13 Canadian Jacket Brands – Sustainable Winter Clothing

Canada is home to some of the best outerwear in the world. And when the average temperature in your country is -5 to – 6oC, outerwear becomes the need of every individual, and that too in sufficient quantity.

This defines why there are so many outerwear-centric clothing brands in Canada.

Canadian outerwear brands have a prominent presence worldwide. International critiques acclaim the variety of jackets produced by them.

Intense competition has benefitted the public with a cut in cost and improved quality. Chic designs, trendy style, Durability, cozy warmth, what else do you want?

By this time, you’ll be curious about which are these brands. We have gathered a list of some of the finest winter brands.

After research, we found that Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, MACKAGE, Quartz, Kanuk, Orage, Nobis, Moose Knuckles, SOIA & KYO, Audvik, Wuxly, Norden, and Woodpecker are the top Canadian Jacket Brands.

These brands produce some of the best jackets and outerwear in Canada. Want to know more about them? Let’s get straight into it.

Canadian Jacket Brands

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Canadian Winter Jacket Brands:

These brands produce some of the best jackets and outerwear in Canada. Want to know more about them? Let’s get straight into it.

1. Arc’teryx: 

Arc’teryx is one of the top winter jacket brands in Canada. The brand is specifically popular among athletes, mountain climbers, and adventurers.

Arc’teryx was founded back in 1989. The company is based in Vancouver and is quite famous for its rock-climbing gear. It has an intensive process of designing and creating top-quality products for customers.

Named after the prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx, their products are innovative and unique, with a touch of evolutionary and natural product design.

Arc’teryx thinks long-term working toward improving workers’ conditions and a circular economy. The materials used and the process contributes toward sustainability. Products are made to last long.

The firm offers a wide variety of jackets, such as shell jackets, insulated jackets, and jackets for rock climbers. Apart from that, they also provide backpacks, footwear, accessories, etc.

2. Canada Goose:

Canada Goose is another top-of-the-line outerwear brand offering timeless jackets. A brand that provides quality products for men, women, and kids equally.

With more than 65 years of service in the industry, the brand is now internationally acclaimed.

Their jackets are famous globally and featured in some Hollywood movies such as The Day After Tomorrow.

Known initially as Metro Sportswear Ltd, the firm changed its name to Canada Goose with its arrival in the European market.

Advertisement campaigns, endorsements by celebrities, and featuring in movies rose the brand to global fame.

Parkas, Bombers, Down Jackets, Lightweight jackets, and raincoats are the hot-selling outerwear items offered by the brand.

Apart from them, there are several other apparel items that you can buy from Canada Goose.

The brand issues a sustainability report annually. Canada Goose has collaborated with Polar Bears International (PBI), raising awareness to conserve Arctic Habitat.

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MACKAGE is all about the delicate balance between fashion and purpose. It most probably offers the widest variety of jackets and other clothing in the Canadian market.

From mid-layer jackets to leather jackets and from raincoats to spring jackets, you can find jackets for almost every season and every person, irrespective of age and gender.

The brand was founded back in 1999. It is based in Montreal. Elisha Dahan and Eran Elfassy, the founders of MACKAGE, started this brand. Today, the firm produces some of the finest quality jackets.

The brand uses the finest leathers and wools, tailored silhouettes, and detailed and precise designs for all of its jackets. These jackets are not only warm but are also remarkable fashion pieces.

Jackets are made with such materials that they last long. Apart from jackets, the brand also offers many other clothing stuff, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and kids.

4. Quartz Co:

Quartz is one of the leading Canadian Parka brands for the inhabitants of the cold. The brand’s primary source of recognition is its top-quality Parkas.

Quartz Co was founded in 1997 and is now among the leading outerwear brands in Canada. The brand has a prominent presence in more than 20 countries.

Adjustable hoods, breathable two-way zippers, water-repellent coating, and fleeced line pockets make their jackets stand among the rest. Their jackets are suitable for the inhabitants of colder regions.

The brand is based in Maguire, Montreal. Jackets of varying sizes and shapes, a minimalist jacket or an in-fashion Parka, you can find it all here.

5. Kanuk:

Kanuk is among those few Canadian Jackets Brands whose products are designed and made in Canada. It was founded in 1970 and is based in Montreal.

Kanuk is one of Canadian’s favorite brands when it comes to jackets. You can easily find jackets of all sizes and almost every season here.

With more than 50 years of expertise, Kanuk produces some of the finest jackets for harsh weather conditions.

Quality and Durability go side by side. Jackets are built to last long. The brand states that its jackets must be designed in the conditions where they will be worn.

Kanuk Parkas and long jackets are some of the hot-selling items in Canada. Over the years, the experts at Kanuk have designed jackets to give that modern look alongside warmth and insulation from gusts of cold wind.

6. Orage:

A brand endorsing the mountaineering culture in Canada, Orage stands as the go-to outerwear brand for skiing and mountaineering.

It was founded back in 1989 and is based in Montreal. The company offers outerwear for all kinds of seasons. Innovation and creativity with a fine blend of fashion and function is the top priority of Orage.

