Top Canadian Paint Brands in 2023

Choosing a paint brand is always a challenging task, especially when there are a number of brands selling the same product on the market.

So, this post is about the top-selling local paint brands in Canada. Furthermore, we will also tell you about the top three non-Canadian paint companies in the country.

Top 7 Paint Brands in Canada

Canadian Paint Brands

These local Canadian paint brands have been in business for a long time. They are now selling to the Canadian market and the rest of the world in large quantities.

Before going to the store to buy paint, look at the list of paint companies in Canada.

1) Cloverdale Paint

Since its inception in 1933, Cloverdale Paint has maintained a special relationship with its consumers. The company was founded on the belief that high-quality paints and good customer service are essential.

Yes, they have maintained their standards up till today, which is why they are still the top choice of many Canadians.  They are now North America’s largest Canadian-made paint and coatings producer and seller.

Cloverdale Paint offers a wide range of interior and outdoor paints, stains, and unique coatings for all of your home’s rooms.

2) Beauti-Tone Paint

The largest independent home improvement retailer in Canada is Home Hardware Stores Limited which supplies over 1,000 independently managed stores across the country.

Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products can be found in South Western Ontario. It is among the best Paint brands in Canada.

Beauti-Tone Paint is a high-quality acrylic paint that also serves as a primer. It provides a long-lasting, smooth, and stain-resistant finish thanks to ceramic microsphere technology. So, it is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products have a wide range of water-based and solvent-based paints.

They also provide a large selection of aerosol and cleaning products. So, if you are looking for Beauti-Tone Paint, it is only available at Home Hardware.

3) Loop Paint

Loop Paint is a Canadian brand that cares about the environment of Canada. More than 13 million kilograms of unused paint are brought to disposal sites by Ontarians each year.

If the paint isn’t recycled, it will be burned or disposed of in a landfill. Toxic substances are released into our air and water as a result of this.

So, Loop considers this an opportunity and places these hazardous chemicals where they belong. Therefore, Loop recycled paint uses 70% less water and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Since it is recycled paint, it costs less, and that too without compromising quality. If you wish to support the Canadian environment, this Canadian paint company is a perfect choice.

4) MF Paints

Over the past 50 years, MF Paints has grown to be among the top paint companies in Canada. MF Paints has a long history of producing high-quality paints for both home and commercial use.

They have set themselves apart from various top paint brands by providing top-quality and environment-friendly products.

This brand is not as famous as some high-end paint companies in Canada. But, if you wish to support a local brand without compromising on quality, MF paint is a decent choice.

We have spoken to many homeowners about the brand. They all love the quality of MF paints.

Top Paint Companies in Canada

5) Goudey Paint

Goudey Paint is one of the oldest family-owned paint companies in Canada. Their long-term success stems from a unique emphasis on interior wood finishes.

They are still in the industry because of their commitment to using only the best components in their stain and lacquer formulations and a strong customer relationship with the clients.

Goudey takes pride in offering outstanding customer service. They have a team of experts that helps out their customers in making the best selection.

It is true this brand is not very popular. But, if you are willing to support the local Canadian paint companies, you will not regret your decision.

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Non-Canadian paint companies in Canada

There are a number of international paint companies selling their products in Canada. But, we have only picked the top 3 brands with the most positive customer feedback to help you make the right choice.

1) Behr Paint

Behr Paint is an American producer of interior and exterior home paints and stains, and primers.

They are among the veterans in this industry, and they have been making and selling paints on the market for more than 70 years.

While reviewing, we found that the customers are delighted with their products and services. You can trust this brand if you want to buy high-quality paint for your home.

2) Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a luxury paint company from the United States. They are the top performer in the paint industry by far, and they have a huge list of satisfied customers.

This thick, easy-to-apply paint provides a lot of protection to the walls and will last longer. It is also very robust and easy to clean, so it gets top scores in every category.

Another important aspect of this brand is that its products are inexpensive, except for its Regal paint, which is a better-grade product. But this luxury paint is well worth the investment.

3) Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is another US paint company that has been in the paint business for more than 150 years.

They offer unique paint solutions that provide optimum protection for your wall while maintaining colour longevity, regardless of where you are in the globe or what surfaces you are painting.

You can have a wide range of colour selections with over 1,500 paint colours for any surface. You can easily find what colour you are looking for in your home from their colour options.


Canadian paint brands are just not only popular in Canada but also across the world. So, in this post, we have tried to cover all local brands to expand your knowledge about local makers.

Moreover, we have also covered the top-selling foreign paint brands in Canada. So you can select the best paint company for your lovely home.

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