Top Canadian Handbag Brands in 2023

A handbag is a girl’s best friend as it can carry everything she needs. It not only carries your belongings but also makes you look beautiful. So, it is worth spending on a quality handbag brand.

In today’s market, there are hundreds of bag companies. Still, Canadian designers are making the perfect blend of style and usability.

Therefore, Canadian Handbag Brands are very popular in the local market. They are also becoming a top choice worldwide since these bags are versatile and robust enough to wear with any outfit daily.

Canadian Handbag Brands

List of 10 Canadian Handbag Brands

After doing an extensive survey, our top 10 Canadian Handbag Brands are Lambert, Samara, M0851, Matt & Nat, Poppy, Opelle, Poppy and Peonies, Nella Bella, and a couple more.

Without further ado, let’s start it.

1) Lambert Bags

MĂ©lissa Lambert, the creator of this Montreal bag company, was looking for a “refined” backpack when she came up with the idea.

Lambert now provides a wide range of high-quality vegan leather products, including briefcases, structured handbags, and small backpacks.

The company’s primary target market is women between the ages of 25 and 35 who follow an active lifestyle. Each of Lambert’s bags is created to make one’s life easier.

To purchase, go to Lambert’s website. All their designs are planned and developed in Canada on their website. But, their production center is in Guangzhou, China.

The reason to choose Guangzhou for production is that the city is famous in the world as a leader in vegan leather goods of high quality.

2) Samara Bags

Samara is a woman-owned and operated Canadian made bags brand from Toronto, Ontario. The company aims to offer high-quality vegan leather handbags that are both stylish and functional.

Like many other fashion brands, Samara handbags also emerged from a designer’s failure to find the item she desired in stores.

If you wish to support Canadian handbag brands without breaking your bank account, Samara is a perfect choice. It offers you quality bags with excellent customer support.

3) M0851 Bags

M0851 is another Canadian bag company from Montreal, Quebec. They produce backpacks, jackets, accessories, leather bags (including handbags and purses), and outwear.

This Canadian Purse Brand is designing and making 90% of its products in the Montreal workshop. In this way, they have total control over their product line and quality standards.

Canadian Handbags are not the only thing famous; read our following to know more about different Canadian Brands:

4) Matt & Nat Bags

Matt & Nat (which stands for materials and nature) is a vegan and eco-friendly Canadian Accessories brand.

The company is on a mission to save the planet by producing high-quality bags without harming our planet. For this purpose, Matt & Nat uses top-quality vegan material to make its products.

Now, the company has started using recycled plastic bottles for all of its linings. Matt & Nat recycles around 21 plastic bottles for every bag they make.

5) Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley a luxury Canadian made bags brand. From design to production links to the retail experience, the company is trying to transform the fashion industry.

In 2022, their Tote bags are a top choice among many users, but they are a bit pricey. If you can afford the price, their Tote bags are worth buying.

Canadian Purse Brands

6) Opelle Bags

Amy Malcolm established Opelle in 2010. All Opelle handbags are made in Toronto, Ontario. Apart from purses and handbags, they also make backpacks.

This Canadian bag brand is not very popular in the local market. Still, if you want to give it a try the local maker, Opelle will not disappoint you. To buy their products, you can visit their online store.

7) Poppy and Peonies

After working for big brands such as the Banana Republic and Aldo in the US, Natalie Dusome returned to Canada. She established her own brand, Poppy & Peonies.

She launched this brand in her daughter’s name. Now, this brand is making high-quality accessories in Toronto and producing beautiful handbags.

8) WANT Les Essentiels

WANT Les Essentiels entered the industry in 2007. Now it has become famous worldwide for its premium quality backpacks and handbags.

Byron and Dexter Peart, the company’s co-founders, are no longer active. But this Canadian bag brand continues to offer high-quality luxury accessories, clothes, luggage, and stylish and comfortable travel bags for both men and women.

If you are a frequent traveler, this brand is a decent pick for your need.

9) Nella Bella

Tarek Al-Azbat, a Kuwait-born designer living in Toronto, established Nella Bella, a vegan leather company, in 2007.

This is another Canadian bag company that makes products of recycled materials as well as socially and ecologically responsible production methods.

This company is a top choice for people who like to contribute to saving the environment by keeping their sense of fashion and style.

10) Sonya Lee Bags

In Vancouver’s Chinatown, Sonya Lee produces handbags using waste leather from the food industry. Since 2014, Stephanie Sonya Ibbitson has been designing stylish belt purses and bucket totes.

The best thing about this handbag brand made in Canada is, all of their products are handmade while using the highest quality leather. Sonya Lee bags are a decent choice for people who like handmade products of the highest quality.

Final Words

Canadian handbag brands offer a perfect blend of style and usability, making them a top choice for consumers both locally and internationally.

With an extensive range of options available, including Lambert, Samara, M0851, Matt & Nat, Poppy Barley, Opelle, Poppy and Peonies, and Nella Bella, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality vegan leather option, an eco-friendly choice, or a luxurious brand, these Canadian bag companies have you covered.

With a focus on functionality, quality, and sustainability, these brands are worth considering for your next handbag purchase.

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