Does 711 sell Firewood in 2023? Yes! They Do

Does 711 sell Firewood

Living in an urban complex, you would rarely find trees to procure firewood from for free. But who needs firewood in 2023 anyway?

While most modern housings have heated floors and electric stoves, others do not. Some urban houses even keep primitive firewood technology antiques by choice.

So, if you need firewood, where can you get it? Does 711 sell firewood? Let us find out!

Does 711 Sell Firewood?

Yes, you can get firewood at selected store locations of 711 across the United States of America.

Over 9,500 stores of 7-Eleven operate in the US. So, it depends on the kind of settlement near the 711 locations for the availability of firewood.

711 convenience stores and gas stations carry many staples, snacks, and utility payment services for easy access.

So, firewood usually comes in the inventory of colder and remote areas. 711 stores are independently run. For this reason, you might find different locations selling for different rates.

Make sure to call the 711 hotlines to check for firewood in your nearest store.

Where to Buy Firewood?

If not 711, you can buy firewood from campsites and other departmental stores across the country.

In over 18 states, there are no 711 stores. So, if you fall in this geographic segment or the nearest 711 stores are miles away, go to Walmart.

Stores like Walmart and Home Depot also sell firewood in their stores at bundle prices. 711 stores sell firewood in bundles quoted by weight rather than the size of the wood.

So, you can typically get a bundle for $7.99 by Hotwood in 711, South Cloverdale. Other retail chains also sell for the same price range following competitive pricing.

Is Firewood Renewable?

Yes, firewood is a typically renewable fuel because growing forests do not need many years to grow back, even after use.

Firewood comes from trees that are abundant in natural settlements. Unless you are clearing settlements or deforestation, you can replenish forests even after commercial uses.

So, if you conserve forests and ensure safe conditions to replant trees, it is impossible to run out of firewood.

On the flip side, the immense use of firewood spikes carbon emissions as it is a low-grade carbon emitter. Trees use up the emissions during photosynthesis for growth and maintenance.

Is Firewood Expensive?

Yes, firewood prices have risen relatively compared to their price index years ago.

Firewood is a cheap alternative to fuels from oils. So, initially, the cost would only add to processing and labor. However, firewood sellers enjoy a demand-driven price hike because it is a substitute for oil fuels.

Still, the change has not been adopted widely. So, it is still difficult to find firewood in many locations. This tanks the price in such locations.

If you find yourself in a rural settlement, you can easily find firewood with a dollar off!

Is Firewood A Fossil Fuel?

No, firewood is not a fossil fuel because it is typically a carbon-neutral energy source.

Fossil fuels are the non-renewable energy sources of coal, crude oil, and natural gas.

These hydro-carbon structures have been formed over many years. Since they take multiple years to form, they are also limited.

This is also why oil prices are rising. Oil is processed abundantly, but it is limited. Firewood is typically abundant but processed limitedly.

Firewood, on the other hand, is in ample supply. As stated, it also uses up the carbon it emits. So, you do not need to worry about its emissions or conservation as much as other sources.

Is Firewood Ash Good for Plants?

Surprisingly, wood ash is rich in balancing compounds for soil management.

Wood ash is rich in potassium and lime, typically calcium. So, if your soil is too acidic, you can use the wood ash from your fireplace to raise the ph.

You can use firewood by scattering it over the soil, mixing it with the compost, and letting it assimilate.

Some plants require wood ash with fertilizer to thrive. So, if you are growing garlic, chives, leeks, lettuce, asparagus, etc., you will need it.

Can Firewood Be Too Dry?

Yes, firewood becomes too dry if it is seasoned for too long and contains too little moisture.

Seasoning or drying refers to storing wood until its moisture content drops. The optimal 20% or less content remains if you dry the wood for 18 months.

So, if the firewood is too dry, it becomes brittle but burns efficiently. It emits less smoke than freshly chopped wood! This becomes hazardous when too dry firewood causes a fire, and there is not enough smoke to alarm.

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Final Thoughts

To summarize, 711 stores sell firewood at selected locations, priced by bundles. The prices are relative to weight rather than size.

Mostly rural areas and campsites demand firewood. So, it is possible to find firewood in those areas. Other than 7-Eleven, you can also look for firewood at Walmart or Home Depot stores.

Lastly, firewood is a renewable, non-fossil fuel and carbon-neutral energy source. You can also use the wood ash with soil. So, check with your local 711 for firewood but make sure it is not too dry!

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