Top Australian Cereal Brands That You Need to Know


Cereal is a popular morning meal in many Australian households. It serves a nutritious breakfast to both children and adults.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is the foundation of a healthier life. For this, you need a healthy and nutritious cereal to make your healthy breakfast.

So, today we are going to discuss some of the top Australian cereal brands that you should you before buying one from the local store.

List of 7 Healthiest Australian Cereal Brands 

The top Australian Cereal Brands include Weet-Bix, ALDI Goldenvale, Carman’s, Woolworths, Nestle Milo, Coles Corn Flakes, and Uncle Tobys.

1) Weet-Bix

Weet-Bix brand offers a whole grain wheat cereal that has low sugar and is full of essential nutrients. It is manufactured in Australia by Sanitarium Food Health Company.

The brand produces Australia’s favourite breakfast cereal. It provides enough essential minerals and vitamins to start a healthy day.

In 2014, it launched Gluten-free cereal produced from sorghum grains. This brand has a high amount of protein that is necessary to make the body healthy and active.

The cereal of Weet-Bix is considered an iconic food in Australia and New Zealand. A large number of people use this in these countries.

2) ALDI Goldenvale 

ALDI Goldenvale is a high fibre Australian cereal company. The main feature of this brand is that it never brings variations in its products.

Moreover, it also has a low level of sugar which is a good sign for sound health. The brand also has reduced the salt level in the cereal to make it consumable for everyone.

This brand produces one of the tastiest and crunchy cereals in Australia. It adds unsalted peanuts to provide omega 3 to consumers through its product.

However, many consumers showed their dissatisfaction with the new recipe of this brand. They rated lower scores on the new idea as compared to the old one.

3) Carman’s

The cereal products of Carman’s brand are also widely used in Australia and other parts of the world. It adds natural fruits and other vital ingredients to the cereal.

Carolyn Creswell founded Carman in 1992 in Melbourne, Australia. At that time, she was an 18 years old university student.

There is a little salt, just 8 percent, in the products of this brand. This feature makes the product ideal for consumers of any age group.

Carmen’s brand uses oven-baked whole grain in its products. It also adds many nutritious dry fruits in its cereal and other products.

It has won many awards in the category of healthiest salt. This product is among the most favourite cereal brands in Australia.

4) Woolworths 

Woolworths also produced top-quality cereals in Australia. The products of this brand are among the best in the country.

Woolworth’s cereal is good in providing vitamin B and iron. Due to its balanced nutritious content, you can use it at any time.

This brand provides 137 calories for every 36 grams of its cereal. It is among the most nutritious Australian cereal brands.

There is 95 percent corn in the Woolworths corn flakes product. It also contains essential vitamins like Niacin, Riboflavin, Folic acid, and Thiamine.

Corn flakes are the most rated product of this brand. It is widely used in Australia and New Zealand, including other countries of the world.

5) Nestle Milo 

Milo offers high protein cereal having ten essential minerals and vitamins. This cereal provides support in the development and growth of the body.

It is made with whole grain. The brand produces delicious and crunchy cereals that are famous for their unique taste among consumers.

Since 2010, it has doubled the amount of fibre in cereal. It also has lowered the amount of sugar to 14 percent to make it usable by most people in the world.

This cereal brand adds no artificial colour or flavours to its products. It also contains a massive amount of vitamin D, which is very significant for the proper functioning of the body.

Furthermore, this brand offers three different flavours that are Nestle Milo Whole Grain Energy and Fibre, Nestle Milo Duo Cereal, and Nestle Milo Cereal protein.

6) Coles Corn Flakes

The next Australian cereal company is Coles Corn Flakes. This brand offers light flakes of sun-ripened corn to consumers. These corn flakes are very crispy and nutritious.

Moreover, this brand was founded in 1914 by George Coles in Victoria, Australia. It offers one of the country’s top-rated cereal products.

This cereal is a generic brand and is exclusively sold in Coles stores. It also has essential vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

However, recently the Coles cereal brand has reduced the package size which discouraged consumers. Overall it is a good brand with many significant nutritious ingredients.

7) Uncle Tobys

Uncle Tobys is a famous Australian food company founded in 1892. The company has a specialization in breakfast oat products.

The cereal of Uncle Toby’s brand is a combination of whole-grain flakes with delicious and nutritious ingredients.

Moreover, this cereal provides a considerable quantity of fibre that is very helpful for healthy digestion. It also contains nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Uncle Tobys’ cereal does not contain any artificial colour and flavours. It is a product of natural ingredients.

It is available in seven different and unique varieties to meet the market demand.

Some other Australian Brands that you would like to know about:


Cereal is an easy way of healthy breakfast. It provides many nutritious ingredients and can be used at any time.

A healthy breakfast is vital for a successful working day. Cereal is the best option to have a healthy breakfast with many significant vitamins and minerals necessary for growth of the body.

Cereal provides protein and fibre to the body. The whole family can use it, even kids and older people can also have it.

So, to help you choose your favourite Australian cereal brand, we have compiled a list to provide you with greater knowledge about the local makers in the country.

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