Top Australian Cheese Brands in 2023

Are you an Australian-made cheese lover?? If yes, read this post until the end to know all the local cheese companies from Australia.

The top 10 Australian cheese brands are Bega, Cracker Barrel, Mandolin, Riverine Blue, Fior Di Latte, Duet, Gippsland Blue, Grabetto, Mclaren and Cheer Cheese.

Cheese is a favourite dairy product made from milk. It is produced in a wide range of flavours, textures, and forms.

Moreover, cheese is an excellent source of protein, fat, and calcium. There is a high amount of vitamin A and B-12 in the cheese.

You will also find zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin in the cheese. It is high in nutrients and also contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2.

However, it includes a lot of saturated fat and salt, which may be bad for your heart and cause high blood pressure if you consume too much of it. So, you must eat a limited amount for a good and healthy life.

Therefore, today we will let you know some of the top-selling Australian cheese brands. Check out our list.

List of Australian Made Cheese Companies


1) Bega Cheese

The Bega is a top-rated cheese brand in Australia. It started working in the town of Bega, Australia, on July 15, 1899.

According to customer reviews, Bega is the best cheese brand that you can buy without hesitation. It has fantastic taste, texture, and value for money.

In simple words, we can say that Bega is a popular name in the Australian cheese market. It also exports cheese and its other products to over 50 countries of the world.

It produces cheese in different varieties and flavours. There is no artificial colour or preservatives in the cheese.

The Bega brand sells its cheese in blocks, slices, grated cheese, cheese sticks, and pre-cut cubes.

2) Cracker Barrel Cheese

Cracker Barrel is known for its sharp and aged cheddar. Kraft founded it in 1954 to introduce top-quality cheese among the Aussies.

The brand is considered a best-tasting cheese by consumers. It was designed to fit on a cracker perfectly.

Moreover, the brand now offers more than 17 cheese varieties to make entertaining and snacking more successful and memorable.

3) Mandolin Cheese

Mandolin is another famous cheese brand in Australia. It is a semi-hard cheese, and pasteurised milk is used in its making.

Furthermore, the cheese of this brand is smear-ripened and has a rusty-red visual appearance. There is a 45 % fat content in this cheese.

The cheese also has a sweet smell of pasture. It is available in smooth, grassy, and creamy flavour.

4) Riverine Blue Cheese

Riverine Blue is the only buffalo milk cheese available in Australia. The brand is from Fish Creek, South Australia.

Pure and fresh pasteurised buffalo milk is used in this cheese. The cheese has a smooth, rich, and creamy texture that attracts many consumers in Australia.

5) Fior Di Latte Cheese

If you are looking for a foreign taste in Australian-made cheese, then Fior Di Latte is the best option. This cheese will give you an Italian mozzarella cheese-style taste.

Fior Di Latte cheese is produced from fresh cow’s milk in New South Wales, Australia. You will be surprised that it is among the top Australian cheese companies in the country.

Moreover, it has an attractive pale yellow colour. The main feature of this brand is that it has an elastic texture, and it melts quickly.

Now, the brand is becoming more popular in Australia and consumers are increasing each year.

6) Duet Cheese

Duet is a unique Australian cheese brand hailing from Woodside in South Australia. It is a brie-style white mould cheese made from a blend of 50% cow’s milk and 50% goat’s milk.

There is 45 % fat content in this cheese. The Duet cheese also has a soft and creamy texture with a unique taste that attracts many consumers in Australia.

You can use it with fresh fruits and crusty bread.

7) Gippsland Blue Cheese

Gippsland cheese is made in a style of grand Italian blue vein, Gorgonzola Dolce. It is made from fresh cow’s milk.

The main feature of this brand is that it keeps its cheese for 8 to 10 weeks in an underground cheddar to mature it.

Moreover, the brand is based in Victoria, Australia. You can use it as a table cheese, in salads, and grilled.

Gippsland cheese brand offers complex flavours to the Aussies, such as sweet, spicy, buttery, acidic, tangy, and sharp.

