Top 12 Canadian Furniture Companies of 2023

Wait a minute! Are you looking for Canadian furniture companies? If Yes, then you are at the right place.

We all love to have attractive furniture in our homes to increase their beauty. It is undoubtedly a necessary investment whether for home or office.

Selecting good quality furniture in Canada is possible if you know the different brands of this country. This way, you can easily save your precious time and money.

If you want to know about the top 12 Canadian furniture manufacturers, read this blog until the end.

List of Canadian Furniture Companies

Canadian Furniture Companies

Whether you are furnishing your home for the first time or refreshing it, you must have detailed knowledge about the furniture industry of your country.

Our top Canadian Furniture Companies are Palliser Furniture, Superstyle Furniture, Gus* Modern, Brentwood Classics, and more.

Let’s explore each of the 12 Canadian Furniture brands and see if they are really worth it.

1) Palliser Furniture

Palliser is a famous Canadian furniture company based in Winnipeg, Canada. Abraham Albert DeFehr founded it in 1944 to supply top-quality furniture to the Canadian markets.

Since its inception, it has been providing exceptional furniture products for the entire home. Its products are a symbol of premium mechanisms and unmatched comfort in Canada.

The main feature of this brand is that a world-class team of talented craftsmen handcraft all its products. This brand also has an excellent reputation in other countries of the world, especially in North America.

The brand offers different furniture products in Canada that are stylish, strong, comfortable, and durable. It uses advanced technologies in the manufacturing of furniture to meet world-class standards.


  • It uses skilled artisans to handcraft the products
  • The brand has a premium mechanism and unmatched comfort
  • Use of advanced technologies for world-class standard
  • Palliser manufactures stylish and durable furniture

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2) Superstyle Furniture

Superstyle is a Canadian-owned and operated furniture brand founded in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario. The brand offers top-quality furniture throughout the country.

Moreover, this brand aims to provide fashionable, value-oriented, and innovative products that satisfy Canada’s customers’ needs.

Here, all the frames are constructed with hardwood solids and laminates. Due to this feature, all furniture items have exceptional strength and can be used more significantly.

This brand uses genuine leather in all its furniture. This feature enhances the performance and retains the shape of a product for a longer time.


  • It uses genuine leather in the products
  • Very fashionable, value-oriented, and innovative products of high-quality
  • Use of advanced computer technology
  • Assurance of quality and durability

3) Gus* Modern

Canadian Made furniture brands

Gus* Modern is a famous furniture company based in Toronto, Canada. It started its work in 2000 as a designer and manufacturer of the most advanced furniture and other home accessories.

The outstanding quality of this brand is that each year it brings new designs of the products. In Canada, people love this furniture company because of its quality and modern designs.

It is worth saying that Gus* has modernized the furniture industry of Canada. You can have different products here, like beds, workspaces, sofas & sleepers, dining tables, soft series, and many more.


  • Award-winning furniture brand
  • It manufactures the most advanced furniture products
  • Use of FSC-certified wood frame

4) Brentwood Classics

Brentwood Classics is an Ontario-based world-class furniture brand in Canada. It has been offering top-quality products throughout the country for more than 35 years.

The brand designs and manufactures award-winning sofas that will give outstanding comfort and lifestyle. All of its products are eco-friendly and have great demand in the country.

You can find here all types of furniture products, from traditional to most modern. Brentwood Classics products are made with soy-based polyfoam that gives the utmost sustainable comfort.


  • Greater comfort and styles
  • Use of soy-based polyfoam for great comfort
  • Availability of massive varieties from traditional to modern furniture

5) EQ3

Since its establishment in 2001 in Winnipeg, this top Canadian furniture brand has been providing top-quality furniture products in Canada and North America.

All the products of this brand are hand-made by skilled artisans. This company also uses modern technology to bring variation and uniqueness to its products.

Moreover, the brand uses pure and genuine materials in its products. You can buy every type of furniture product, from dining tables to bedroom furniture.


