and you can also get custom-made bouquets. 

Are Flowers A Plant?

Scientifically speaking, flowers are not a plant in themselves. They are the reproductive organs of the flowering plant.

Plants are divided into 2 parts, namely non-vascular plants and vascular plants. Flowering plants are typically included in the category of vascular plants and do not have an independent life of their own. 

A flower’s structure includes parts such as the petal, stamen, filament, and stigma. Different oils often produce floral scents in the petals. This also explains why flowers have the most pleasant scents and are often appreciated and liked by us.

Are Flowers A Gift?

Flowers can make a perfect gift to convey your feelings and emotions to someone.

Flowers can symbolize congratulations, apology, or bringing a smile to your loved one’s face. They are beautiful and meaningful and fit perfectly into multiple settings and occasions. 

They also can touch the lives of the people who receive them and put a smile on their faces. Furthermore, flowers are customized according to your preference and, most important, budget-friendly.

The floral scent and aroma are incredibly soothing and put the recipient in a good mood.

Every flower holds a strong message, and the best part is that they are suitable for all ages. Surprising someone with flowers can make a moment memorable.

Are Flowers Perennials?

Some flowers are perennials, while others are considered annuals.

The significant difference between the 2 categories is that perennial flowers are known to live for a year or multiple years.

On the other hand, annual flowers and plants are usually planted in the warmer months as they bloom and die during autumn.

Relatively, perennial flowers and plants are more expensive, but they are also more resistant to weather changes and can last a long time.

Perennial plants often contribute to vegetation consumed by the masses around the world. Most gifting flowers are annuals that bloom for a season before withering away.

Summing Up

As the symbol of gifts, millions of people buy and gift flowers to their loved ones for various reasons. 

While some flowers, such as roses, can be purchased from a convenience store like 7-11, you will likely find a larger variety of fresh flowers at a floral shop. 

However, you must remember that 711 does not sell flowers all year round, and you will most likely find them on special occasions. 

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