19 Sustainable Canadian Clothing Brands

Iris Apfel once said, “When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.”

This quote is a precise definition of fashion. It’s all about making a statement in the eyes of the public. And when we talk about fashion, how in the world can we miss Canada.

There are some of the world’s most well-known apparel companies based in Canada. The Canadian Clothing Brands are famous worldwide and lead the world’s fashion industry.

Nowadays, clothing brands are trying to be more innovative and sustainable to reduce their environmental footprint and hence play their role in conserving the ecosystem.

Canadian brands are following in these footsteps, too, and we’ll try to include those trendy Canadian clothing brands that make durable and long-lasting clothes.

Canadian Clothing Brands


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List of Top Canadian Clothing Brands:

The top 19 Canadian clothing brands that made it to our list include Frank & Oak, Smash+Tess, Oak+Fort, Aritzia, Roots, SOIA & KYO, Encircled, and 12 others.

These brands produce quality clothing and are also eco-friendly and loved throughout Canada.

Are you waiting to explore them further? Let’s get straight into it.

1. Frank & Oak

 If you live in Canada, there isn’t any way you don’t know about Frank & Oak. The premise on which the brand was established was to serve planet Earth by producing sustainable clothing.

Frank & Oak has become one of Canada’s most popular lifestyle brands.

It all started back in 2012 in Montreal. Today, Frank & Oak is a certified B Corporation using organic fabrics to design innovative and sustainable clothing.

B Corp certification means that they are good for their employees and environment.

Some of the fabrics used by the company are Hemp, Recycled Polyester, Kapok, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Wool, Aniline Free Eco-Dyes, and other sustainable materials.

The brand deals in a wide variety of lifestyle products for men and women.

2. Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess - Canadian clothing brand

If you are looking for cozy, comfortable, and eye-catching rompers, this Canadian brand can be your next favorite brand.

Smash + Tess is a Canadian company based in Vancouver. The brand’s foundation was laid by a mother-daughter-bestie trio, and the overall theme of the brand revolves around girl power. Their primary products are rompers, romperalls, and collab rompers.

Rompers are made out of sustainable rayons. The rayon used is a fine blend of cotton and bamboo.

This makes these rompers last long and contributes to the overall ecosystem preservation. Apart from comfy rompers, they also sell women’s tops, dresses, robes, and accessories.

3. Oak + Fort

A one-stop shopping store for everyone with affordable prices, Oak+Fort started its operations in 2010 and has expanded out to the entire North American market.

Oak + Fort initially started in Vancouver. The brand’s basic clothing ideology revolves around minimalistic designs, forms, textures, and patterns with a touch of modern fashion.

The thinking that undergoes each procedure and the materials used contribute to the ecosystem’s sustainability.

Oak + Fort is also a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The brand offers a wide variety for men and women, primarily women-centric.

They recently added homeware to their collection, and now you can shop for bedding sets, mug sets, dinner sets, hair oils, and much more here.

4. Aritzia

Another Vancouver-based apparel brand deals in chic designs, causal silhouettes, modern jewelry, and everyday essentials.

The brand opened its first boutique in Oakridge Center in 1984. Aritzia now has over 100 stores throughout North America. Aritzia houses more than ten brands in their standalone boutiques across North America.

Some include Wilfred, Babaton, Denim Forum, Calvin Klein, Vans, Tna, AGODE, Talula, Auxiliary, Sunday Best, Sunday World, and many more.

This Canadian clothing company develops its designs in its studio and uses world-class fabric and top craftsmanship to design its products.

Apart from everyday luxury attire, the brand also offers a wide range of swimwear and activewear.

You can almost buy every clothing necessity from here. This can be your go-to store if you are looking for a one-stop shopping destination in Canada.

5. Roots

Another premium outdoor lifestyle brand in Canada is made for adventurers. Roots launched its first product in the market in 1973.

Roots initially started in Toronto. Today, the company has more than 150 retail stores worldwide. Some of the iconic roots products include genuine leather products, award jackets, salt and pepper sweats, and roots cabin collection.

Comfort and style combined in one place. A brand that aims to build a strong community and relationships that last long.

