Top 12 Canadian Underwear Brands for Comfort and Style

Canada is home to a diverse range of clothing brands, and its underwear industry is no exception.

From sustainable and ethically-made options to luxury and designer labels, Canadian underwear brands offer consumers a wide range of choices.

Whether you’re looking for comfortable and functional everyday wear or something a little more special, there’s something for everyone in the Canadian underwear market.

Whether you are searching for men’s or women’s underwear, durability and comfort are key factors.

Our research shows the top Canadian underwear brands are Toni Marlow, Grebb Homme, Gabe, SAXX, Stanfield’s, Fortnight, Mary Young, Origami Customs, Garcon Model, Pump, 3C, and Knix.

List of Canadian Underwear Brands

Without further wasting time, let’s discuss 12 different Canadian underwear companies that manufacture various types of underwear for men and women.

Canadian Underwear Brands

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1) Toni Marlow

Toni Marlow is a famous undergarment brand based in Toronto, Canada. The brand started its work in 2015 to bring high-quality underwear and other products to the market.

It is the only brand that also produces underwear with gender inclusivity features, which means anyone can wear it, whether male or female.

The underwear of this brand has a premium soft elastic band that does not cut into the waist. All the products at this brand are made with natural fabrics that attract massive users in Canada.

The main features of this underwear brand are :

  • There are roll-resistance legs in this underwear
  • It is designed with keeping hips in mind
  • Pure and natural fabric is used in it
  • There is a premium soft elastic band
  • Double layer underwear

2) Gregg Homme

Founded in 1987 in Montreal, the Gregg Homme brand offers top-quality underwear and swimwear for men in Canada. Its products are widely used in this country.

This Made in Canada underwear brand has an excellent reputation in the undergarment industry of Canada. It manufactures excellent design products through a constant innovation process.

You will amaze by using these comfortable but good-looking undergarments. It offers a vast collection of underwear different in size and styles for men.

Gregg Homme sells its underwear and other products in more than 25 countries of the world. This feature shows how trustworthy this brand is.

3) Gabe

Gabe is a Toronto-based Canadian underwear manufacturing company. It makes comfortable underwear with high-quality materials like organic cotton and bamboo.

The brand manufactures an extensive collection of underwear for men and women. It is among the top-selling underwear companies in Canada.

It offers different sizes of underwear with huge varieties. These underwear are lightweight and have great comfort. This feature of the brand attracts a large number of users in the country.

Most importantly, this brand uses 100% pure organic cotton to manufacture its underwear. It offers top-quality underwear different in size and design.

4) SAXX Underwear

Saxx underwear is among those brands that offer significant moisture and odour control. The brand is based in British Columbia, Canada.

The underwear of this brand provides a 4-way stretch system that makes you feel good. You can use it in various outdoor activities, sports, and many more.

Moreover, all the collections at this brand are designed with different features to provide maximum comfort and durability.

You can find different types of underwear at this brand that includes Daytripper, Hot Shot, Kinetic HD, Platinum, Quest, Sport Mesh, and many others.

Made in Canada Underwear Brands

More Canadian-Made Brands to Know:

5) Stanfield’s Underwear

Mr.Charles Stanfield founded this underwear brand in 1856 in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. It provides unique fabric underwear to Canadians to meet their challenges, especially during their harsh winter season.

The brand is also famous in other countries, especially in the western world, for providing high-quality underwear. Quality is the paramount commitment of this brand.

Stanfield’s brand uses 100% pure cotton in the underwear. It uses advanced technologies in the manufacturing of its products to bring quality and comfort.

There is a unique internal pouch and elastic waistband in the men’s underwear. The brand makes underwear in every size to make them available for everybody.

6) Fortnight Underwear

Fortnight is famous Toronto-based underwear and other ladies’ undergarments brand in Canada. Since its inception in 2010, it has been the number-one brand for Canadian women.

All the products at this brand are crafted with great care and precision. You find the underwear and other products of this brand beautiful and long-lasting.

The brand offers its products with different attractive features, so it is widely used in Canada.

7) Mary Young

The Mary Young brand is among the most famous Canadian Lingerie Brands. It was launched in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, to bring stylish underwear to women in this country.

All the undergarments of this brand are beautiful in style and soft in fabric. The brand uses pure bamboo fabric in its underwear and other products.

Mary Young brand is famous for its stylish and colourful lingeries in Canada and the United States of America.

At this brand, every undergarment is designed while keeping comfort and durability in mind. Its undergarments are available in every size.

8) Origami Customs

Origami Customs is a Montreal-based underwear and other undergarments company. It manufactures underwear products for all genders in the country.

The brand makes all the products in such a way as to create maximum sustainability. It uses locally milled materials in the underwear and its other products.

Moreover, this underwear brand of Canada also brings the latest designs of undergarments each year. Its products are available in every size.

9) Garcon Model

Garon Model brand manufactures one of the best underwear for men in Canada. It is among the most stylish underwear brands in the country.

This brand was launched in 2012 in Canada to offer unique and comfortable underwear in the country. All the products of this brand are elegant and sexy.

Furthermore, the main focus of this brand is to manufacture premium quality underwear for men with bold colors.

Canadian Lingerie Brands

10) Pump underwear

Pump underwear brand was founded in 2009 in Montreal, Canada. This brand designs underwear while keeping sports in mind, which is the main feature of this brand.

To your surprise, Pump is the first Canadian underwear company that implements splatter and graffiti-style paintings on underwear.

The brand loves to keep demographic options on the products to appeal to the users. It also offers different colour choices to the Canadian people.

Furthermore, the underwear of this brand gives a natural and comfortable feel to the users. You can have different types of underwear in various sizes from this brand.

11) 3C Underwear

3C is a Toronto-based men’s underwear brand in Canada. The brand 3C stands for Cool, Comfortable, and Confident and is Canada’s most trustable underwear brand.

The brand offers underwear in 3 styles and designs that attract more users in the country. It also gives the facility a 21-day full refund.

Moreover, the brand uses organic cotton in the underwear to bring a natural feel. The soft and light fabric used in the underwear gives you a comfortable and excellent touch.

All the underwear of this brand is available in five different colours: black, blue, grey, red, and sand.

12) Knix Underwear

Knix is also a famous Canadian underwear brand founded by Joanna Griffiths. The brand has a distinct reputation in the Canadian underwear market.

All the products of this brand are designed in Canada and manufactured in China. It also has a great name in other countries of the world, especially in Asia.

The triple-layer technology of this brand keeps the user safe, dry, and protected. This feature makes the underwear comfortable for the skin of a user.

The brand offers underwear in different designs and sizes to facilitate users in Canada and other parts of the world.

Final Words:

Canadian Underwear Brands are known for their focus on comfort, durability, and quality. These brands offer a wide range of styles and designs for both men and women, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

These Canadian Underwear manufacturers use high-quality materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and natural fabrics, to provide maximum comfort and durability.

Comfortability and durability are necessary for good underwear. It must be flexible to make you feel good, and these brands provide a lot of options in this regard.

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