Top Canadian Juice Brands in 2023

An average Canadian consumes 25 litres of juice each year. It covers 195 companies in the fruit juice industry in Canada. So, both international and local Canadian juice brands are the top choice and making big numbers through fruit juice sales in Canada.

But, in this post, we will focus only on Canadian juice companies in order to help you better understand your country’s local brands. We also want to help people in other countries who are having difficulties finding their favourite Canadian juice.

List of 10 Canadian Juice Brands

Check out our list and make sure to read all of the brand names.

Canadian Juice Brands

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1) Sunrype Juice

It is a Western Canadian Juice brand that has been producing juices and fruit snacks in Kelowna, British Columbia, since 1946.

Sunrype is an organic juice company that is certified by the COR (Certificate of Recognition). Their juices have no added sugar or artificial flavours or colours, making them a healthy beverage option.

2) Booster Juice

Booster Juice Inc. is a Canadian juice and smoothie bar that was founded in 1999. After that, the brand was soon franchised. It opened 50 stores in the first two years across the country, which is a Canadian record.

The company now has over 50 traditional and non-traditional locations throughout Canada. Moreover, they have three locations in Mexico, two in the US, and one in Dubai and India.

Their beverages are made with fresh frozen fruits and pure juices. However, their juices contain sugar amount in them to make them healthier. So, people with diabetes must consult their website about sugar-free beverages.

3) Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice will undoubtedly become your favourite drink if you prefer organic beverages free of artificial flavours and chemicals. This Canadian beverage company was formed in 2014 and is located in Toronto.

They ensure that their products are healthy and taste as great as they feel. Also, their juices are packed in sustainable glasses to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

4) Lassonde Juice

You are now reading the name of one of Canada’s oldest beverage producers. Lassonde was founded in 1918 in Rougemont, Canada. After that, the company and its loyal staff have continued to thrive and develop. They are pushing the agri-food sector’s boundaries generation after generation.

They are now the market leader in producing, developing, and distributing fruit and vegetable juices and drinks in North America.

5) Kiju Organic

Kiju is another certified Juice Brand in Canada from Ontario. Their products are all organic and have no added sugar.

This brand ensures that consumers drink only natural, healthy juice flavours. Their drinks are widely accessible and reasonably priced across Canada.

6) Allen’s Juice

For almost 80 years, Allen’s has been a famous fruit juice brand in Canada. The reason for their popularity is their delicious and original apple flavour. This Ontario-based company has established itself as a standard in the pantries of Canadian households.

People often associate this brand with non-Canadian products. But, just to be clear, Allen’s juices are made in Canada, especially for those who live overseas.

7) Rougemont Juice

Rougemont is an apple juice specialist in Quebec since 1959. Now, the brand is synonymous with quality and authenticity. They offer a wide range of flavours in their juices to satisfy people with different taste buds.

No matter the flavour you prefer the most, Rougemont juice will delight you. So, it is a must-try flavour from them.

8) GnuSante

The last one on our list is the nutritional beverage Company from Vancouver. It provides you with beverages based on high-quality ingredients. The company is still making progress and trying to be a better beverage company.

GnuSanté uses only the highest quality non-GMO ingredients in all of its products. They have a goal of providing you and your loved ones with true nutritional value.

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Final Words

No doubt fruits are healthy for our bodies. They provide tons of vitamins and minerals to our body to combat inflammation and infections, as well as help us to develop strong bones, cells, and skin. This is why fruit juices are becoming a more popular beverage than any other processed drink.

So, we have listed down the top Canadian juice brands to help you know all the local juice makers of your country.

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