Top Australian Biscuit Brands in 2023

In Australia, the earliest biscuits were as hard as nails and tasted awful. But, in 1847, William Arnott, a young Scotsman, came into the colony with his brother David and started a small bakery in Newcastle, north of Sydney. After that, the rest is history in the development of biscuit brands in Australia.

Today, there are a number of Australian biscuit brands that are popular both nationally and overseas. Supermarket cookie aisles now include rows and rows of biscuits. It wasn’t always like this.

List of 6 Australian Biscuit Brands


This article provides a brief overview of the history of biscuit-making in Australia and lists six famous Australian biscuit brands, including Tim Tam, Arnott’s Biscuits, ANZAC Biscuits, Wagon Wheels, Monte Carlos, and Kookas Country Cookies. Each brand is described in terms of its history, popular products, and distinctive features.

The article also mentions the cultural significance of some of these biscuit brands and their appeal as gifts for homesick Australians.

1) Tim Tam

Tim Tams are the most popular chocolate biscuit in Australia. Each year, Tim Tams sells over 30 million packets, equating to 300 million cookies, or two boxes each Australian.

Tim Tams first came into the market in 1963. They named the brand after a horse who competed in the 1958 Kentucky Derby. From the Arnott family, Ross Arnott was at the race and came up with the name “Tim Tam” for a new biscuit he was going to introduce.

Tim Tams are made with Arnott’s chocolate, which has a little caramel flavour. The cream is a delicious blend of butter, vanilla, and chocolate that pairs well with the biscuit base and chocolate.

This chocolate biscuit is a classic Aussie treat. It is also one of the most famous Australian treats to send as a gift overseas in 2023.

2) Arnott’s Biscuits

For almost 135 years, it has been Australia’s favourite cookie company. Arnott’s is not just a biscuit company, and it is a part of Australian culture. Cookies are known as biscuits in Australia, and Arnott’s is regarded as a national treasure.

William Arnott, the company’s founder, had a love for biscuits that inspired him to establish one of the world’s most successful biscuit-making businesses.

In today’s market, Australians purchase Arnott’s branded items in higher numbers than any other brand. Some of the top choices include a tea biscuit with raspberry jam, the Iced VoVos, pink fondant, a chocolate cream sandwich with oat and coconut biscuits, and many more.

3) ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits have been a popular choice in many Australian families since World War I. According to history, the families used to send long-lasting baked goods to the Australian and New Zealand Army soldiers deployed overseas by their families.

These biscuits were made using ingredients that were easily accessible and would not spoil. So, this is why eggs are not part of this biscuit recipe.

Still, for Australia Day and ANZAC Day festivities, as well as school fetes and fundraisers, these famous biscuits are now a must-bake.

4) Wagon Wheels

It’s more than a biscuit; it’s a very large snack!” was a famous slogan of Wagon Wheels in the 1960s.

Do you still remember the cowboy commercials for these delicious chocolate biscuits that used to broadcast on TV when you were a kid?

In 1948, this famous lunch box treat was named after the Wild West. Its creamy marshmallow base and delicious chocolate-coated biscuit quickly became popular with everyone.

These Wagon Wheel biscuits are only available in Australia! So, it can be an excellent present for homesick Aussies.

5) Monte Carlos

Monte Carolos is another Australian made biscuit brand. The company was named after the city of Monte Carlo in 1926. As of today, many Australians still like and consume this biscuit with a nice cup of tea.

This cookie has two oval-shaped coconut biscuits with vanilla cream and raspberry jam filling in the middle. Sounds delicious!

Although many consider this cookie brand old fashioned, still they taste great today.

6) Kookas Country Cookies

Kookas Country Cookies first opened its doors in 1991 in the small country town of Donald, Victoria. They initially started selling cookies to the town and neighbouring areas. They have never compromised in the quality of producing home-style biscuits, which is why they are now one of the top Australian cookie companies.

Kookas Country Cookies are now available in major Australian supermarkets, hotels, hairdressers, airlines, bowling clubs, and your neighbourhood corner shop.

The sad thing about the brand is Aussies living abroad cannot find this brand on the international market. So they will have to order it from Australia to fulfil their cookie need.

The History of Biscuit-Making in Australia

Before the arrival of William Arnott and Arnott’s biscuit company, the history of biscuit-making in Australia was relatively sparse. In the early days of the colony, biscuits were hard and tasted poor, likely due to the limited availability of ingredients and advanced baking techniques.

However, this all changed in 1847 when William Arnott, a young Scotsman, arrived in Australia with his brother David and set up a small bakery in Newcastle.

William Arnott had a passion for biscuit-making, and this passion would go on to inspire the establishment of one of the world’s most successful biscuit-making businesses. Arnott’s biscuit company quickly gained popularity and became a staple in Australian households, eventually cementing its place as a national treasure and an integral part of Australian culture.

Today, Arnott’s is known for producing a wide range of biscuits, including tea biscuits with raspberry jam, Iced VoVos, pink fondant, and chocolate cream sandwiches with oat and coconut biscuits.

The company’s success has also led to the proliferation of other biscuit brands in Australia, turning the country into a haven for biscuit lovers.

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Do your Australian relatives who live in another country miss their favourite snacks? After knowing all the Australian biscuit brands, you can help them find their favourite bikkies to make their tea time more delicious and enjoyable.

We have covered all of the local brands, from the Tim Tam, the king of classic Australian biscuits, to the Monte Carlo, a 1960s favourite.

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