Orage offers Mid-Layers, Baselayers, Parkas, Shell Jackets, Insulation Jackets, and all the skiing clothing for people of all ages. Orage also offers pants, layering stuff, and accessories.

With over 20 years of experience, the brand is quite an authority in skiing and mountaineering. Designing is done in Canada, while manufacturing takes place in Asia.

Canadian Winter Jacket Brands

7. Nobis:

Named in Latin meaning “We,” Nobis is a brand for adventurers, the daredevils who fear nothing coming their way, be it icy cold temperatures or dangerous tracks.

Nobis is based in Ontario. The company offers various outerwear for men, women, and kids: quilted Jackets, Shell Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Hybrid Jackets, and much more.

Nobis started in 2007. It is a luxury Canadian Clothing brand with a significant presence in more than 40 countries. Warmth with fashion and function makes it a top-notch brand.

Its eye-catching jacket designs and timeless styles make one stand apart. Most jackets are washable and are made from ethically-sourced materials.

Nobis can be your next go-to brand for winter jackets.

8. Moose Knuckles:

The brand has a very long and deep history. Initially founded in 2009, the company founders have been in the outerwear business since 1921.

Moose Knuckles is a famous winter brand in Canada. A luxurious sportswear firm providing warm, chic, and versatile outerwear.

Lightweights, coats, jackets, bombers, and Parkas are there to save you from the extreme cold in Canada.

Their jackets can withstand extreme cold, like even -40oC and below. Their Parkas are some of the best-known thermal insulation out there.

You can also find other clothing and accessories in the store, such as tees, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, hats, caps, etc.

9. SOIA & KYO:

“Beauty in simplicity” is what SOIA & KYO is all about. The company was founded back In 2004 and is based in Montreal.

It has a massive following within Canada and internationally as well. The brand revolves around women as it deals in women’s clothing, raincoats, wool coats, trench coats, leather jackets, and other accessories.

The company is sustainability-conscious as it uses ethically sourced materials and recycled to reduce wastage and conserve the natural ecosystem. For women in Canada, this can be your next go-to shopping brand.

10. Audvik:

Audvik is one brand made for chilly winters in Canada. The brand name “Audvik” means quality of life. These words are the inspiration behind every clothing item they produce.

The firm was founded back in 1979. It is based in Quebec. Style, warmth, and eco-consciousness make it one of the famous Canadian winter brands. Audvik has some fine-quality jackets and parkas.

Jackets are locally produced to benefit the local workforce. Jackets are eco-friendly, as the company has defined policies to minimize its environmental footprint at each production stage.

Audvik is also OEKO-TEX certified means the fabric they use isn’t harmful to customers.

Fabric is made from 100% recycled materials. Sustainability has always been a significant part of Audvik’s policy.

11. Wuxly:

Wuxly is the first animal-free and sustainable Parka brand in Canada. The company makes all of its apparel in Canada.

Wuxly started its operations in 2012. The Toronto-based firm experts in eco-friendly Parkas. The whole idea is based on innovation in Canadian jackets while keeping in view the sustainability element.

Wuxly is also involved in many animals helping charities. At Wuxly, the experts work on fabrics that last long and are also environmentally friendly. Wuxly is also a B-Certified Corporation making it more sustainable.

At Wuxly, you can shop from a wide range of Parkas, Bombers, mid-weights, rainwear, etc.

12. Norden:

Norden is also among the Canadian Jacket brands that are known for sustainable clothing, especially outerwear. At Norden, all jackets are made 100% from recycled raw materials.

Fashion and function are delicately balanced in their clothing line. The jackets are produced keeping in view the coming generations, with a sense of social responsibility to preserve greener Earth.

Norden is a B-Certified Corp. The brand is also PETA-certified. Norden has some top-of-the-line raincoats, puffers, rainwear, and other accessories for men, women, and kids.

13. Woodpecker:

Last but not least, the woodpecker is a Canadian Winter brand that makes high-quality coats and Parkas. No animals are used in their manufacturing, so they are declared vegan.

Their coats and Parkas are enough to keep you warm in the chilly cold. Fiber insulation is some of the best in the market. Long coats for women, men, and kids can be shopped here at the woodpecker.

Woodpecker Luxe, a collaboration of Woodpecker and Kilani Jewellery, has produced the world’s first and only cruelty-free PETA-approved diamond Parka.

Final Thoughts:

Canada is known for its high-quality outerwear and many clothing brands that specialize in this area.

Brands such as Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, MACKAGE, Quartz, Kanuk, Orage, Nobis, Moose Knuckles, SOIA & KYO, Audvik, Wuxly, Norden, and Woodpecker are among the top Canadian jacket brands.

They offer a wide variety of jackets, including shell jackets, insulated jackets, and jackets for rock climbers. These brands provide high-quality products, durable designs, and sustainable materials.

These Made in Canada Winterear Brands also have a global presence and are popular among athletes, mountain climbers, and adventurers. Overall, Canadian outerwear brands are known for their warmth, durability, and trendy designs.

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