8) Grabetto Cheese

Grabetto is a Victoria-based famous Australian cheesemaker. It is Australia’s most popular table cheese, and Australians consume it in large quantities.

This brand makes its cheese from goat’s milk in a limited quantity. It is available in three forms such as fresh, semi-mature, and mature.

Moreover, the cheese of the Grabetto brand has a chalky, crumbly, and flaky flavour. It has a unique aroma of grassy and herbal.

The cheese has a creamy white colour that makes it one of Australia’s favourite cheese brands.

9) Mclaren Cheese

Fresh pasteurised cow’s milk is used in the making of Mclaren cheese. The brand is based in South Australia and has excellent fame throughout Australia for its top-quality cheese.

There is a 35 percent fat content in the Mclaren cheese that makes it ideal for everyone to consume. It has a pale yellow colour.

Mclaren cheese brand offers different flavours to the market, such as smooth, creamy, and mushroomy. It is a type of vegetarian cheese.

It is a soft and creamy textured cheese and has a massive demand among the Aussies. The cheese has a unique aroma of mushrooms that makes it different from other Australian cheese brands.

10) Cheer Cheese Brand

Cheer is the new name of Coon cheese brand. The brand changed its name after racial criticism in the country for several quarters.

It is a pure Australian cheese brand and has approximately 99 percent local ingredients. The paramount quality of this cheese is that everyone can use it due to its balanced ingredients.

This is a natural cheese brand, and it contains no artificial colour or flavours. Aussie people love to have it due to its attractive texture and aroma.

Moreover, Cheer cheese is most suitable for table cheese. You can use it as a salad or with sweet fruits.

Cultural Significance of Cheese in Australia

Cheese is an important part of the culinary culture of Australia, with many Australian cheese brands enjoying a strong presence in the local market.

Here is a brief overview of the cultural significance of cheese in Australia:

Cheese as a Staple Food:

Cheese is a staple food in many parts of Australia, enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a versatile food that can be used in a variety of dishes, from sandwiches and wraps to pasta and pizza. Australians also commonly eat cheese as a snack on its own or paired with crackers or bread.

Cheese in Australian Cuisine:

Cheese plays a significant role in Australian cuisine, and can be found in many traditional dishes. For example, cheese is a key ingredient in the popular Australian snack known as “vegemite on toast,” which consists of toast topped with vegemite and cheese. Cheese is also used in many other Australian dishes, including pies, pastries, and quiches.

Regional Cheese Varieties:

Australia is a large and diverse country, and this is reflected in the variety of cheese produced by different regions. For example, the Gippsland region of Victoria is known for its blue vein and gorgonzola cheese, while the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia is known for its cheddar and feta.

These regional cheese varieties are an important part of the local culinary culture and are often used in traditional dishes.

Cheese as a Social Food:

Cheese is also an important part of social gatherings in Australia, and is often served at events such as barbecues and parties. Cheese boards, which consist of a selection of different cheese varieties, are a popular choice for entertaining and are often served with crackers, bread, fruit, and other accompaniments.

Cheese is an integral part of the culinary and social culture of Australia, with many Australian cheese brands enjoying a strong presence in the local market. It is a staple food enjoyed by people of all ages and is used in a variety of traditional dishes and as a snack or party food.

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In conclusion, the top Australian cheese brands are Bega, Cracker Barrel, Mandolin, Riverine Blue, Fior Di Latte, Duet, Gippsland Blue, Grabetto, Mclaren, and Cheer Cheese. Cheese is a beloved dairy product in Australia, with a wide range of flavors, textures, and forms.

It is an excellent source of protein, fat, and calcium, and also contains other nutrients such as zinc, phosphorus, riboflavin, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin K-2. However, cheese can also be high in saturated fat and salt, so it is important to consume it in moderation for a healthy diet.

The top Australian cheese brands offer a range of cheese varieties and flavors, and many have a rich history and cultural significance in the country.

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