The brand has a diverse range of collections for men, women, and kids. These include footwear, leather products, bags, accessories, and much more.

Roots also offer some of the best winter footwear in Canada.


SOIA and KYO - Canadian clothing brand

A Montreal-based women-centric brand offers a wide variety of products, including jackets, raincoats, skirts, dresses, shorts, and accessories like scarfs and gloves.

The brand offers a diverse range of versatile outerwear for all body types. The brand is sustainability-conscious too.

Loungewear made from recycled nylon such as LENZING and ECOVERO reduces their impact on the environment.

Canada’s top clothing companies, Mackage, and SOIA & KYO are owned by Canada’s APP group.

Both of them are luxury clothing lines. If you are a woman living in Canada and looking out for a sustainable brand, SOIA & KYO are always there for you.

7. Encircled

Encircled is one of those Canadian brands that always make it to the top list. The use of low-impact dyes and eco-friendly materials makes it one of the favorites among the public.

Encircled is a women-centric brand that produces sustainable garments for women with a unique blend of the latest fashion and comfort.

The brand is a B-certified Corp. All of the company’s clothing is sewn exclusively in Toronto.

Encircled is also OEKO-TEX(R) 100 certified means it uses sustainable fabrics to manufacture its clothing line and avoids harmful substances.

The versatile dress options available at Encircled are sewn to last long. You can buy jackets, tops, blazers, jumpsuits, dresses, bottoms, accessories, etc.


Another Toronto-based women-centric apparel company that makes stylish and affordable garments for women.

A brand that provides all sorts of fits, be it loose fit or relaxed, regular or slim fit; you can find here all of them. The company’s main idea is to produce comfy and trendy clothes at affordable prices.

The brand also plays its corporate responsibility part as it reduces emissions through carbon offsets supporting projects in Amazon Rainforest. The clothing is produced in Toronto.

9. Hilary MacMillan

Hilary MacMillan is a clothing-lifestyle brand addressing the North American market. The brand also appears in Fashion weeks every now and then.

The brand offers a wide range of clothing lines for women, including dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and much more.

Surprisingly, you can find products to fill your home décor too. Beautiful pillows and eye-catching vases are such examples.

It is a designer brand which makes it a little bit expensive. But, if something is worth it, then people won’t hesitate to buy these expensive things.

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10. KOTN

KOTN stands among some of the top-of-the-line Canadian fashion brands based in Canada. The Toronto-based brand produces timeless, sustainable clothing pieces for the North American market.

KOTN is also B certified corporation and has the fourth-highest B-Impact score of apparel companies in North America.

The brand originated in the cotton farms of Egypt, and still, the cotton and raw materials used in the brand’s clothing are sourced from Nile Delta, Egypt.

The brand started in 2015 and has been producing sustainable clothing for the North American market.

This apparel industry covers a wide range of men’s and women’s collections. KOTN also has a home products collection that includes sheets, beddings, blankets, and other décor necessities.

Suppose you are looking for a complete package brand that caters to your clothing needs and covers your home needs. KOTN is also among the top sustainable clothing brands in Canada.

11. Thief and Bandit

Seems like a suspense movie title (lol). But Thief and Bandit are one of those Canadian clothing brands that have made it to our list.

It is one of those very few brands that make authentic hand-sewn clothes for its customers. All of the company’s clothing is hand sewn, all fabric hand-printed, and every design is made within their Halifax Studio.

The band plays its role in sustainability by using organic raw materials for its clothing, such as georgettes, French terry, cotton, jerseys, raw silks, and likewise.

Another thing to mention here is the use of non-toxic water-based acrylic inks to prevent waterways from pollution.

The company fulfills every order within its small fashion studio in Halifax. Unique, creative, and flamboyant designs make this brand stand apart.

12. Lesley Hampton

An indigenous clothing brand based in Toronto revolves around women’s clothing and accessories. The brand was founded and is owned by Lesley Hampton.

Lesley Hampton is a women-centric, size-inclusive brand catering to women’s clothing needs in the North American market.

It started around six years ago, in 2016. The brand offers it all, from comfortable loungewear to athleticwear and the Athluxury collection.