  • It offers top-quality furniture products
  • All its products are hand-made by the skilled craftsmen
  • Use of pure and genuine materials

6) Durham Furniture

Durham Furniture was founded in the tiny town of Durham, Ontario. Since its inception in 1899, this Canadian contemporary furniture manufacturer has been building solid wood furniture that is exceptional in quality and durability.

With its sophisticated designs, Durham Furniture tries to catch the attention of every part of the country. Its products are of the highest quality and have a prominent name in Canada.

The brand offers different bedroom and living furniture types with various varieties and sizes, including traditional, transitional, contemporary, and cottage styles.


  • Exceptional quality and durability
  • Unique and sophisticated designs
  • Various varieties and sizes

7) Umbra

Famous Canadian Furniture Makers

Umbra is a Toronto-based Canadian furniture company founded by Paul Rowan in 1979. It also has expanded to provide its products in different parts of the world.

The brand has a great passion for original design and desires to create products for every home. It has a facility for easy and free returns if you don’t like the product.


  • Free shipping
  • Five years warranty
  • Free and easy returns

Apart from Furniture, you may also like to learn about other Canadian Brands.

8) Decor-Rest Furniture

Decor-Rest is a well-known Canadian furniture manufacturer having headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It started working in 1972 to provide world-class furniture products to Canadians.

However, primarily this brand uses imported materials in its products. Now, Decor-Rest is among the top global furniture manufacturers.

The brand uses top-quality leather in products. You can also buy exclusive fabric furniture from this company.


  • High-quality features with different styles
  • Use of top-quality leather
  • Furniture designs with the latest technologies and methods

9) Leathercraft Furniture

Best Furniture Manufacturers Canada

For over 50 years, Leathercraft has been manufacturing the finest leather furniture products in Canada. It is committed to providing the best material furniture to the people of this country.

The main feature of this famous Canadian furniture maker is that it offers a customization facility nearly on all its products to meet the individual requirement of every customer.


  • Availability of customization facility
  • It manufactures furniture of a high standard
  • Use of tested manufacturing techniques

10) Trica Furniture

Trica Furniture is a famous Canadian brand based in Quebec, Canada. The brand was founded in 1988 as a customizable furniture brand.

Moreover, Trica uses solid wood, etched glass, and wood veneer, including leather and fabric, to manufacture its products.

All the products at this brand are hand-made by skilled artisans. The brand also uses advanced technologies to achieve quality in its products.


  • It uses advanced technologies
  • Hand-made furniture by the skilled craftsmen
  • Excellent quality-control measures

11) Bermex Furniture

Bermex Furniture started its work in 1983 in Quebec, Canada. After its inception, this brand has become specialized in solid wood casual and formal furniture products.

This brand has a prominent name in the Solid Wood chair industry of Canada. It is a leading manufacturer of customized dining room furniture and other related products.


  • Specialized in solid wood casual and formal furniture
  • Top-class chair manufacturer
  • Use of superior quality material

12) Amisco

Amisco is a Quebec-based world-class furniture manufacturing company in Canada. It takes great pride in designing and fabricating residential furniture products according to the needs and demands of the customers.

Moreover, Amisco designs a wide range of furniture products, including stools, chairs, tables, dinette sets, bedroom furniture, and other related products.

The furniture of this brand reflects the latest design trends with great comfort and durability. If you are decorating your new home, this brand is an ideal choice.


  • Latest design furniture
  • Its products have great comfort and durability.
  • Top-quality residential furniture


These were top Canadian furniture companies and brands. All the brands mentioned above have a unique name in the furniture industry of Canada.

Furthermore, because of their excellent reputation worldwide, these Canadian furniture makers export their products, especially in North America.

From traditional to modern styles and eco-friendly materials, these companies have something to suit every taste and budget.

Whether you are in the market for a new sofa, dining table, or bedroom set, the Canadian furniture industry has plenty of options.

A proper selection of furniture products can enhance the beauty of your home. With vast knowledge about the brands, you can easily buy good-quality furniture in Canada.

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