Top Canadian Butter Brands

Breakfast is incomplete without butter in many Canadian households. So, butter is an essential component of food. It is also a famous dairy product that is made from cow’s milk and contains many nutrients.

According to the latest studies, butter is very healthy if you consume it moderately. It also contains essential compounds that are very helpful in lowering the chances of obesity.

Moreover, Butter can also be used as a low-carbohydrate diet, which is very significant in maintaining and loosening a person’s weight.

Our today’s post will let you know the top 12 Canadian Butter brands that you need to know before buying butter for your breakfast.

List of 12 Healthiest Canadian Butter Brands

After thorough research, our top Canadian Butter Brands include Lactania, Natrel, Cows Creamery, ADL, Dairytown, Organic Meadow, Dairyland, and a few more.

Now, let’s discuss each brand in detail and find out why they are worth trying.

Canadian Butter Brands

1) Lactantia Butter

So, let’s begin with Lactantia Butter. It is the number one Canadian butter brand. Also, it has an excellent reputation for producing the finest-quality butter, having a smooth, rich, and creamy taste.

Moreover, this brand makes butter with 100 % pure pasteurized cream from local Canadian farms. It is available in different varieties too.

The main feature of this butter is that it is made from traditional slow-churned methods. It has a slightly yellow color and is slightly salty.

Furthermore, zinc and vitamin A are added to the butter to make it more healthy and nutritious. It is a trusted butter brand in Canada.


  • Made from 100 % pure cream
  • Available in different varieties
  • Having smooth, rich, and creamy taste
  • Made from traditional slow-churned methods

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2) Natrel Butter

The next best butter in Canada is Natrel Butter. Now, this brand produces high-quality butter just using two ingredients: cream and sea salt. 100 % natural farm milk is used in the making of cream for butter.

This brand was founded in 1990 in Montreal, Canada. It is a simple butter and can also be used in cooking.

The brand also offers unsalted butter across Canada to customers. It is the only butter brand that supplies salted butter in Canada.


  • Only salted butter is available in Canada.
  • Simple and classic
  • Pure farm milk is used in the making of this butter

3) Cows Creamery Butter

Cows Creamery makes the butter in a slow and traditional style. 

Moreover, there is no artificial color, and the flavor is added to the butter. It has a creamy taste and silky texture that attracts the most customers.


  • No artificial color or flavor in the butter
  • Made in a traditional style
  • Creamy taste 

4) ADL Butter

ADL produces quality butter that is very famous among Canadians. In the making of this butter, rich cream is used, separated from fresh milk.

Furthermore, this best butter brand in Canada is free from any artificial ingredients. All the ingredients in it are pure and natural. It is available in 1-pound and half-pound packs.


  • Free from artificial elements
  • Made from pure and natural ingredients
  • Use of rich cream made from fresh milk in the butter

5) Dairytown Butter

Dairytown makes butter from the fresh milk obtained from its farms. It is made from pure and fresh Canadian dairy.

So, this butter brand is well-known for its specialty in butter making traditionally with a balanced quantity of essential minerals and vitamins in this butter.


  • Use of pure Canadian milk
  • Balanced quantity of minerals and vitamins
  • Made in a traditional and straightforward style

6) Organic Meadow Butter

Made in Canada Butter Brands

The next one on the list is Organic Meadow. This brand makes butter from grass-feeding cow’s milk. It is slightly salted but excellent in taste and quality, with massive minerals and vitamins.

This butter has a rich, creamy texture. Moreover, there is no artificial color added to it.

It is available in different size packs to facilitate the customers.


  • Made from grass-feeding cow’s milk
  • Slightly salted
  • No artificial color

7) Avalon Dairy Butter

Now, we are presenting you the Avalon Dairy Butter. This brand uses certified organic cream in the making of its butter. There is no use of artificial substances in this brand’s butter and other dairy products.

Furthermore, all-natural ingredients are used in the making of butter. Most importantly, it is among the oldest dairy brands in Canada.


  • Use of certified organic cream in the butter
  • No addition of artificial substances 
  • Having all-natural and pure ingredients

8) Dairyland Butter

Dairyland butter is also quite popular in Canada because of its taste. Its unsalted butter is very nutritious and has many critical healthy ingredients.

Moreover, this butter is an excellent substitute for cooking oil and is used in many households in Canada. It is made from pasteurized milk cream.


  • Nutritious butter 
  • Having many healthy nutrients
  • Great substitute for cooking oil

9) Hewitt’s Dairy

The goat cream butter of Hewitt’s brand is very famous in Canada. It is white in color and has a unique creamy texture.

And this brand makes butter from 100 % pure Canadian goat milk. It has vitamin A and a reasonable amount of fat in it.


  • Goat cream butter
  • Creamy texture and white in color
  • Having vitamin A 

10 ) Gay Lea Butter

Next is Gay Lea. It is a trusted Canadian butter brand because of its quality. It is free from all artificial preservatives and other additives to make it pure and natural.

Natural ingredients salt and fresh milk cream are used in the making of this butter. It is available in many delicious varieties.


  • Top-quality butter
  • Free from preservatives
  • Available in different delicious varieties

11) Beatrice Butter

Beatrice offers top-quality butter made from pasteurized milk cream and salt. It has bacterial culture and microbial enzymes that are very significant for health.

Furthermore, it also contains essential nutrients like vitamin A. It is available in different varieties in Canada.


  • Made from pasteurized milk cream
  • Having bacterial cultures and microbial enzymes
  • It contains vitamin A and other nutritious ingredients

12) Maison Riviera Butter

Maison Riviera is also a renowned Butter Brand Made in Canada that is used in many households. Its butter has a creamy texture and also can be used in cooking.

The brand offers unsalted simple and goat milk butter to consumers. The butter also has an adequate quantity of nutritional elements.


  • Having creamy texture
  • Unsalted and goat milk butter
  • Nutritious and tasty


To conclude, Canadian butter brands are very famous for having nutritional content in the butter. You may consume it for breakfast and also use it for cooking.

Studies have shown that consuming butter in moderation can have health benefits, and it can also be used as a part of a low-carbohydrate diet.

From traditional and slow-churned methods to using pure and natural ingredients, these brands offer a diverse range of options for consumers to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a classic butter or one with added minerals and vitamins, there is a Canadian made butter brand for everyone.

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  1. Does this butter (,Lactantia, Natrel, Cowa creamery butter, organic meadow, maison rivieta, hewitt) contain transfats?
    Thank you in advance

    • Lactania & Natrel contains 0g of Trans fat, however, Cowa creamy butter contains saturated fat. I would suggest to read the ingredient label before buying any butter brand.


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