Lesley Hampton has a significant presence in Canada. The brand has also managed to win several local awards.

13. Naked & Famous

Want some quality Canadian Denim Jeans? Well, this one’s for you. Naked and Famous is a native denim brand in Canada that makes quality denim products for the North American market. The brand sources all of its denim from Japan.

The team at Naked & Famous always strives to develop new blends for denim. Some examples of commendable work done in this regard are the reflective denim, raspberry scratch-n-sniff, rainbow fade denim, cashmere blends, and dark denim.

All of the brand’s clothing is cut, made, and sewn in Canada. The brand’s core principle is to develop the highest-grade denim for customers at affordable prices instead of wasting money on advertising and celebrity endorsements.

Naked & Famous has several stores in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. So, if you are looking for some long-lasting, affordable jeans, then this Canadian Denim Brand is for you.

14. Viberg

Not primarily a clothing brand, but it makes it to the footwear brands in Canada. Viberg often releases a limited collection of tees and accessories such as caps.

Chic designs and luxury comfort make everyone shop in this store. The brand produces premium footwear built to last long. They have a wide range of shoes to select from.

If you are looking for premium footwear in Canada to complete your clothing outfit, Viberg can be worth giving a shot at.

15. Kit and Ace

The brand Kit and Ace was founded by the son and wife of Lululemon’s founder. Kit and Ace is situated in Vancouver, Canada.

The brand offers a wide variety of minimalist clothing for men and women. You can find them all here, from comfy loungewear to jackets and even athleisure.

The firm’s core values revolve around an optimistic approach, learning with fun, and being responsible.

Kit and Ace have a separate section of Optimism Amplifier on their website where they share stories of optimistic people who bring people together.


It is a Montreal-based clothing brand. The winter collection constitutes most MACKAGE collections, such as leather and wool jackets and similar items.

The brand is designed specifically for the inhabitants of colder areas. On their website, you can see that most of their items are intended for winter usage.

It has a diverse range of collections for men and women, including raincoats, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, and more.

Mackage also has an OK kids’ outerwear collection. The accessories portion includes bags, hats, gloves, and much more.

Kind of a one-stop shopping destination. MACKAGE is OEKO-TEX and RDS certified. It also has several other authentic certifications making it a trustworthy brand.

17. Rudsak

Rudsak is similar to MACKAGE and is based in Montreal. The fundamental difference is that it offers slightly more products than the latter.

This Canadian Brand specifically addresses the people of the colder region. Jackets, sweaters, hoodies, sweats, shorts, tees, puffers, you name it.

Rudsak also offers a wide range of footwear and accessories collections. There is a dedicated Kids section too.

The company has been in the business for more than 25 years and continuously strives to deliver quality and excellence.

Canadian Kids Clothing

18. Raised By Wolves

Bold designs and out-of-the-box clothing is what defines this brand. Raised by Wolves is a Canadian-based company known for its super creative designs.

The brand offers a wide range of chic designs, from tie and dye hoodies to denim and jackets.

Raised by Wolves was founded in 2008 to introduce streetwear clothing in the Canadian apparel market. The youth-focused brand has now been for over 13 years in the market.

Raised by Wolves also has an accessories and scents section. If you are into streetwear, then this brand is for you.

19. Parade Organics

Last but not least, we have something for babies and toddlers. This is a brand that exclusively deals with Canadian kids’ clothing and sells toddlers’ clothing and accessories.

Organic cotton is used in the manufacturing process. This cotton is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Cotton is grown in India.

Parade Organics is based in Vancouver. The cotton used in their clothing is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The company was established back in 2004. Vancouver is home to Parade Organics. Its flagship boutique and studios are also situated here in Vancouver.

The company also offers babies accessories such as bibs, teethers, hats, mitts, socks, headbands, blankets, and much more, alongside clothing.

Final Thoughts: 

Canada has long been home to several international standard clothing brands. In the past decades, local Canadian Clothing brands have dramatically grown and gathered in line with global brands.

Several brands are now quite famous among the locals; others are in the process of getting there. The apparel industries mentioned above are doing great in the Canadian market and are pretty successful and sustainable.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and are ready to test some of these brands.

See you next time.

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